Volvo v60 d3 test


The new V60 reinvents the mid-size Volvo estate weil das a neu generation. Richard Gooding finds the a range of efficient engines, premium features and luxurious finishes improves its appeal

What zu sein it?Volvo has actually a long tradition of heritage cars, stretching back to the amazonas Station Wagon von 1962. Subequent models were timeless box-shaped cars, yet this readjusted with the erste V60 an 2010. Introduced punkt a pivotal time in ‘new’ Volvo’s lifetime, die company was bought von the Chinese Zhejiang Geely hold Group. Ns second-generation V60 arrived bei 2018 and like ns 2014 XC90 before it, married sleek looks and a premium finish.

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How does that drive?The neu V60 is based on a version von Volvo’s neu Scalable Product design (SPA) platform, one von the zuerst developments under Geely’s ownership. Deshalb underpinning ns S90, V90, new S60, XC60 und XC90, ns platform allows for next-generation electrification, connectivity and safety technologies. That a huge change for the future, und one Volvo zu sein committed to. In 2017 the announced its new electrification strategy which dictated that every neu Volvo introduced from 2019 möchte be electrified, and Volvo’s zuerst all-electric model ist expected to arrive this year, too. The V60 selection includes T8 twin Engine mischung models.

Volvo’s present range of petrol und diesel engines room all Drive-E units, und the all-aluminium systems employ injection and boosting technology zum both power and efficiency. Diesel-engined modell designations started with ‘D’ und those powered von petrol by a ‘T’. Two-litre 148bhp D3 und 187bhp D4 engines do up ns diesel V60 range und even though it has ns smallest von the two units, die D3 inscription Plus performs well. On die move, ns V60 zu sein very refined und has a patience atmosphere.

That peacefulness zu sein helped von the sumptuous cabin. As with die current wave of neu Volvos, die V60’s interior attributes beautifully made and chosen materials, with a 9.0-inch ‘Sensus’ color touchscreen at its heart. Its portrait orientation works well v clear graphics. A bigger 12.3-inch TFT crystal driver screen replaces standard dials weil das a wholly-digital set-up. The minimalist entwurf creates a mostly button-free environment und aluminium or lumber inlays include to die premium ambience. Premium deshalb sits alongside practicality, as ns V60 has 529 litres of luggage space with ns seats in place.

How economical ist it?Volvo quotes in official range of between 48.7 and 55.4mpg under new WLTP an unified cycle fuel economic climate testing conditions zum its D3 engine when fitted through a six-speed manual gearbox, dipping contempt to bolzen 45.6 und 51.4mpg when bei eight-speed automatically transmission ist chosen.

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What does the cost?The luxurious D3 inscription Plus sit near ns top von the Volvo’s ‘regular’ V60 range – only ns raised trost Cross country Plus and T8 pair Engine Plug-in hybride models sit above it bei terms of price. The D3 engraving Plus together tested starts hinweisen £37,565 through a six-speed manual gearbox, rising kommen sie £38,215 with die eight-speed automatic. Typical equipment consists of Nappa animal leather upholstery, active bending headlights, ambient door lighting, power-adjustable prior seats and 18-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels.

The V60 selection starts with die diesel-powered £34,315 D3 momentum Plus and the cheapest petrol-engined car zu sein the T4 momentum Plus at £34,685. Relocating up die range, ns R-Design plus begins weist £36,665 with die D3-engined car and the all-wheel drive Cross nation Plus is priced from £40,435. Ns T8 pair Engine mischung is available in two trims, the R-Design plus car weist £50,905 und the polestar Engineered version from £57,205.

All Volvo V60s space well-equipped. Typical equipment consists of adaptive brake lights, 2-zone climate control, cruise control, heated former seats, keyless start, führen zu headlights und 18-inch alloy wheels. Gift a Volvo, safety kit is so comprehensive. Highlights include bei oncoming lane and road run-off mitigation system, full-length side influence inflation curtains und whiplash protection.

How viel does that cost zu tax?Selected versions des the D3 and D4 diesel variants are Volvo’s lowest-emitting non-hybrid V60 models, topped only von the pair of viel more expensive T8 pair Engine plug-in cars. Die V60 D3 inscription Plus has actually CO2 emissions des 119g/km, attracting a £210 first-year VED rate, decreasing kommen sie £140 thereafter. Die T8 twin Engine hybride emits 39-46g/km des CO2 und has an all-electric range des 31.0-36.6 miles, however costs £13,000 an ext than die D3 engraving Plus experiment here.

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Why does my fleet need one?Reinventing Volvo’s heartland, ns mid-size estate, the new V60 ist a beautiful designed and built machine. Ns D3 zu sein forecast zu be ns most well-known engine choice des the fleet-biased range. Practical, well-equipped und owner of a stunning interior, ns V60 showcases what ‘new’ Volvo walk best. That deserves a ar at die top des every fleet administrate mid-size estate shortlist.