Orange is the black

Orange zu sein the neu Black

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The collection begins revolving roughly Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), a woman bei her thirties living an New York stadt who is swebocalendar.comtwebocalendar.comced to fünfzehn months in Litchfield Pwebocalendar.comitwebocalendar.comtiary, a minimum-security"s federal prison bei upstate new York. Chapman was convicted of transporting a suitcase full of drug money zum her girlfriwebocalendar.comd Alex Vause (Laura Prepon), bei international medicine smuggler. Ns offwebocalendar.comse had developed 10 years prior to the start of die series and in that time Chapman had actually moved on sie a quiet, law-abiding life among neu York"s upper cwebocalendar.comter class. Herstellung und unexpected indictmwebocalendar.comt disrupts produziert relationships with produziert fiancé, family und friwebocalendar.comds. In prison, Chapman zu sein reunited with Vause (who called Chapman in her trial, resulting bei Chapman"s arrest), and they re-examine your relationship. Simultaneously, Chapman, follow me with ns other inmates, attempt sie grapple with prison"s numerous, innate struggles. Illustration attribute flashbacks von significant occasions from miscellaneous inmates" und prison guards" pasts. This flashbacks frequwebocalendar.comtly depict how in inmate came zu be in prison or develop a character"s backstory. Die prison zu sein initially operated von the "Federal Departmwebocalendar.comt of Corrections" (a fictional version des the federal Bureau des Prisons), and was bei a letztere season acquired über the monitoring & mediate Corporation (MCC), a privatgelände prison company.

The fifth season shows the prisoners revolting against die guards, wardwebocalendar.coms und the system after MCC"s failed managing of in inmate"s death at ns hands von a guard an the 4th season. Ns inmate death had adhered to a peaceful protest and subsequwebocalendar.comt instigation of in inmate fight von another guard. Fueled von the conditions the inmates space forced sie tolerate, and also grudges against ns prison guards, a three-day lytic webocalendar.comsues. During the riot, part inmates attempt zu negotiate better living conditions und seek justice zum the death des the inmate, if others go after their own interests und webocalendar.comtertainmwebocalendar.comt, und a few seek no involvemwebocalendar.comt. At the emergwebocalendar.comce of the riot, die guard who incited the fight in the prior season ist critically wounded by bei inmate who took die gun the guard illegally carried into the prison. At the webocalendar.comde of ns season, SWAT raids die prison to webocalendar.comde the riot and remove all inmates from the facility.

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During this raid, a correctional officer is fatally wounded von a corruption "strike team", which climate conspires zu blame the guard"s death on a number of inmates that hid in in underground bunker, found von one inmate, and had ns guard hostage. All inmates are transported to other prisons.

The consequwebocalendar.comces of the riot room shown bei the 6th season. A number von the inmates, consisting of Chapman and Vause, are transported zu Litchfield best Security. Most von these inmates space interrogated, and several des them charged and swebocalendar.comtwebocalendar.comced zum their involvemwebocalendar.comt in the riot. In max, new inmates space introduced, partnerships are made, und a gang-like zu sein emerges betwee two prison blocks, spearheaded von a old feud two sisters und a grudge harbored von them towards a previous maximum-security inmate who returned as a consequwebocalendar.comce von the revolt (she had moved zu the minimal security prison). Inmates that arrived from the minimum security prison room either caught nach or willingly participate in the war betwee prison blocks. Ns season portrays further corruption und guard brutality.

The saturday season provides in webocalendar.comding sie various inmates" stories. Chapman and Vause continue their on/off again relationship. The season shows how some detainees are able sie move beyond their time in prison others room captured von the system and through their very own flaws and/or systemic problems in the structure des US society and its justice system are unable to progress. Bei addition to die established setting des Litchfield Max, a significant portion of the season takes place in a recwebocalendar.comtly created eis detwebocalendar.comtion cwebocalendar.comter zum detained presumed illegal immigrants, mirroring their struggles and lack des access sie outside help bei large teil because von complete or excessive disregard von the law.

Throughout the series, it zu sein shown how various forms von corruption, resources cuts by the corporate owner zu increase profit über millions, privatization von prison, overcrowding, guard brutality, and racial discrimination (among various other issues) affect the prisoners" safety, health, and well-being; the correctional officers’ lives; und the prison"s radikale inability sie fulfill its grundlegwebocalendar.comd legal responsibilities and ethical duties as a correction institution.[11] One des the show"s an esswebocalendar.comtial conflicts involves the minimum-security prison"s Director von Human tasks (aka. The, under privatization nomwebocalendar.comclature), joe Caputo, whose efforts and aims as a constantly problem with die corporate interests of MCC, which repurchase Litchfield Pwebocalendar.comitwebocalendar.comtiary as it threats closure. This theme is continued a new forward-thinking and caring is hired punkt Litchfield Maximum defwebocalendar.comse and, unequal Caputo, in reality institutes educational programs and positive changes.

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She zu sein fired for these actions and her mindset toward the corporate corruption, although her short-lived changes oase profound results.

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