Oculus rift an ps4

Looking weil das a VR headset compatible v PS4? We oase discussed all of the compatible alternatives below.



When VR came to PlayStation the world gott excited. Finally, there was a chance that the tech can leap into die mainstream. Ns PSVR headset fulfilled a lot of wishes however compared zu some des the other gear PC individuals were making use of it nur wasn’t together good. Dafür are there any options zum connecting higher-end VR headsets to the PS4?

PlayStation launched its first VR headset in October 2016. An the 5 year since ns release von the playstation VR, there schutz been software application updates and a few hardware changes, however no neu iterations. The PlayStation VR ist the just VR headset that kann sein be used on die PlayStation 4. This ist down to the physical design und configuration of the PSVR und a lack von software support. PSVR is a tethered headset, which way it connects physically with the PlayStation making use of cables. The headset itself plugs right into a processor box, which climate connects to ns PS4.The processor kasten handles ns visuals that are shown on your TV and the 3D audio that is played v earphones bei the headset.

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Motion tracking ist handled von the game stations Camera. This zu sein a vital part des the setup. You cannot use PSVR without die PlayStation Camera. The camera tracks 9 positional LEDs on die front of the headset. It is able to work the end your position and movements from die LEDs. Die camera is so responsible zum tracking playstation Move und PlayStation aim controllers. Wie it comes to setting up ns PSVR, over there are rather a few cables the connect ns VR to the PS4 and the TV. Die set-up is a wenig bit ridiculous, requiring 2 HDMI cables and a USB cable und the VR headset cable.

The headset cable ist fairly unique bei that it has two different heads. This provides it difficult kommen sie replace and so prevents various other VR headsets from working with die PS4. Die major issue ist that the PS4 does not support the software necessary to run other headsets. Ns majority des other VR headsets are designed to be offered with PCs, which way their software zu sein not supported on consoles. Playstation uses ns Orbis operating system, which zu sein pretty niche und not compatible with various other VR headsets.


The Oculus Rift was the original VR headset indigenous Oculus. It was launched in March 2016, beating die PlayStation VR über a couple of months. Designed to work v PCs, die Oculus Rift ist a tethered VR headset. It ist now discontinued, but freundin do discover secondhand Rifts zum sale. The Oculus Rift relied on external sensors zu track ns movement von the headset. Like ns PS4, this tracking system used led positioning lights kommen sie keep track des where die headset was positioned. Die Rift works through one sensor positioned in front von the user, however, weil das full 360 freedom von movement, 3 sensors room recommended. This sensors are comparable to the PlayStation camera, but they are notfall interchangeable or compatible. This is one of the numerous reasons why sie cannot use an Oculus Rift headset top top a PS4.

The Rift was discontinued bei 2019 zu make way zum the Oculus Quest and eventually the Oculus pursuit 2. Both von these headsets space untethered, definition that lock don’t usage cables to connect kommen sie the system These headsets are completely self-contained, meaning they don’t require external sensors or connections zu work. Instead, they use cameras mounted in the headset kommen sie track your movements and position. While sie might think that an untethered system could attach wirelessly to a PS4, this is not the case. Die Oculus headsets from die Rift through to the Oculus quest 2 are all designed zu run on android operating system like Windows.

The PS4 uses die Orbis OS, which ist simply not compatible with the Oculus software. In essence, die PS4 and the Oculus headsets speak various languages, and no translators are available. Naturally, Sony wants zu prevent various other headsets from functioning on their console, so that users space forced kommen sie buy Sony’s PSVR headsets to experience VR on their console. It may be frustrating weil das those that want kommen sie play PS gamings on various other VR headsets, yet it’s notfall unexpected. A gewächs of companies these job make brand specific hardware dafür that freundin are encouraged kommen sie spend your money with that brand.

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HTC Vive pro Eye Office Full system

The HTC Vive was developed and produced von HTC und Valve. HTC, together a consumer electronics company, concentrated on the building des the headset und system. Valve, a video game advance company, detailed software and functionality advice and support. The first consumer systems were released a month after ns Oculus Rift an April 2016. It never ever reached ns level des popularity von the Rift, yet it blieb sold well.

Since the release, ns Vive has gone v a number von updates und refits.

Initially, the Vive was developed as a tethered system, however, more recent iterations room untethered systems.

The Vive headsets don’t depend on cameras to track ns position und movements von the headsets. Instead, it offers base stations, i beg your pardon are so known together lighthouses. This lighthouses emit infrared pulses punkt timed intervals. The headset und controller pick nach oben these signals. Ns lighthouses are able kommen sie calculate die position of the headset and controllers based upon how long it takes zum them kommen sie pick up the infrared signals. The sort des like echo location.

As you kann see, ns HTC Vive system works quite in different ways from ns PSVR system. This is one von the countless reasons why sie can’t use die HTC Vive on ns PS4. After the Vive came die Vive Pro, which was in updated modell of ns original. It was still tethered however featured in extra camera on ns headset and a much more balanced design und form.

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The pro was followed by the pro Eye, which included eye-tracking systems that enable you to interact with the system using nur your eyes. This was specifically designed to be a more accessible system zum people that can’t use handheld controllers. Ns Vive Focus was the erste self-contained unit from Vive. It has recently been discontinued in favor von the Vive Cosmos. The Cosmos is an untethered system with 6 camera sensors that track her waist and hip movements and your head movements.

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