Vw polo gti 2015 test

The Volkswagen Polo GTI has always had an image problem. It has never quite controlled to direkte up zu its potential as a convincing understudy to ns iconic golf GTI. Reprimand its foundation. For all that is upmarket appeal, the Polo is the chaste, bookish, flat-shoed, and cardigan-wearing student rather than die outrageous sorority girl.

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Perhaps stung von buyers like Ford"s really quite brilliant Fiesta ST, Volkswagen has actually been busy updating ns 2015 VW Polo GTI. No young changes, either. There"s now bei evolved 1.8L EA888 turbocharged four behind the red pinstriped grille, die bigger-capacity unit replacing ns previous 1.4 TSI "twincharger."

This neu engine features a combination von direct und manifold injection, variable valve timing, and bei electronic actuator zum the turbocharger"s wastegate in a bid zu minimize turbo lag and improve driveability in general. Ns turbo deshalb enjoys water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation that"s fully integrated into ns cylinder head.

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Along through some various other revisions, the new Polo GTI delivers 190 hp, compared with the alt car"s 178. There zu sein a corresponding improvement bei the zero-to-62-mph time, too: 6.7 seconds fairly than 6.9. Torque ist increased to 236 lb-ft, available between 1,450 und 4,500 rpm. This comprehensive increase zu sein made possible von Volkswagen providing a hand-operated option.

Yes, purists kann sein rejoice. Die once DSG-only Polo GTI zu sein now obtainable with three pedals und a stick—a good thing bei this marketplace. Ns DSG remains in option, but in the interests des longevity, Volkswagen has actually dialed down that version"s twist über 52 lb-ft, its optimal torque of 184 lb-ft delivered betwee 1,250 and 5,300 rpm.

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Those seeking economy will be giving their left fuß a rest. We"ll take the slight penalty zum the joy des a six-speed manual. Indeed, a significant part von the funny wringing every bit of performance native diminutive hot hatches is an shifting gears oneself. A watch at the plummeting europe sales des the as soon as market-leading and now paddle-shift-only Renaultsport Clio illustrates that.

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And deshalb it proves with ns Polo GTI. Die numbers can suggest that die three-pedal Volkswagen offers die same performance, but die manual"s added torque manifests itself on die road v seemingly greater in-gear urgency and faster response. It"s a cracking engine, with bei impressive keenness kommen sie rev. Yet ns substantial midrange advice makes weil das a less frenetic tempo when you"re bei less of a rush. Ns DSG is as quick and smooth shifting as ever bei auto mode, however it feels somewhat detached in comparison, also if that does gain in extra ratio.

Decent pedal spacing allows for throttle-blipped downshifts. Die shift top quality itself ist predictable, with Volkswagen"s signature springiness allied zu decent accuracy. It"s nur a shame ns gearstick isn"t capped with something a little more tactile than a plastic-topped sphere—no fancy, dimpled golf-ball-like knobs choose its larger relation.

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An oversight perhaps, because ns interior otherwise echoes that des its golf GTI sibling, ideal down to ns brilliantly supportive sports seats covered in signature black/gray/red plaid, v red pinstriping and stitching here and there. Otherwise, it"s unternehmen as usual: in impeccably constructed interior brief on flair, yet high ~ above functionality and user-friendliness.

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A flat-bottomed wheel reminds us of the Polo GTI"s sportiness, if all those red stripes aren"t enough. What"s apparent ist how VW has linked it to die front wheels, with bei entirely neu electro-mechanical setup. Response zu sein quick and the nose is eager, if not quite as precise as some. There"s precious little feel at ns steering wheel"s rim, however enough to convey die front end"s usual press-on natur if corner entry speed ist a wenig too ambitious, or if steering input are too abrupt.

There"s some adjustability to die chassis. Zurück off mid-bend and the rear will kommen sie into play. Not an the wild, abundant mode that"s possible in a Fiesta ST weist its best, however it"s amusingly mobile, even if it maintain its all at once inherent Volkswagen sensibleness.

It"s blieb worth check the boxen for ns Sport performance Kit, which add to (among various other things) digital dampers. Drücken sie the sports button und the suspension i do not care tauter, die steering gains part heft, and the accelerator map changes weil das quicker response. It"ll make the DSG shifts brisker, too.

Further adjustment an the Polo GTI"s makeup come courtesy des the stepped ESP und traction regulate system. Ns ESC Sport setting enables the amusing mid-corner throttle adjustability. It"s all impressively integrated and rarely, if ever, intrusive. The XDS+ torque vectoring system, obtained from the golf GTI, deshalb helps sharpen turn-in, braking the inside wheel kommen sie turn die nose, while ns brakes us prove powerful, progressive, und unlikely kommen sie run out des stopping power.

All rather enjoyable. Und although the Polo GTI ist significantly improved, Volkswagen isn"t the type des company kommen sie offer the smallest warm hatch through some of the an ext indulgent delights des its rivals. It feels closer kommen sie its golf relation than ever before before, however, which is a an excellent thing. It"s nur not rather the grausam child the 2015 model year improvements indicate it really could be.

Tech Specs
Base Price:$20,000 (ec est.)
Vehicle Layout:Front-engine, FWD, five-seat, four-door hatchback
Engine:1.8L/190 hp/236 lb-FT turbo DOHC 16-valve I-4
Transmission:Six-speed manual
Curb Weight:2,766 lb. (MFR.)
Wheelbase:97.2 in.

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Length x Width x Height:156.8 ns 66.2 x 56.8 in.
0-62 MPH:6.7 sec. (MFR.)

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