Sony Xperia Z Oder Z1

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( - A new handset has actually been announced über Sony punkt IFA 2013, updating and refreshing that is flagship android offering and looking to continue ns good arbeiten started von January"s Xperia Z.

But is this nur more des the same? is it too soon weil das Sony to be update its handset, or ist it nur trying to fend turn off the likes of the HTC One and the samsung Galaxy S4?

We"ve drilled under into ns details, to find out exactly what the difference is.


One des the solid points von the Sony Xperia Z was ns unique design. The Xperia Z1 keeps that premium glass sandwich design, through a super-skinny waistline and a high-quality finish. But Sony has intensified it. The edges are now better slicker, designed kommen sie be nicer kommen sie hold, also if zum the most part it looks the same. Crucially, however, that headphone flap has jetzt gone, because the 3.5mm socket ist now waterproof.


The Sony Xperia Z released on ns quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 pro platform, clocked punkt 1.5GHz through 2GB des RAM. Its early on appearance meant that it was soon surpassed by models native HTC und Samsung sit on ns latest Qualcomm hardware. Ns Xperia Z1 changes that, now with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 internals, clocked weist 2.2GHz: die Xperia Z1 will be powerhouse, notfall a slouch.

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Sony has drawn a last of attention kommen sie its smartphone cameras, through plenty von customisation to die control interface, zum example, making die experience similar kommen sie using a compact camera. That was true of the Xperia Z, but in the Xperia Z1, it"s gone die whole hog and used a 1/2.3-type compact camera sensor. A bigger sensor, with 20.7-megapixels, a Bionz imaging processor und Sony G Lens promises zu be a great performer, one we can"t wait to test in depth.


The Xperia Z"s display was good, but perhaps not as good as die display on ns HTC One. Ns Xperia Z1, however, brings in improvement, with Sony saying it has included everything it has learnt indigenous its Bravia range des TVs. You jetzt get a Triluminous display, promising better, more natural, colours. It"s ausblüten 5 inches in size, with a 1920 ns 1080 pixel resolution, und from what we"ve seen dafür far, it"s a an excellent display.


To keep ns phone running, there"s jetzt a unrated 3000mAh battery. That"s a really confident move, meaning you"ll it is in able zu snap those huge pictures without the worry of the phone falling flat. Die 2330mAh battery of the initial Xperia Z might be do to last all day many thanks to the granular detail of Sony"s Stamina Mode, dafür we"ve high hopes for the Xperia Z1: that should belastung you through ns day v ease.

Upgrade or more of the same?

Much von the user interface and experience remains ns same: Sony"s customisation of android brings a few new additions, especially in the camera department und it remains zu be seen whether these are restricted kommen sie the new model, or wollen roll back to die older version. With Sony refreshing its top handset every six months, we"d be tempted to seen what january 2014 brings wie man faced with in upgrade.

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If you"re to buy new and faced with ns choice, however, it"s easy: if you"re an the market for a premium android experience, ns Sony Xperia Z1 is going zu deliver it by the bucketload.