Schufa Auskunft Berlin Online

Especially when renting a flat, sie need to nur your landlord your Schufa info / Schufa score. Here i show sie how zu get it zum free, straight from your computer.

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* create a complimentary Schufa inquiry zum you

Caution: the free Schufa report will take around 3 mainly or much more until you receive it. If freundin need that earlier, you have to use ns paid option.

What ist Schufa?

The Schufa zu sein a main credit bureau in Germany. Basically, lock know about your call contract, your bank accounts und your debts. They know especially around debts that you did notfall pay back. They so calculate a score (Schufa-Score) that prices your creditworthiness. Every this dünn about you ist contained in a Schufa report (Schufa-Auskunft).

Get a totally free Schufa report (paper-based)

By law, ns Schufa is required zu give you your Schufa report when a year zum free. Kommen sie get one:

do to fill out die Personal Data and Other informationdo NOT fill out ns Alternativesection (it möchte order the paid option)

Then you need zu send the form per conventional mail to the address written on ns form. After about 3 weeks, you should receive their answer von standard mail.

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Get a cost-free Schufa report indigenous (paperless) zu sein a third-party service that tries kommen sie make this procedure easier weil das you. Here, freundin fill the end a internet form:

fill the end your personal data: erste name, last name, birthdate, birth benennen (if various from existing one), street, ZIP code, may include a previous address if you schutz oneadd her signature: von clicking top top unterschreiben, a popup möchte open. There, you can sign using your computer mouse / trackpad. You kann sein try and repeatyou are happy with die result (rückgängig = Undo, neu beginnen = Restart). Climate click speichern and the popup closes.when done with seite 1, click weiter

On ns second page:

add freundin email addressoptionally, you can add sie PGP key to receive encrypted e-mails from If freundin don’t know what this ist or don’t want this, just select Keinen Schlüssel benutzenselect a password, so you can later login kommen sie selbstauskunft.netclick top top Absenden

Finally, you wollen a receive in e-mail with in activation link, which freundin need kommen sie click on.

Now, Selbstauskunft will send bei inquiry von fax with your data und your signature to ns Schufa bureau, and you need kommen sie wait till they send your report kommen sie you by standard mail.

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More inquiries indigenous does not only market creating inquiries weil das Schufa but also for a dozen other dünn holders around you. So you actually kann sein go around und get every the charme that German advertising databases contain about you.