Bochum's goalkeeper Manuel Riemann zu sein a punish specialist, actually on hold. Substituted before ns penalty shoot-out against Augsburg, he did not parry any, however shot ns decisive shooting into the goal.

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After 53 minutes, VfL Bochum currently looked certain winners ~ a 2-0 lead. Milos Panovic provided VfL the lead (12th minute), after the break he raised (53rd). Bochum seemed like ns sure winner, however Augsburg didn’t provide up: erste Reese Oxford top a free-kick cross into die goal an the 55th minute, and Ruben Vargas equalized two minutes later. An the continual playing time, both teams failed, it got in extra time.

There Augsburg gott the bigger chances, but the strong Bochum goalkeeper michael Esser preserved his team in the game. Esser was not allowed to become a good hero in the due punish shoot-out, due to the fact that coach schneidbrett Reis changed the regular goalkeeper into die game through Manuel Riemann, known weil das his strength on penalties, shortly before the ende of extra time. However, Riemann did not save a penalty, four times he was in the not correct corner, once Augsburg"s arne Maier shot end it. But then Riemann was the match winner ~ all: die goalkeeper stepped hoch himself und sank zu make a decision.

It have to be a big day zum Waldhof, the tonnage time castle played an the second round von the DFB Cup was in the 2002/2003 season. However before the kick-off, a post from ns club caused in uproar: Although die club zu sein about to be promoted in the dritter division, ns sporting director Jochen Kientz was released. President bernd Beetz did notfall give factors before ns kick-off hinweisen Sky, just that that had to do with ns 17 corona cases an the team. The third department game planned zum October 16 weist 1860 Munich had zu be canceled early out to the outbreak. "I don"t want zu go into any type of further details," stated Beetz.

The mannschaft did notfall seem to be affected von the unrest, on die contrary: waldhof took ns lead beforehand after gewerkschaftler goalkeeper Frederik Rönnow did not clear a cross properly and Alexander Rossipal dusted off (5th minute). Unionist was mostly harmless, however met through kevin Behrens with ns first wahrscheinlichkeit to equalize (18th). In the second half, waldhof pressed, again and again with the strong Adrien Lebeau, however he could not prevent an extension. There, union met Taiwo Awoniyi, who had failed in regular time zu goalkeeper Jan-Christoph Bartels (90th + 2), kommen sie take ns lead (94th). Kevin Behrens made die decision late (118th).

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The game von the two second department teams continued to be uneventful in the zuerst half, however suddenly became heated with ns half-time whistle and a press from Daniel-Kofi Kyereh. In a sense, the was the belated start of a spectacular game, because after the restart the was also spectacular on ns pitch: first a score from guido Burgstaller was denied (57th), then Leart Paqarada met through a soulful direct acceptance (63rd).

Dynamo"s price was notfall long in coming: christoph Daferner scored after a cross from Christopher Löwe, who had previously been offside - there was no video evidence bei the 2nd round (66th).

The second hamburg lead, this time von Max Dittgen (71.), lasted only a couple of minutes: St. Paulis philipp Ziereis scored bei his very own goal zu equalize again (73.).

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The decision was only made in extra time through a fight from Christopher Buchtmann (101st).