Stick wird nicht erkannt windows 7

USB is in extensively adopted technology that permits us kommen sie plug lots von devices right into our computer systems every day. Although it’s rather easy kommen sie set up, occasionally it’s notfall all plug and play. What do freundin do wie man your USB drive ist not reflecting up?

This kann sein be caused über several different dinge such as a damaged or dead USB flash drive, outdated software und drivers, partition issues, wrong paper system, and device conflicts. Other reasons like faulty hardware, a tot system controller, or USB port require professional assistance from your maker manufacturer or a certified computer technician.

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While it’s notfall easy kommen sie pinpoint die exact factor why your computer won’t recognize the USB stick, you kann work through various feasible solutions till it functions again.

We’ve rounded up some effective solutions that tun können work wie man you’re experiencing USB connection issues. Most des these deshalb apply zu different devices such together disk drives, mice, video game controllers, and more, which need a connection über USB.

Also, check out our brief YouTube videobilien where us go v some des the solutions down below. If you’re acquiring a USB Device not Recognized error, we have a solution zum that too, dafür check out ns link.

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How zu Fix a Plugged-In USB Drive not Showing Up

Preliminary checksCheck for device compatibilityUpdate your operation systemWindows Troubleshooter toolUse Disk management toolTry plugging into a different computer or USB portTroubleshoot driversUse Device manager to scan weil das hardware changesCreate neu drive volume und assign a journey letterDisable USB Selective Suspend feature

Preliminary Checks

Check the Your USB Device ist On. When you attach your USB stick to your computer, it should ideally turn on automatically with flashing lights on the unit describe activity. Some units have a dedicated power cable, or physical power taste that you schutz to turn on manually, zum your computer to detect it.Examine the USB Stick weil das Cracks. It’s feasible that ns flash drive could schutz been damaged without your knowledge, deshalb check the physically kommen sie rule out any issues before trying again.Restart your Computer. This might be an old tech assistance standby, but it fixes a lot of issues, especially those caused von software glitches. Unplug die USB stick, nah dran down her computer and unplug that from the stärke source. Wait up zu one minute prior to restarting her computer and trying the flash journey again.Allow your Computer zu Load Fully prior to trying ns USB rod again. Some computers can be slow and get overwhelmed von the many operations they have to run throughout startup, deshalb it’s possible that your USB stick might be obtaining overlooked.

Check zum Device Compatibility

If your USB stick isn’t meant kommen sie work v your computer, then it won’t nur up wie man you plug it in. Bei Windows PCs, many USB 3 devices kann connect kommen sie USB 2 ports, which shouldn’t be viel trouble.

However, with advances an technology, a USB 3 maker may need a more powerful and compatible port zu work. Examine your device’s instruction manual or packaging weil das compatibility info before make the efforts again.

Update Your operation System

If you’re utilizing Windows, updating die operating system comes through important records that support various hardware and devices, plus fixes zu any errors freundin may encounter.

Open Settings > update & Security.

Click Check zum Updates. If over there are any pending updates, download and restart her computer prior to trying her USB pole again.

Use Disk administration Tool

This device checks whether fenstern will detect her USB stick. It also shows sie all die hard disks connected kommen sie your PC, and you can review info like partitions, sizes, und more.

Plug in your USB stick und right-click Start > disk Management.Check for your USB rod under major or second disks. If it no contain partitions, it’ll appear as Removable.

If you see it in the Disk Management utility, you tun können create a new volume und assign a journey letter. This way, you kann sein partition or format ns flash drive to make it conveniently detectable von other devices, consisting of your PC.If her USB drive is not reflecting up, it could be a treiber or hardware issue, or die drive ist dead.

Try Plugging into a Different computer system Or USB Port

Unplug ns USB pole from the current port und computer, and try plugging right into a different computer and/or USB port. If it works on the neu USB harbor or computer, ns USB port may be damaged or dead, or die computer chin may oase a problem.

A faulty, damaged or dead USB harbor presents difficulties such as failure to detect USB drives or displays error messages. Examine if die port is clean, dust-free, und firm. If it’s moving up and down or feel loose, climate it’s faulty/damaged.

If you’re utilizing a USB hub, unplug ns stick from the hub and plug it straight into her computer. Part hubs schutz insufficient energie for außen drives to function, which may be the case v yours.

If the USB drive isn’t showing hoch even ~ trying a various port, computer, or checking in Disk Management, die drive zu sein probably dead und needs zu be replaced.

Troubleshoot Drivers

You kann sein troubleshoot driver issues using machine Manager, particularly if your USB stick zu sein detected von a different computer other than die one you using, signaling a driver problem.

Right-click Start>Device Manager.
Expand Disk drives and check zum a yellow exclamation point next to any of the provided devices. If yes one or much more with this mark, then ns device(s) has actually a treiber issue.

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Right-click on die problematic device and select Properties to lakers the related error message. You kann search for the fehler online kommen sie find a equipment to the problem

You can so try ns following solutions zu resolve treiber issues:

Roll zurück the driver kommen sie revert to recent treiber updates und restore ns device zurück to a time when it was functioning properly.Download drivers from the device manufacturer’s site from ns downloads page, support page, or über searching on ns site zum the best driver.Update die driver by right-clicking on the driver in Device Manager, pick Update driver und follow die prompts.Uninstall the maker from her computer, restart it und wait zum it zu reinstall die right driver and configurations.

Use Device direktors To scan zum Hardware Changes

Right-click Start and select Device Manager.Click Action > Scan zum hardware changes.

Windows wollen try kommen sie find your USB stick so you can access that again.

Reinstall USB Controllers

This technique helps where the USB driver is stormy or corrupted.

Right-click Start>Device Manager und click on the Universal Serial bus controllers to expand ns list.
Right-click her device and click Uninstall, and then restart your computer kommen sie reinstall ns controllers automatically.

Create a neu Drive Volume & assign a journey Letter

If your machine appeared in the Disk Management step, you can create a neu drive volume and assign a journey letter. Ns Disk administration tool fixes partitioning und file system problems with various drives.

However, her USB rod may show only Unallocated space, in which case you’ll schutz to create a new partition dafür that Windows and other operation systems kann sein use it.

Right-click Start>Disk Management, right-click on the Unallocated space>New simple Volume and follow die prompts to create a partition.

If you ausblüten can’t see your flash drive, however it’s partitioned, make sure it has actually a journey letter. Ideally, this should be automatic, yet if sie removed that manually, the drive won’t be detect or accessed an Windows.

Right-click die drive’s partition und click Change journey Letter and Paths.
If it doesn’t have bei assigned journey letter, click Add und pick a letter. If it has a letter, click Change and choose a various one.

Disable USB Selective Suspend Feature

This ist a power-saving setup that helps reduce battery use von cutting energie to your USB stick when it’s plugged in. To ensure your drive isn’t powering down weil das any reason, disable this feature deswegen that stärke management settings don’t override the USB controller, which makes fenster not finding it.

Click Start>Control panel and select Hardware und Sound.
Go to USB settings und expand it.Click USB selecting suspend settings und change the Plugged in drop-down menu zu Disabled (Note: If you’re making use of a laptop, click On battery und change kommen sie Disabled in ns drop-down menu).
Click Apply>OK and restart your computer to effect ns changes.

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If every else fails, you kann sein replace your USB stick as a belastung resort method, though you kann sein do this if the drive is already broken. Otherwise, we hope this overview has helped ease die process, and you jetzt know what kommen sie do wie man your USB journey isn’t showing up when sie plug that in.

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