The Generation Forest Kritik

Our generation forests are nature-oriented tropical that möchte exist forever. Us generate eco-friendly dividends zum our members and actively combat climate adjust through sustainable forest management through fair conditions punkt our sites.


Climate defense & carbon offsetting

We tree tropical forests zu combat ongoing deforestation und remove CO2 from ns atmosphere v our generation forests: according to an independent study, this amounts to 14 tonnes des CO2 per hectare von forest every year. Instead des using technical innovations kommen sie store CO2, we sell a organic solution that has actually worked zum thousands of years.

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Protection von nature und species, protection versus pandemics

Tropical rainforests hülle only 8% von earth’s surface, however they room home to 50% of the planet"s life creatures. über expanding und connecting existing habitats, we attain biodiversity and contribute kommen sie strengthening die natural resilience of ecosystems. Ns decline bei natural habitats ist one des the numerous factors that tun können make us susceptible to die emergence des pandemics.

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Slow Finance:A environment-friendly investment plan with purpose

Our invest scheme depends on patience, as its worth grows through our forests, which space home kommen sie valuable, dry noble woods. Sustainable forest management enables us kommen sie generate environment-friendly dividends zum our participating members and therefore avoid speculative assumptions on issues such as the increasing price des wood und land.

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Fair work, same trade, social conditions on site

Do something an excellent with your money: our technique strikes a balance betwee economic, environmental and social issues. We work with die local residents as equals und create fair, social and sustainable employment. Plenty of tropical timbers are created at die cost of people und nature. We support fair trade, same employment and the same production of tropical timbers.

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The climate defense cooperative

We are exceptionally lucky zu count world from all around die world among our members. Our members range an age native 0 kommen sie 88 years old. We space students, parents, teenagers, CEOs, teachers, environmentalists, traditionalists, lorry drivers, doctors, pensioners, associations, charities und companies. We come from Colombia, Germany, Panama, Malaysia, France, Austria, Spain, the USA, Bolivia and Switzerland.


We, die non-profit GLS Treuhand e.V., ended up being members des the cooperative as we view ns concept des “Generation Forests” from die Generation Forest und Futuro Forestal as in opportunity und chance zu reconcile our mutual environmental and economic goals in a compatible way an the field of international forestry.

Dr. Hermann Falk

Chairman GLS Treuhand e.V.

I take responsibility zum what we are doing with die planet. Woodlands are essential zum our future, und not nur the ones on our doorstep.

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Dannie Quilitzsch

I bei der a member des Generation woodland as, an my opinion, money needs kommen sie contribute zu solving acute environmental and social issues, rather than exacerbate them.

Ralph Suikat

CEO Fairantwortung AG

It doesn’t matter whether ns results benefit me or mine heirs. I believe that my investment an The Generation forest has in impact that möchte benefit die generations to come.

Sybille Lichtenfeld

I’ve watched v horror as ns most diverse forests on our planet schutz been damaged time und again because my youth. Ns helplessness that i felt rückseitig then has been significantly transformed into energy and action through my involvement in the cooperative. I now represent the cooperative hinweisen sustainability und climate stores bei my region. It offers me with unrivalled levels of joy kommen sie be able to inspire others through our vision.

Julian Storch

I believe bei investing with purpose – resources as a force des good. Keeping nature und simultaneously investing – it"s a an excellent choice zum the earth on which we live.

Eugenia Trujillo


Join our participating today and make a lasting impact with her money

By purchase a forest share native us, you kann sein benefit native a straightforward way kommen sie invest und simultaneously help kommen sie benefit our planet. This ist what makes ns generation woodland unique and promotes a balance bolzen people, ns environment und returns. Each share plants 500m² of new generation forest.

Join ns cooperative
The Keeling Curve compensation committee agrees. The international Keeling Curve Prize ist awarded every year zu companies und projects whose arbeit contributes to solving die climate crisis. We space proud that bei 2020, through our Generation woodland Principle, we were selected from 300 other companies zu receive bei award.

An honest, joint commitment in the direction of people, the climate und environment from bei ethical, social and environmental viewpoint constantly forms the basis of our CSR programme.

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Read with our free brochure on ours cooperative, our objectives und our work an the forests. Ours reforestation efforts through die generation forests come with a totality host des benefits.

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Each re-superstructure corresponds to 500m² generation forest and ...

compensates 0.7 tonnes of carbon von year protects 500m² of new habitat weil das wildlife creates permanent employment opportunities through sustainable management generates sustainable, eco-friendly returns

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