Key Specifications

Review Price: £449.99quad-HD displaySnapdragon 8083GB RAMWindows 10 PhoneContinuum20MP camera

What zu sein the Microsoft Lumia 950?

The Lumia 950 ist Microsoft’s zuerst high-end phone to be released running fenster 10 Mobile. Unfortunately, it’s also one des the many frustrating und disappointing gadgets I’ve supplied this year.

Judged on ns spec-sheet alone, you’d believe that Microsoft zu sein on to a winner. Die Lumia 950 has actually a fast processor, plenty des RAM, a generosity battery through super-quick wireless charging, add to a sharp 5.2-inch display.

Yet, ns shortcomings of windows 10 Mobile und the virtually budget feel des the handset make it hard kommen sie recommend.

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Microsoft Lumia 950 – Design und build

In the past, I’ve been a huge fans of Nokia’s Lumia devices. They’re trost there with some of the most slick and classiest phones I’ve used and have stood the end from die pack von doing things just that wenig bit differently.

Available bei a range des vivid hues, castle were built using metal und high-end materials. In fact, even the cheaper offerings to be sturdy wenig phones that presented plenty des character.

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The 950 may have the Lumia name, yet it lacks that Nokia charm. The a Polycarbonate slab, through curved corners and flat sides, available an black or white. 3 clicky taste can be discovered along one side of the phone – including one for opening up the camera – while the USB-C charging port sits along ns bottom. And that’s every there ist to say. The Lumia 950 zu sein dull – and I’ve used budget plan Nokia phones in the previous that feeling better.

Some wollen be glücklich to uncover that the rear des the phone tun können be removed kommen sie easily access the battery, SIM and microSD slots. However, that juts out ever so slightly from die sides des the phone und each time ich tried zu prize that off, it felt favor it was going zu snap.

Unlike other flagships – die Nexus 6P from Google und iPhone 6S from Apple, for example – ns Lumia 950 lacks the precision finish that I’ve come to mean from a premium handset. Nokia used kommen sie be one von the best in this regard, deswegen it’s a real shame to seen it lost here.


Since die phone has actually a fairly small – von today’s criter – 5.2-inch display, die Lumia 950 ist compact enough kommen sie be provided comfortably in one hand. The dense, though, weighing in at 150g – 7g an ext than the aluminium-clad iphone 6S.

Considering that this phone call retails zum the same price as the gorgeous Nexus 6P and last year’s iPhone 6, it yes, really shouldn’t feel worse than die £199 OnePlus X.

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Microsoft Lumia 950 – Display

The Lumia 950 may look prefer a budget Nokia circa 2012, but Microsoft has packed ns phone v plenty of the latest tech. This starts with ns 5.2-inch quad-HD dashboard covered in Gorilla Glass 4.

It’s a pixel-dense display, von that there’s no doubt, however it can’t quite complement some des the other AMOLED panels on die market.

I’ll anfang with ns positives. It’s spicy and, because it’s AMOLED, that offers up a heavy punch des vibrant colour – without ending up being oversaturated. Blacks are frequently inky und viewing angles room superb.

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Outdoor visibility is decent too, although there are a gewächs of reflect under bright lights. However, this is in issue zum all phones this days.

My taste concern v this panel is that it nur doesn’t oase enough oomph when it comes to brightness. Switching it native 50% zu 75% und even 100% doesn’t result in in obvious difference, rather resulting bei colours looking muddy.

While this isn’t miscellaneous you’ll notification unless you oase all the flagships inside wall up, it’s frustrating nevertheless.