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Christmas and New year Eve ist the time von magic wie man we all want zu get surprises. But wie one des your favourite bands announces departure des its lang time singer und one of the hauptsächlich songwriters that’s notfall how sie want zu be surprised to say die least. The takes part time kommen sie get over it. Well, foolish Max und Michael Voss went separate ways. All we have to do ist to attend to it. The band who deshalb lost base player schneidbrett “Hutch” Bauer has currently announced new members: Fabian Ranft top top bass, ralf “Doc” Heyne on second guitar and (drum rolls) relatively new guy to the scene — singer Emmo Acar. Ich got bei touch v Emmo kommen sie learn more about his music experience. Deswegen here we go!

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Emmo, could freundin tell me a bit around your music background? When and how did freundin get right into singing und who were favorites und role models?

When i was 14 i started play guitar. I made a schon fast development, deshalb that i broke up ns guitar lessons ich had weil das a few months ’cause i wanted zu become better. I had a way Russian etc teacher who lugged me an ext into the early Deep violet days with Coverdale und Hughes. There i found my zuerst concrete idols that would lead me v my music career und influence the way I’m making music nowadays. When I gott well in my playing i started writing own das lied but ich had no opportunity of recording them, deswegen I met a guy named felix Braune back an my school days who was sitting next zu me an the principles class. Together we had a school pilgrimage he sat next to me and it came out the he produces beats bei his own home studio und that’s whereby all began. I called er the same day kommen sie ask if we could record that one distinct track i had rückseitig then. The problem was that ich had no singer. Deshalb we sat there an the room, looked hinweisen each other und none of the guys bei the room would be brave enough to record his vocals and it ended up, that i gave myself a try singing my song. Due to the fact that then we repeatedly rushed kommen sie his home studio after institution

and i would never do mine homework again reason all ich could think about was Rock. Danach I got kicked off die school. Punkt that time ich was something betwee 17 and 20. While working difficult on my own improving my guitar and especially vocal skills ich was able to record my stuff weil das other musician. Ich had die honour cooperating through some musician like thomas Blug, leo Leoni (Gotthard), dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69), Danny Rexon (Crazy Lixx) and a couple of more. Unfortunately i was an the background and rather known in the underground scene. Back bei times ich was yes, really influenced by David Coverdale, what angeführt me zu join a Whitesnake Tribute eis called Coversnake. There i received ns acknowledgement ich was wishing weil das deep inside wie we were recognized as die most yes, really Whitesnake Tribute eis people would certainly get zu see. Yet my vocal influences developed as fine when i was developing. Ich realized the my childhood days consisted of a last of 80’s Pop, ns n’ B and Soul and even Oldschool i know good Hop. Deshalb I realized that my blood was screaming zum melody und groove. That’s when musician like michael Bolton, joe Lynn Turner, steve Overland und even Mariah Carey were taking place in my heart. Und there to be those specific bands that would certainly inspire my music forever choose Journey, Survivor, Toto, H.E.A.T, Whitesnake, michael Bolton, Talisman and Queen.

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You’ve to be singing with Slizzard Lizzard, straße Hawk and Coversnake. A few words about each von these bands — did freundin record any type of EPs or LPs through them?

Slizzard Lizzard

Slizzard Lizzard was my first own band that gave me ns opportunity des doing what ever would come in my mind, not only together a vocalist, guitarplayer, deshalb as a songwriter that would certainly learn to understand the rest of the instrumentals. That was when ich learned kommen sie write lied thinking together all individuals in a band. We had an excellent potential zurück then and touched a last of even «No-Rockers» however that every would kommen sie to in end kommen sie soon due to individual personal aims in life. We did our experiences and were happy enough zu find zurück together which means that we’re functioning on ours EP weist this time. We only published in EP zurück then.

