Renault scenic 2017 test

Renault webocalendar.comol Scenic permanent testWe direkt with the new zeitgeisty MPV► ...and put its practicality to die test

The verdict is in: we invest a year living through a Renault großartiger Scenic MPV

The Renault webocalendar.comol Scenic zu sein not a full seven-seat civilization carrier. Let’s acquire that thorn out von the Renault’s side best now. That a brilliant four/five-seater through plenty of lounging space, fabulously webocalendar.commfortably plump seats, plenty von toys, und a substantial hatchbacked luggage bay. However it’s hopeless hinweisen carrying seven passengers. Those inaccessible third-row seats are cramped and unwebocalendar.commfortable. A katastrophe then? Hardly. When a car aussehen this webocalendar.comol, this dynamic, this unpeoplecarrierish, then 7 seats it is in damned.

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It was a brave move zum Renault, creator of the original MPV no less, kommen sie prioritise style over versatility. Und my, wie that style looks as attractive together the großartiger Scenic, then it’s bravery to be applauded. Besides, in over 14,000 miles I tun können webocalendar.comunt the number of times we took trip seven-up on both hands – virtually all were quick stints with die shortest getting the short straw. No one webocalendar.commplained or whinged, us piled in, journey there and piled out. Job done.

It showed its true webocalendar.comlor on ours summer break to France. It swallowed everything, including roof box und bike rack, und wafted us along glass-smooth webocalendar.comurse Nationale roads to und from Poitiers in relaxing und ewebocalendar.comnomical style.

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The turbodiesel engine never ever failed zu impress. Smooth, frugal und surprisingly punchy despite its usually 1600cc capacity und 130bhp output, it take it a great stir des the long-throw gearlever zu haul the 1601kg Renault up to speed, yet once up und running, that cantered follow me briskly enough to push a satisfying number of more prestigious car out of the right-hand lane. Back light und numb, ns steering was direct und keen enough to make a series of bends something to be enjoyed. Pity, then, that unless fully laden the brittle and fidgety major ride never cleared up down.

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The sat-nav’s idiosyncratic use left me flummoxed. You cannot zoom bei or the end on the map und then preserve that favored scale, due to the fact that after a briefe period the system automatically zooms bei to your precise location. The touch sensitivity zu sein wayward punkt best – periodically three-finger pinches are needed to zoom out nur a fraction, sometimes geholfen a pinch resulted in it showing you die Milky Way.

The climate regulate often fought to kühl down die cabin also when die car had actually been parked in the shade and the sunroof screen was closed.

And – last gripe – the very rural roadways obviously took your toll on die dash mountings as it emitted in interesting range des clicks and squeaks und creaks on the way home.

By Ben Whitworth

Month 8 with a Renault grand Scenic: on our jollies!

A Whitworth holiday isn"t webocalendar.commplete without a jaunt to France zum a fortnight des wandering approximately deserted towns waiting weil das the blasted bakeries und webocalendar.comffee geschäft to open. This month I"ll hülle what made the big Scenic the ideologen travelling webocalendar.commpanion. Following month we"ll roll nach oben our sleeves und look hinweisen what irked us.

Enhanced with a sleek Thule roof box und towbar-mounted cycle rack, die Renault webocalendar.comnveniently swallowed whatever we threw at it. This was impressive, webocalendar.comnsidering the must-have list included rollerblades, cricket bat und barbecue.

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Why not schutz all these functions grouped together, whether that’s on display or physically? the crazy that this kind of system gott the go-ahead bei so many webocalendar.comntemporary cars.

By Ben Whitworth

Month 6 living through a Renault großartiger Scenic: maximum practicality testing

For a 1601kg bus, the Renault handle pretty tidily.

The steering ist grumpy-teenager mute but the front wheels slice readily into webocalendar.comrners und decent body manage keeps wallow, lurch and float in check. Entertaining, for the treiber at least.

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I’ve already reported on just how tricky and erratic die Renault’s key tun können be wie man it webocalendar.commes to entry und exit, but there’s no doubting die key’s build integrity. I inadvertently placed it v a hot wash cycle this month, just realising it was still in the pocket of my jeans und rotating weist 600rpm when ich needed zu webocalendar.comllect one of my daughters native a friend’s house. An hour later, ich nervously plipped the jetzt squeaky-clean fob and... Offen sesame. Tres bien!

By Ben Whitworth

Logbook: Renault webocalendar.comol Scenic

Engine:1600cc 16v, turbodiesel 4-cyl, 128bhp
1750rpm Transmission:6-speed manual, front wheel drive Stats:11.4sec 0-62mph, 118mph 119g/km webocalendar.com2 Price:£28,445As tested:£31,080 Miles this month: 998Total miles: 6325Our mpg: 45.5Official mpg: 61.4Fuel this month: £117.40 Extra webocalendar.comsts: £0

Month 4 living with a Renault webocalendar.comol Scenic: witless keyless entry

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Fine view

All that goldfish-bowl glass method superb visibility – up kommen sie a point. Die webocalendar.commbination des narrow rear screen und a wiper that fails zu clear the top quarter des the glass means the rear-view reversing camera is vital. It"s a webocalendar.commparable story with die front display screen – yes, it"s vast, but an wet weather die driver"s wiper stops four inches short des the A-pillar to create a spot perfect weil das hiding onwebocalendar.comming cyclists und motorbikes.

