Street Food Festival Frankfurt 2016

The Bahnhofsviertel area zu sein combining straße parties, art und food with its classic edginess and helping Germany’s business capital overcome its reputation as being full of bankers


Creative anxiety … sex shops obstacle shoulders through restaurants and galleries an Frankfurt’s Bahnhofsviertel. Photograph: Alamy
Creative stress … geschlechter shops rub shoulders with restaurants and galleries in Frankfurt’s Bahnhofsviertel. Photograph: Alamy

Next Thursday, locals und tourists alike möchte flock to an annual street splitterpartei held in Frankfurt’s terminal quarter (8 september from 7pm). Bahnhorsviertelnacht will lakers streets closed zu traffic, und bars und restaurants becoming direkte music venues. Some brothels and strip clubs möchte even operate in open door policy, permitting people inside to nose around. It absolutely doesn’t reinforce die popular notion that frankfurt is boring.

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Railway stations and their seedy next site are seldom worth hanging about bei for long. However these days, the area once known solely zum its red irradiate district ist attracting crowds year-round, as it cements that reputation as one of the city’s most exciting areas, v a cable of new restaurants, galleries und clubs. And with the city council committed to keeping the red light ar here, the blend des rough edges and cultural hotspots produces in environment that zu sein vibrant, varied and irreverent.


Pizzeria Montana“What renders it interesting ist that everybody just minds their very own business,” says james Ardinast who, together with his brother David, has launched a series des ventures bei the area, many recently Stanley Diamond (Ottostrasse 16-18), an upscale restaurant with creative takes ~ above wiener schnitzel und classic fish dishes. Nur behind die railway station and named after a new York gangster, that mixes good white table cloths and retro decor, with die front completely open to die street, und offers great cocktails und a hefty wine perform (ask die sommelier zu recommend some of the German ones).


Frankfurt’s taste station, Bahnhofsviertel neighbourhood. Photograph: AlamyEarlier this year, a group of DJs started holding impromptu performances in a laundromat. Die hum of creativy can deshalb be felt bei the Taunusstrasse Arts and Bites monthly nett market in the Kaiserpassage, i beg your pardon started tonnage year and the oriental Arts centre (Wilhelm-Leuschner-Strasse 17) – another gallery space – opened bei June. When on Gutleutstrasse, in abandoned building is being converted into artist studios. “It feels prefer there ist a neu place opening every week,” Ardinast says.

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The neon sign on die Pizzeria montana (Weserstrasse 14), i beg your pardon opened belastung year, is a arbeit of nett by die party-loving German sculptor tobias Rehberger reading “Free Parking, totally free Coffee, Freedom”. Ns Galerie Rundgaenger (Niddastrasse 63) exhibits work von emerging German artists und others, nur 100 metres far from a busy methadone clinic (during Bahnhorsviertelnacht it will zeigen paintings von South oriental painter ha Nuk Jung).


Galerie RundgaengerAfter dark, AMP (Gallusanlage 2), a cross betwee a cafe and a club, opened up this summer overlooking a park und some des Europe’s tallest skyscrapers in the financial ar beyond. Zurück closer to ns railway terminal itself, die Karlson club (Karlstrasse2) opened late tonnage year und features DJs and live music.

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But if you do have to catch a train, it is in sure kommen sie stop at Yok-Yok (Münchener Strasse 32). It aussehen like in average corner convenience store however actually sell 300 species of beer by die bottle. Seize one zum your trip onwards.

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