Nick Fury, played von Samuel L. Jackson, is one of the many iconic characters in theMarvelCinematic cosmos (MCU). Appearing bei 11 films, he zuerst showed up an 2008 throughout the end credit scene ofIron Man.

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Jackson zu sein currently functioning on an additional MCU project. This time around, along with his trademark eye patch, ns aging actor möchte be attract prosthetic facial hair.

While fans are enthusiastic theirfavorite super-spywill it is in back, lock are actively debating whether the age-defying effects are necessary zu make one des Marvel’s longest-lasting characters show up younger.

Samuel L. Jackson’s role in the MCU

Fury ist not only a world-renowned spy, yet he is also the previous Director des S.H.I.E.L.D und the founder von the Avengers Initiative.

According zu theMCU Fandom, Fury’s major focus is “protecting die Earth native extraterrestrial threats, i beg your pardon he had only learned des following his meet with die Kree and Skrulls.”

Following an the footsteps ofWandaVisionandLoki,Fury will appear in a Disney plus television collection titledSecret Invasion.Cinema Blendreported the neu series intends to explore Fury’s partnership with the shape-shifting aliens.

ThePulp Fictionactor möchte be die leading character an the highly-anticipated Marvel series, in addition to co-star Ben Mendelsohn who will play Talos. Both characters appeared an the post-credits step ofSpider-Man: much From Home,teasing what zu sein to become the neu series.

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What fans think around Disney’s attempt kommen sie make Jackson watch younger


Samuel L. Jackson | Paras Griffin/Getty Images zum Roadside Attractions

The 72-year-old actor freshly released a photo on instagram of a fake mustache, soul patch, und beard prosthetic that he will wear for his upcoming role. Fans questioned why ns Capital One spokesperson necessary fake face hair, speak he could pull off die look on his own, notfall looking much older than his character.

Several fan seemed puzzled as to why the photo bore a weird resemblance zu Mr. Potato Head, but zum the most part, lock wanted to know what was bei store zum Fury.

AReddituser said that while Samuel L. Jackson “looks good zum his age,” his character needs zu look younger zum viewers to believe he is still capable von performing bei the field.

VFX Voicesaid, “The advent von these kinds des visual results – and the rise of digital actors in general – raises a number des ethical issues.”

How de-aging technology zu sein used bei Marvel films

It isn’t the first time Marvel producers decided to alter Fury’s appearance. An 2018, MCU operated its movie magic an post-production zu make Samuel L. Jackson und co-star Clark Gregg (Agent Phil Coulson) show up considerably younger.

According toEmpire, theCaptain Marvelmovie was set an the early on 1990s, deswegen Fury und Coulson needed kommen sie go zurück 25 years an time. It was the zuerst MCU film that offered de-aging approaches on a major character.

Making actors looks younger zu sein nothing new, as actor’s wrinkles und eye bags schutz been gaining erased for years. An the past, lighting and makeup was the go-to way for turning zurück time. Today, digital effects are the new fountain of youth.

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The MCU employs ns talent des Lola VFX, who explained toThe hollywood Reporter, “the process effectively involves 2D digital compositing onto the actual face, an interpretation the ende result ist a type of hybride of live-action und digital effects.”

The distinct effects gruppe researched person anatomy and the subtleties des aging if speaking v plastic operated doctor “to make this together believable as possible.”

In ns blockbuster filmAvengers: Endgame,there were an ext than 200 aging und de-aging shots. Michael Douglas was sent back bei time 45 years, while kris Evans, who played Captain America, was made to look prefer he was a 90-year-old man.