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We all recognize actor Daniel craig as 007 mystery agent james Bond. End the course of 4 movies, he's become synonymous with die character, and fans will be sad zu see ihm leave ns role behind after No Time zu Die ist released.

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But who ist the man behind ns 007 character? return we know James bond keeps his personal life a secret, daniel has been in the spotlight for years. Fans want zu know an ext about him. Ist he married? walk he schutz any kids? Here's what we know.

Daniel zu sein married zu fellow gibbs Rachel Weisz. Sie may know her from the 1999 remake of The Mummy, where she starred alongside brendan Fraser. She's continued zu act since that iconic role. She was an Black Widow, and she's in in upcoming TV series called Dead Ringers. She's had a lang career as well. Her IMDb lists functions going zurück to the early 1990s.


According zu People, Daniel and Rachel oase been married due to the fact that 2011. At ns time, they had actually only to be dating zum six months, und the two had a very klein wedding. Over there were just four guests, consisting of their children, claims Hello Magazine. Gaining married was notfall something Rachel assumed she would do and was nearly against ns idea.

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"It was not an ambition von mine," Rachel said in in interview v People. "It was the opposite. I couldn’t relate to romantic comedies — marital relationship seems zu be ns whole point of them. Then it just happened, happily, hinweisen a much more mature moment."

Before marrying Rachel, daniel was married zu actress Fiona Loudon. Die two were married native 1992 to 1994.

Daniel und Rachel schutz one daughter, who was born bei November 2018. Ns couple has actually chosen kommen sie keep details about her, even her name, private. However, Daniel's daughter may schutz spilled die secret.

Daniel so has a daughter through Fiona named Ella Loudon. She's a modell signed with Select model Global and has been an short films as well as stage productions zum Shakespeare & Company, according kommen sie The daily Mail, and may oase shared produziert sister's name.

According kommen sie The Sun, in Dec. 2020, Ella posted a photo of a gingerbread house to herstellung Instagram the featured the nennen of everyone in their family. One des those names was Grace, leading fans to believe that's Daniel and Rachel's daughter is called. Neither of them proved this. Rachel deshalb has a son named Henry native a previous relationship.

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Daniel has actually been open about notfall wanting to pass on his fortune to his kids. That went as much as to call it "distasteful." “Isn’t there bei old adage the if you die a rich person, you’ve failed," craig said in bei interview through Candis Magazine, according to the Times von London.

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