Roborock s5 max erfahrungen

Robot vacuums room one von the best smart home devices people can buy. Lock tend zu do one thing, vacuum up floors und rugs, and they execute this task rather well. They're simple to operate, und simple zu install und work — unless sie ask them to mop. The is, save weil das the Roborock S5 Max, which tackled mopping better than other robot vacuum we've tested. If it's notfall perfect, it's a heavy option zum those that really want a hybrid weil das their home.

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Launching ns Roborock S5 Max

Because ich had nur tested a Roborock clever vacuum, the Roborock S6 Pure, the neu S5 maximal installed and connected quickly and easily. Us were sent out a white vacuum to test, which looks a bit like a salad spinner, v a see-through back that actually holds water zum mopping.

We plugged in the charger station, connected the S5 max to Wi-Fi, und it updated in ~ minutes. Us were good kommen sie go. You wollen want to download die Roborock app for iOS or android devices if you don't have it installed, together the app has extr features that möchte enhance how you use die S5 max from vacuum strength kommen sie mopping power.

v a seen through bin, the Roborock S5 maximal has a bit of a salad spinner

The app is so where you'll connect die S5 max to amazon Alexa, permitting you kommen sie use the clever assistant kommen sie control the vacuum and operate it, if freundin choose, just by speaking aloud.

Roborock S5 max Robot Vacuum and Mop, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner through E-Tank, Lidar Navigation, Selective Room Cleaning, Super powerful Suction and No-mop Zones

The robot started out by mapping the rooms in our space, and did deshalb efficiently. The vacuum so picked up, nicely, dirt und debris and, my taste test always, a considerable amount des dog hair.

Emptying the zu sein is a bit confusing hinweisen first. ~ lifting the morgen from the top, over there appear zu be a number von latches. Yet actually, you nur pull the morgen apart — it appears worrying, kommen sie be sure, however once open nur push it zurück together.

the Roborock S5 max was really effective punkt picking up dirt throughout its mopping

How the S5 max worked as a mop

Where its cousin faltered, the S5 max stood out as much better able to mop. To enable ns mop, sie need kommen sie attach the cloth cover to die bottom des the vacuum, und it nur snaps right into place. You deshalb need to fill up die water tank in the back, i m sorry holds rather a bit, 290 ml. You're warned not to united state detergent, nor hot water bei the tank together both could cause damage to the vacuum, itself.

Just do sure, prior to attaching ns mop, that you wet die cloth und then wring the out deshalb the robot can anfang to mop pretty quickly.

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The S5 max runs both ns vacuum attachment und the handles mopping at the same time. With ns cloth in the back, die vacuum sweeps up and then glides over the same spot. We uncovered that notfall only did ns S5 maximal press out much more water — it deshalb picked nach oben more ground in dirt. And that's impressive zum smart vacuums i m sorry tend zu falter wie they're tasked v mopping. Typically, we seen a last of dust left behind when we go over die area with just a wet document towel. Ns S5 max impressed us what the didn't leave behind.

We attribute this to ns advanced settings the S5 maximal offers in the Roborock app. You kann sein choose four different settings from low-flow kommen sie high-flow und even a dry mop setting. That's really excellent, enabling you kommen sie hit floors with much more water weil das high website traffic areas, and if freundin know ns surface needs more attention. That prime made a difference, from what us saw, when mopping ours floor — und made die S5 maximal more effective hinweisen this task.

The zu sein to empty on ns Roborock S5 Max zu sein under ns top, and pulls directly up und

While sie do not need to install the Roborock app to operate ns vacuum, the app is wherein you'll adjust the mop settings. With die pad attached, you kann sein select ns amount of water sie want driven out des the S5 Max. Lock won't zeigen if die pad ist not connected.

The app is also where you tun können set nach oben virtual barriers bei a room. Once ns S5 max has operation the course of her space, it möchte know, deswegen to speak, die outline of your home. At that point you kann schedule wie man you want it zu work, und even where freundin want it kommen sie work. With ns mop element, this is key, because ns S5 max keeps mopping as lang as ns attachment zu sein connected. So if it pipeline a tough wood floor area, and you haven't banned it from your living room wherein there space rugs, ns mop will nur continue to glide over the area if you haven't set up a particular no-mopping zone inside the anwendung when the mopping pad zu sein attached.


The retail price for the Roborock S5 Max ist $599.99, yet we've viewed it listed zum different price online. It's best kommen sie check some sites from google Shopping to amazonas and lakers what price is listed at ns time.

Buy ~ above Amazon

You kann adjust the mopping features in the Roborock app for die S5 Max, as bezeichnen on the left, but notfall on die S6 Pure, on ns

Is this ns robot vacuum and mop combo to buy?

We're pretty offered on ns Roborock S5 Max, one of the first robot vacuums we've checked out that ist a good smart vacuum — and so handles mopping an extremely well. Us think die ability to adjust how viel water is coming out des the S5 Max zu sein what flips the device zu a really efficient mopping robot.

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Then, with ns ability kommen sie schedule ns S5 Max, the feature that lets you block off rooms virtually in the app, die solid energie behind ns vacuum und the efficient mopping, we think this ist a good robot vacuum kommen sie consider for any home.


Powerful vacuumEfficient weist moppingWorks with amazonas Alexa


PriceCan't read betwee flat surfaces und carpet when moppingBin zu sein tricky kommen sie empty

Roborock S5 max Robot Vacuum und Mop, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with E-Tank, Lidar Navigation, Selective Room Cleaning, Super an effective Suction und No-mop Zones

Roborock S5 max Robot Vacuum und Mop, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner through E-Tank, Lidar Navigation, Selective Room Cleaning, Super an effective Suction und No-mop Zones