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You wish zu run x86 Windows app on arm Linux system. So, there room two steps. The erste one translates fenstern API calls right into LINUX API phone call (POSIX). You kann sein do it through Wine software. Wine zu sein a compatibility layer that allows running fenster 7 applications top top Linux system which translate fenstern API calls right into Linux API call on-the-fly instead des simulating internal fenstern logic choose a virtual machine or an emulator. The second step converts Intel x86 instruction to arm ones. This zu sein exactly what ExaGear desktop computer does. Die final solution aussehen like you install ExaGear desktop computer on Raspbian kommen sie get complete x86 environment and then download Wine within ExaGear Desktop to get x86 windows environment. That’s it! If freundin want zu read the full article und see die instructions, monitor the verknüpfung "FULL ARTICLE" below.


Raspberry Pi windows 7 ist a trending query zum people who are really right into Raspberry Pi and IOT do nowadays. “Is that possible kommen sie install or use fenster 7 on Raspberry Pi?” appears one von the most well-known questions we accomplish on forums und receive from our e-mail subscribers. There space a last of die info you kann find on fenster for arm devices topic, deshalb here comes die time zum our blog kommen sie sum trost everything!

So, let’s anfang with die spoiler – no, unfortunately, the isn’t possible to run windows directly top top RPi. Never. But, this isn’t a large deal kommen sie start, run und operate any type of x86 fenstern application straight on Raspberry Pi or any type of other ARM-based device. So let’s watch at ns issue from that angle.

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Is fenstern 7 a real necessity?

Firstly, you kann find different ways kommen sie connect remotely to fenster desktop from your RPi. However this isn’t a good deal together still, you don’t gain what freundin want – fenster 7 on Raspberry Pi. This way freundin use Raspbian maker as a screener, but not the working machine.

The matter zu sein that fenstern is developed weil das x86 processors, while Raspberry Pi bases on the arm ones, so you möchte never meet any type of OS for x86 zu be compatible with ARM. Castle are merely different.

On die other hand, you oase to understand die reason sie want windows on Raspberry pi? sie definitely need particular x86 application, don’t you? Why follow die long and costly way of running in OS first to start in application in ~ afterward? operation x86 fenstern applications straight on Raspberry Pi! There zu sein a simple und cheap way zu run something on Raspbian through ExaGear Desktop appropriate under her fingers!

Running windows apps top top RPi

Here ist how it goes! sie wish kommen sie run x86 Windows app on arm Linux system. So, there are two steps. The first one translates windows API calls right into LINUX API call (POSIX). You kann do it v Wine software. Wine is a compatibility layer that enables running fenster 7 applications ~ above Linux system which translate fenster API calls into Linux API call on-the-fly instead von simulating internal fenstern logic like a virtual an equipment or in emulator. Ns second action converts Intel x86 indict to arm ones. This is exactly what ExaGear desktop computer does. The final solution aussehen like you install ExaGear desktop computer on Raspbian kommen sie get complete x86 environment und then install Wine within ExaGear Desktop kommen sie get x86 fenstern environment. That’s it!

As shortly as the passend zu process mentioned in the video ist over, you can open .exe papers with Wine and get x86 windows software installed for operating on her Raspberry Pi device.

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To be moral there room a bit an ext compatibility issues. For example, typical x86 Linux kernel und Raspbian kernel schutz a various split des virtual memory available zum application. Yet we’ve addressed all those issues und transparently integrated all von them in ExaGear Desktop. So, sie shouldn’t bother about that details.

Final Notes

For your convenience, we enclose Wine applications Database whereby you kann get information on applications compatibility through Wine as well as tips und tricks on alcohol configuration for a certain application.

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In additional please klasse that ExaGear Desktop allows any x86 apps to be operation on Raspberry Pi and other ARM-based tools including Odroid, Banana Pi, Beagleboard, Cubox, Jetson, Cubieboard etc.