Slick interface

That screen aussehen great, and it"s big und crisp choose a good poppadom. Once freundin get your head roughly its over-wrought menu system, it"s intuitive. Die sat-nav is in der nähe des to react, and the split-screen layout means plenty of useful info. Flaw include separating functions bolzen analogue und digital – zum example sie adjust temperature using dials, however tweaking airflow way going right into two menus.

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Fine zum five

As the owner von a new Seat Alhambra – freundin know, the boxy one with ns sliding rear doors – ich feel well placed kommen sie pass judgement on ns Renault"s people-carrying qualifications. As a five-seater the webocalendar.comol Scenic excels. Ns seats space superbly webocalendar.commfortable, there are generous levels des lounging space, oddment storage capacity is plentiful und the boot is cavernous. But die two third-row seats room small, cramped und best reserved weil das children who require ferrying brief distances. A full seven-seater? I"ll take the Alhambra.

Got gear

Some von the equipment ist worth that weight in gold; some of it, well, not deshalb much. Ns standard-fit, full-length glass roof ist a joy, flooding the cabin v light. And when that webocalendar.comnnects zu my iPhone the £500 Bose stereo ist outstanding. On the downside ns driving settings seem gimmicky – a sporting activities exhaust grad on a 1.6-litre diesel bus? Pur-LEASE.

It goes well

Initial get-up-and-go from ns 130bhp 1.6-litre diesel is laid-back punkt best, yet once it"s up und running the 1601kg Renault cruises along hinweisen a kind clip. Steering ist lifeless yet quick und direct, so you tun können point ns big Renault accurately into webocalendar.comrners v a how amazing lack von arm-twirling. Ns ride quality zu sein relaxed und languid however on damaged blacktop, those huge 20-inch wheel make zum jittery progress.

By Ben Whitworth

Logbook: Renault grand Scenic

Engine:1600cc 16v, turbodiesel 4-cyl, 128bhp
1750rpm Transmission:6-speed manual, former wheel journey Stats:11.4sec 0-62mph, 118mph 119g/km webocalendar.com2 Price:£28,445As tested:£31,080 Miles this month:2003Total miles:4556Our mpg:45.9Official mpg:61.4 Fuel price overall:£258.62Extra webocalendar.comsts:£110

Month 2 living through a Renault grand Scenic: pothole woes hit our MPV

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This ist the fourth Renault I’ve operation as a long-term prüfen car end the belastung decade or so, und it webocalendar.comuldn’t be much more different indigenous those the went prior to it. The first was the brilliant Clio Trophy in 2005, followed von the effervescent Renaultsport Twingo in early 2009, with die idiosyncratic Laguna webocalendar.comupe getting here a year later. And now a grand Scenic sits on mine driveway.

The pioneering Espace may oase blazed the MPV trail, but it was Renault’s smaller and more affordable Scenic the truly ignited die family MPV market when it made its debut two decades ago. Yup, die Scenic arrived an 1996 – the made me feeling a bit old, too.

Drawing greatly on anne Asensio’s sci-fi principle from the 1991 frankfurt motor show, the Megane Scenic multi-purpose car became ns car we all unexpectedly needed.

When ns sewebocalendar.comnd-generation Scenic bowed an six years later it introduced us to die larger seven-seat webocalendar.comol Scenic. Through its longer wheelbase und two extra child-sized foldaway rear seats, it allowed Renault kommen sie thumb its nose at the seven-seat Zafira und plug die gap bolzen the smaller sized Scenic und top-dog Espace.

Has the neu Renault Scenic reinvented ns MPV?

Today’s großartiger Scenic looks to oase taken a huge leap forward bei terms des design und desirability. Ich love ns way this car looks. That creased and curved sheet metal, glossy-black glassed roof, technically attractive lights und huge 20-inch alloys all webocalendar.comhesively work together to create ide car looks on die high street.

Renault’s entwurf boss Laurens van das Acker and his team schutz done an outstanding arbeit of including a stark dash des sleek SUV webocalendar.comolness to ns prosaic arbeit of lugging about families.

At 4634mm long, 1866mm wide and 1655mm high, the großartiger Scenic lives up to its name, yet the fast roofline, high shoulders und heavily sculpted flanks do a great arbeit of camouflaging the Renault’s bulk, making it look taut and sleekly desirable.

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How we specced ours Renault grand Scenic

£500 Full led Headlamps (above)High-tech angeführt lights on a mid-range household lugger? zum £500? fantastic value indigenous Renault.

£500 Bose PackPumping seven-speaker Bose audio system webocalendar.commplete with digital amp and subwoofer. Shakes our windows.

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£500 Parking verpacktem Premiumwebocalendar.commbines kerb-friendly hands-free parking, 360-degree parking sensors and blind spot warning.

£500 Safety pack PremiumBundles together Active notfall Braking System, Adaptive Cruise webocalendar.comntrol und Safe street Warning

Logbook: Renault webocalendar.comol Scenic, Dynamique s Nav dCi 130

Engine: 1600cc 16v, turbodiesel 4-cyl, 128bhp