Test Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

Stunning screen.

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Samsung so relies ~ above a high-resolution, supervisor AMOLED screen an its Galaxy Tab s 8.4. It zu sein the tablet"s absolute highlight. The in-house processor zu sein good, however cannot complete with existing high-end SoCs. Otherwise, ns equipment zu sein state-of-the-art und even has LTE. Only much better speakers und NFC would certainly be appreciated.

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The smaller sized Tab s 8.4 adheres to its larger brotherSamsung Galaxy Tab s 10.5. Both tablet computers from ns South oriental manufacturer are an extremely similar in terms von configuration. A correspondinglysmaller batteryis installed bei our evaluation sample due to ns smaller display screen size and casing. The Tab s 8.4 zu sein powered by in Exynos processor witheight cores. 3 GB von working memory administer the system with a solid foundation.LTE zu sein optionaland costs 100 Euros (~$129) extra. Friends of as countless pixels together possible an a klein space, will certainly be satisfied with ns screen"s resolution of2560x1600 pixels.

Anothercompetitorfrom the premium preis range isApple"s iPad mini Retinawith LTE and 16 GB RAM, sold for approximately 509 Euros (~$658).Samsung"s Galaxy Tab jeden 8.4(RRP: 529 Euros; ~$684, LTE version) can definitely be taken into consideration a rival zum the Tab S.LG"s G Pad 8.3(RRP: 300 Euros; ~$388) ist considerably less expensive, but so features an inferior configuration. Customers looking zum a device based on the windows platform, will ausblüten have zu consider tablets with in Intel Atom processor. Premium tablets, such asLenovo"s ThinkPad 8 Tablet, expense as much as 760 Euros (~$983) through WWAN support.



The Tab s 8.4 zu sein available bei bronze and white.
The slot close tight.

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The casing of Samsung"s Galaxy Tab ns 8.4 looks like a slimmed under version of theTab s 10.5. Ns same products are used, deshalb mostly plastic, also if ns matte-shimmering bezel provides theimpression des metal. It ist very thin measuring just6.6 millimeters(0.26 inches) und weighs301 grams (0.663 lb), which zu sein slightly greater than the manufacturer"s specification von 298 grams (0.656 lb).

The tablet computer proves zu bevery robust. The does notfall yield under pressure, nor zu sein it quickly twisted. Just a quiet cracked noise could be evoked from the review sample. The gaps and build are really good. Us did not discover any irregularities. Ns design und particularly the golf-ball-like zurück will definitely be a matter of taste. However, the textured surface gives a great grip.

Thebatteryin die Tab ns 8.4 ist non-removable and cannot it is in replaced. Ns slotflapsare fine positioned and flush with the device. A bit von intuition is needed to open them.

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236 mm / 9.29 inch132 mm / 5.2 inch8.8 mm / 0.3465 inch

408 g0.899 lbs219 mm / 8.62 inch128.5 mm / 5.06 inch7.2 mm / 0.2835 inch331 g0.73 lbs216.8 mm / 8.54 inch126.5 mm / 4.98 inch8.3 mm / 0.3268 inch338 g0.745 lbs212.8 mm / 8.38 inch125.6 mm / 4.94 inch6.6 mm / 0.2598 inch301 g0.664 lbs200 mm / 7.87 inch134.7 mm / 5.3 inch7.5 mm / 0.2953 inch328 g0.723 lbs
Although only oneUSB 2.0 portis installed bei Samsung"s Galaxy Tab ns 8.4, the offers everything that is needed. It ist not only used for recharging the tablet und exchanging dünn with a computer, it so supportsOTGandMHL 2.1.

The memory map slot takesmicro-SD cardswith a capacity of 128 GB (SDXC).

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ANT+, weil das communicating with varied gadgets, is also supported. However, NFC zu sein not available. Aninfrared sensoris so installed deshalb that ns home cinema can be regulated with the tablet.