Street Hawk must be die most yes, really AOR band, consisting of young, but special und some very talented musician i ever functioned with. Looking favor our mothers in the 80’s (only in tight tradition outfits) we lived all those absent n’ Roll geschichten you would only read in them books. Us partied favor no other und we rocked prefer no other. It certain was die most intense work flow i ever got to experience. Those guys were dafür meticulously und perfectionist that some singers also wrote me to not work with them however it come out the it was a great experience i could oase at that time due to the fact that they witnessed my potential, assisted me zu develop und let me perform at the end. This provided me a respect role bei the band und I was happy. As ich only might record 3rd und 4th track for bei EP an the flat von the guitarist, ich had kommen sie quit die whole thing automatically due zu family and personal problems. This struggle me as difficult as ns boys due zu some bigger possibilities we already gott offered back then. Ich want to keep this part von my life bei my heart… an excellent old berlin Days. Luckily there space some 2 songs von our demo on youtube («Poison Heart» und «Dreamrunner»).

Coversnake method a lot to me. Chasing the old wish von singing in a Whitesnake Tribute eis I uncovered those guys that gave me shelter, a place zu sleep and a perspective wie man my life was meaningless. Back then ich lost a lot in my life und was financially indebted by the health insurance. I couldn’t uncover a arbeit to gain out von it when ich was living on ns edge an a small room through my parental ‘cause ich had no car to get out of the village where i was living. Mine dad has actually a taxi firm consisting von him and another guy. Periodically he earned 5 bucks a day und couldn’t even pay ns other guy. There to be times i was happy to schutz a warme meal at home kommen sie eat it zum 4 days or so. Deshalb the situation was fucked. Coversnake take it me kommen sie better places zurück then. To stages, where a crowd was happy to see and hear me. I could eat warme meals backstage. That was life kommen sie me. The guys don’t really know till heute how my life looked like und how they conserved me somehow ‘cause i never wanted kommen sie complain. Ich was trying zu be that tough frontman that bring away his function self-evident. Since the zuerst day those guys schutz a place an my heart and I möchte sing weil das them whenever I kann live.

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Street Hawk

You also took part in The Voice. Just how did you get there? was it any type of different comparing kommen sie singing weil das rock fans? weist what phase did freundin quit die show and why?

I participated in The Voice des Germany an 2015 ‘cause my friends would want me to. There ich won a crowd voting as the best auditionee von the season. Unfortunately it gave me nothing ‘cause ich only make it to the direkt show und the jury didn’t push ns buzzer due kommen sie the belästigung that the teams to be full. Only one guy had actually one space left, but there were still 6 it spins 8 more candidates zu come. So they apologized to not be able kommen sie pick me. When i was standing and performing «Can’t prevent Loving You» by Van Halen ich knew die crowd wouldn’t reaction directly. Castle didn’t seem zu even know die song und seemed a little curious around me. Then in the chorus i received a huge feedback «wave» which go out me away ‘cause i wouldn’t mean that as die outsider there. All an all it was a great experience and a cool reference to have with ns video.

When did you discover foolish Max zum the first time and what albums and songs von this band are your favorites?

I discovered Mad maximal when ich used zu work with Frontline on their comeback i beg your pardon didn’t take place due to conflicts betwee the members introduce aims und name rights. The funny thing is when ich was asked kommen sie sing zum Frontline ich was thinking that it’s about Mad maximal ‘cause Hutch’s facebook page (who was deshalb in Frontline) seemed to me that it’s all around Mad Max. Unfortunately ich didn’t walk deeper v Mad Max back then ‘cause it was about Frontline. That was when ich was 25 or so. Die real and intense call with Mad max started when i was asked zu join the group. Because I gott to know ns songs, ich fell an love with «Losing You» («Rollin’ Thunder»), «Wild & Seventeen» («Night des Passion») and «Stormchild» («Stormchild»). But those are only a few of many much more songs i love to listen to! You kann sein say the Mad max definitely acquired one more fan, who zu sein stuck an the album «Rolling Thunder», «Stormchild» and «Night von Passion».

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When und how did sie get bei touch v Jurgen? As far as i understand sie knew that michael was leaving the maßband a few months before it really happened?

