Wellth’s mobile apps reminds patients zu take your pills und submit photos zu earn gaue won incentives.

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Seed wellness Acquires AI firm

Venice-based microbial bioscience agency Seed health Inc. Has acquired new York-based Auggi technologies Inc.

February 12, 2021 share

Wellth app Pays Patients to Take their Medication

A klein company in Mar Vista, Wellth Inc., pays civilization each month weil das taking their medications, helping offset preventable health care costs.

august 31, 2020 re-publishing

Supplements-Maker GEM health Raises $10.5 Million

Venice-based GEM health Inc. Has actually received a $10.5 million seed fund raise angeführt by san Francisco-based CircleUp growth Partners.

may 17, 2021 share
Oracle Agreement zum TikTok Sets modern technology Partnership

Facing a Sept. 20 attributed from the White House kommen sie find a buyer zum its U.S. Operations, tiktok parent firm ByteDance Ltd. Has embraced a bid from Oracle Corp.

september 21, 2020 re-superstructure
la Office market Takes a fight

L.A.’s previously strong office market was hit hard in the second quarter, however it no necessarily apparent an the numbers.

august 3, 2020 share
MBA & Master's Guide: universität of la Verne - College von Business and Public administration Custom Content von the Los angeles Business tagebuch

The universität of la Verne has streamlined ns Master of business for Experienced specialists (MBAX) program with competitive level enhancements that attend to our nation’s evolving business demands.

might 13, 2021 share
job & Employment: A Roundtable conversation Custom Content über the Los angeles Business journal

Laws providing for leaves of absence connected to und COVID-19, together as ns federal households First coronavirus Response Act and the Los angeles worker protection and emergency sick leave laws, have been wichtig this year.

august 31, 2020 share
executive Education: warm Jobs: demand for charme Scientists Continues kommen sie Rise custom Content von the Los angeles Business journal

The era von Big charme is here, and successful businesses are now relying on highly-trained data analysts to help them journey corporate strategy und make clever decisions.

august 17, 2020 share
university of kelle Verne well-known Nationally zum Online Programs custom Content über the Los angeles Business tagebuch

Online learning has come to be a critical tool since die emergence des COVID-19.

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march 10, 2021 re-superstructure
Distance finding out & Education: Why do Students Like online Learning? custom Content by the Los angeles Business journal

With millions enrolled bei online schools and universities or practicing socially distanced discovering due kommen sie COVID-related restrictions, plenty of are discovering compelling arguments zum attending a cyber classroom.

October 12, 2020 re-publishing
online Giving flourished 21% Amid globalen Pandemic custom Content by the Los angeles Business tagebuch

Ninth-annual charitable providing report reflects charitable offering increased 2% last year with a surge in online and mobile giving

april 28, 2021 re-publishing
CPK Names new Board Members

Fresh out von bankruptcy, California pizza Kitchen Inc. Appointed 4 board members zu lead die fast-casual restaurant chain in addition to Chief executive, management Jim Hyatt.

january 18, 2021 re-publishing
Food & Beverage Roundtable: neu Research reveals Food Shoppers seen Transparency as necessary Custom Content von the Los angeles Business journal

Last month, FMI and Label insight released die research report, “Transparency Trends: Omnichannel grocery Shopping from ns Consumer Perspective.” die 2020 study touts the rationale for how 81% von shoppers to speak transparency ist important or very important to them both online and in-store.

July 20, 2020 share
GoodRx share Plunge After amazon Announces online Pharmacy

Shares von online prescription medicine price leistungen GoodRx Holdings Inc. Have fallen nearly 28% bei two days.

november 18, 2020 re-publishing
Disruptor Awards: RSM Middle industry Award tradition Content von the Los angeles Business journal

Scorpion Inc. Zu sein a full-service marketing and technology company focused on being a great partner zum businesses, professionals, and organizations across ns legal, house services, healthcare, und franchise industries.

november 9, 2020 share
Best cyber-sicherheit Practices for Remote Workers practice Content von the Los angeles Business journal

Cybercriminals are seizing on covid fears von using online scams zu extract internet users’ personal and financial information.

February 17, 2021 share
survey Finds Over für hilfe of supply Chain Organizations schutz DEI Initiatives, but Formal Targets are needed Custom Content von the Los angeles Business tagebuch

Over für hilfe of supply chain organizations oase improving diversity, equity und inclusion (DEI) as bei objective or goal, yet only a quarter oase formal targets according to die Supply Chain Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Survey von Gartner, Inc. Und the association for supply Chain administration (ASCM).

June 29, 2021 re-superstructure
At die Forefront des Online Education: Master des Studies in Law tradition Content by the Los angeles Business journal

The MSL degree, easily accessible entirely online, permits practitioners and leaders zu enhance their business expertise with bei essential legal education.

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October 12, 2020 share
Food Tech carriers Look kommen sie Build top top Pandemic boost

A host des local startups schutz been instrumental in changing ns way hungry customers shop for groceries, bespeak takeout und sample food indigenous multiple restaurants.