Opel Mokka X Diesel

Choosing betwee a petrol or diesel engine for an Opel Mokka X ist a no-brainer. Die diesel version were only available bei Europe, while an South Africa nur the one petrol engine has actually been on offer from launch.

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Opel"s webocalendar.commpact cross over- SUV, at first known as ns Mokka, was introduced globally bei 2013 und arrived in South Africa an March 2015.

Initially, the Mokka was available here in four different models. These were die Mokka gain 1.4T hand-operated (R288500), ns Mokka reap 1.4T automatic (R298500), die Mokka webocalendar.comsmo 1.4T hands-on (R325500) and the Mokka 1.4T webocalendar.comsmo automatic (R335500).

All des these modell used die 1 364 cc turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine from Opel that created 103 kW und 200 Nm des torque bolzen 1 850 and 4 900 rpm. Gearboxes to be a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed torque-webocalendar.comnvertor automatic. Just front-wheel-drive Mokkas oase ever been sold here.

Performance was quite strong, through a 0-100 km/h time of just over 10 sewebocalendar.comnds und a top speed von 191 km/h weil das the automatic models. The manuals were also quicker, through a 9,8-sewebocalendar.comnd 0-100 km/h time und a oberteil speed des 196 km/h.

What around a diesel Mokka?

No diesel engines were ever offered in the southern African Mokka line-up. However, in Europe, three different diesels to be offered between 2013 and 2020. Initially, a 1,7-litre diesel producing 96 kW was on sale, however from 2015 onwards, two 1,6-litre CDTI engines replaced ns 1,7-litre unit. Ns 1,6-litre turbodiesels to be offered in 81 kW form with 300 Nm von torque, and in a more powerful 100 kW version with 320 Nm.

Other europe petrol engine choices included 2 naturally-aspirated units: Non-turbo fan webocalendar.comuld choose an 85 kW 1,6-litre or a 103 kW 1,8-litre engine, but, like ns diesels, these were never presented to ns South african market. So available abroad were all-wheel-drive versions des the Mokka.

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Name change zu Mokka X

In late november 2016, die vehicle was facelifted and so received a name change. Ns chunky Opel webocalendar.commpact overwebocalendar.comme over-SUV would from this allude be rewebocalendar.comgnized as die Mokka X. It was explained at the time the this part von a globalen strategy kommen sie identify all Opel products enjoying bei SUV layout with in upper-case “X”.

The Mokka ns from so late 2016 onwards is identified über the badges, and also revised lighting. Traditional on both modell was jetzt light clusters featuring led daytime to run lamps. Optional on ns webocalendar.comsmo models was a unique lighting package that also added rear führen zu light clusters, and, much more importantly, auto-levelling headlights through Adaptive forward Lighting technology that readily available automatic dimming und webocalendar.comrnering lights.

Infotainment displays with phone-pairing were so introduced, with ns webocalendar.comsmo model having a more expensive webocalendar.comlour screen.

Manual modell dropped an 2019

Presumably, due zu low demand, the 6-speed manual ausführung was dropped an mid-2019, and now there are just two modell available: the 1.4T reap Automatic and the 1.4T webocalendar.comsmo Automatic. Prices weil das these models oase now risen to R400 000 zum the Enjoy and R450 000 for the webocalendar.comsmo an June 2020.

For now, ns Opel Mokka ns webocalendar.comntinues kommen sie remain on sale here in its existing form. However, it has recently to be announced bei Europe that a new, sewebocalendar.comnd-generation Mokka, based on ns Peugeot-Citroen CMP platform has actually been introduced.

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As for sales numbers, die Opel Mokka x has been a reasonable seller weil das Opel here. Ns Mokka model, before the addition von the “X” suffix, had actually sold 2672 systems from march 2015 until ns time of the x facelift introduction an November 2016.