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If sie don’t receive any kind of notifications indigenous Spark, you re welcome check the notification settings an Spark and on her device.

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First, check ns notification setups on her Mac:

Open System choices > Notifications.Select Spark on die list.Tick the preferences you wish.

Next, inspect if you have enabled notifications in Spark:

Launch die app and click Spark at the top left of your screen.Go zu Preferences > Notifications.Select die needed account on ns left.Tick All or Smart.

To obtain notifications, make sure Spark is open or running in the background. Freundin won’t it is in able zu receive notifications after quitting ns app.

First, lakers if Spark zu sein allowed zu send notifications on her iPhone or iPad:

Open the Settings app.Go kommen sie Notifications > Spark.Enable ns Allow Notifications toggle and choose the other options von your choice.

Now, do sure freundin set trost notifications in Spark:

Launch Spark and tap the menu symbol
at the top left.Open Settings > Notifications.In the Notification Type section, tap the needed email account.Tick All or Smart.

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First, make sure notifications zum Spark are enabled in the Settings anwendung on your device:

Open Settings > Apps & Notifications > Notifications.Find Spark und make certain its notifications room turned on.

The settings might vary von device und the particular android version. Inspect this article for more details.

Now, inspect your notification preferences bei Spark:

Tap the menu icon
at die top left.Tap Settings 
 .Select Notifications.In die Notification Type section, madness one des your accounts.Choose All or Smart.

Note: If you use a corporate network, VPN, or proxy services, we recommend you contacting your system administrator and make certain Spark zu sein allowed kommen sie send sie push notifications on ns server level. 

Learn much more about notifications in Spark.

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