This tonnage summer i used kommen sie cooperate with leo Leoni indigenous Gotthard und he was a good freund of the guys from mad Max. He knew around their battle with michael Voss and proposed me to join the group. The band contacted me and we planned to make a rehearsal together and also a meeting an general. early to corona it wouldn’t happen. An spite von this us managed kommen sie build up a solid relationship also though us didn’t meet an person. Ns guys got to hear me when ich was to sing over their tracks for fun durch some videos calls and had faith in that collaboration. It was only around that meeting, which was impossible kommen sie happen due to die pandemic. Deswegen one day i received a contact from jürgen asking me if ich wanna join ns band and I had to laugh out des joy cause things were real and clear zum all of us v that moment und I knew I’m in. I in excited to meet ns guys, especially Doc und Fabs. Especially wie man Doc used to play bei Mad Max rückseitig then. Fabs seems zu be a good friend of Axel, who must be good ich heard. It is sure exciting weil das all des us kommen sie rehearse weil das the zuerst time. Of prozess we never ever met but you kann sein tell, the those guys in the eis know what they’re doing und they’re law it zum a real long time. Dafür it won’t it is in a catastrophe I kann sein already reveal. Only very exciting weil das all von us !

Some fans already declared that without michael there is no foolish Max and you should readjust the nennen of ns band. What do sie think about such statements? Are you ready to make this people adjust their minds?

I recognize those who room upset because von the loss des Voss and skeptic referring the neu line up and I feeling them. Deshalb I can say that i don’t intend that those males forget around the old times and should start to love me. I oase to work hard und give every I kann to victory some mind hopefully. Ich know that and I bei der thankful v all die respect to Voss, the he influenced Mad Max und did his ideal on it, deshalb that we schutz all those true fan out over there wanting more. Ich don’t aim zu reproduce Voss since we space two different individuals with two different voices. Deshalb it doesn’t average that those songs are just made zum Voss’ voice on them (whereby Voss wasn’t the zuerst singer). Lock can also sound good and deserve the chance to it is in listened through a slight different but still interesting personality change über another singer. Ich compare this to Van Halen. David Lee Roth sang, performed und was entirely different to Sammy Hagar yet it was deshalb interesting to lakers how those van Halen songs can deshalb sound like. I mean you blieb can hear the it’s van Halen, but it’s one more level, not better, not worse, just different and somehow blieb the distinctive character. Kommen sie change the benennen would possibly honour the times with Voss and close ns chapter von Mad Max. However isn’t the somehow sad to know, foolish Max ist «dead» forever? It would be a tragedy providing up, wie we kann sein show ns versatility von Mad Max’s distinctive sound über letting an additional singer interpret ns songs bei his conception. World want kommen sie keep your habits, especially when you’re older and you understand what you have and what you schutz even gained much more worth after all ns years. It’s a part of your life and no one has die right to take that away. However those males don’t think about that there zu sein nothing ich or we want to take away, ‘cause the memories with that band und even die legacy direkte on forever. We will blieb perform those nostalgic songs and the heart will blieb be the same, reason I’m not here zu change die band, I’m here to be a small part von this.

What zu sein the future holds weil das Mad Max? Do sie plan zu re-record some alt stuff v your voice or do you want to release a neu album as quickly as possible? When can we expect new music from the band?

Due to the fact «Stormchild Rising» just came out recently, it would certainly be dead to not perform those great songs, especially when Voss didn’t song them live dafür far. Dafür these lieder haven’t viewed a singer direkt yet. However they sure will as quickly as the concert days are possible. Another an excellent thing ist that this album has some featuring guest like paul Shortino and Ronnie Romero, dafür there ist no hauptsächlich singer, people tun können expect. This pipeline it open, how Voss would have sung those parts or how i would oase sang them. Ich cannot promise anything weist this time because ns world is going stunner right now but what I kann already reveal, is that I bei der a huge fans of those good old Mad max Times und I would liebe to bring some forget songs back to life. Ns future isn’t written yet yet it’s an our hand to make it kommen sie our time!