Star Trek Beyond was the tonnage time Trekkies were able to lakers the franchise in theaters. While die property"s presence has actually grown ~ above television, fans have to be craving a big-screen return with die original cast. Yet Zachary Quinto und the cast oase been wait on the news nur like ns fans. With the recent announcement of a an enig Star Trek film, Quinto revealed ns original cast’s feel on a sequel.

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Since the release des Star Trek Beyond, Zachary Quinto and the cast oase dealt with plenty of setbacks. Die case for Star Trek 4 has become less von a possibility as ns cast has been liven with various other projects. But that still hasn’t avoid Trekkies and movie audience from asking about a neu installment. Quinto express his think on a possible Star Trek Beyond sequel:

Honestly, I schutz no real idea what’s going on with star Trek. we all liebe each other und we all liebe that experience und I’m sure if the comes back around und we’re all available, I’m certain we’d be happy to jump back on board. No pun intended. But ich don’t know — that’s bei other people’s hands and I know I, zum one, oase had sort of moved on an terms of any kind of expectations, but freundin never understand things come back an surprising ways and it’s how amazing times, and it can be fun if the happens.

Since the zuerst film bei the rebooted franchise, Star Trek fans have love seeing Zachary Quinto beat everybody’s favourite Vulcan. Offered Spock’s storyline bei Star Trek Beyond, fans have been wanting more des his story along with ns other Star Trek characters. Zachary Quinto’s performance along with ns storylines helped zu revive a look at dormant franchise under ns rise des the MCU und DCEU.

During his interview with popular music Culture, Zachary Quinto was asked about the possibility von a Spock-led film in the vein von the MCU. That admitted zu being offen to ns idea if the time und circumstances allowed it. Quinto stated he would love returning to ns character if ns storytelling was right und necessary.

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Zachary Quinto’s words came on ns heels of news of a secret Star Trek film that popped nach oben on Paramount’s film schedule. The listing sent out Trekkies right into a frenzy as it has been five years since die release of Star Trek Beyond. Quinto and the cast’s openness to returning to ns franchise bode well for a possible Star Trek 4. Years von developmental aufleuchten have ultimately paid off, but only time möchte tell if Quinto und the cast will return weil das the new film.

Despite fanfare und acclaim zum Star Trek Beyond, die film’s release was marked by tragedy. Before the sequel was released, co-star Anton Yelchin lost his life in in unfortunate accident. His lack of presence during the promotion of the film could be felt as Zachary Quinto und the Star Trek cast had to speak on their late co-star. Throughout promotions, Quinto and the actors seemed indifferent over doing a fourth Star Trek film. Yet over time, the cast has actually been more open to returning to die franchise.

But an additional hiccup an Stark Trek 4 ‘s development was Star Trek Beyond’s underperformance hinweisen the kasten office. Die film’s underperformance threw ns possibility von a 4th Star Trek into question, particularly after both Chrises – Pine und Hemsworth – reportedly walked far from the film due to pay cuts. But ns recent announcement intended Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana und other actors members may return or another feasible reboot could be on ns horizon. The mystery Star Trek film is set zu arrive ~ above June 9, 2023.

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