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As part of my existing trip to Europe weil das the star Alliance MegaDo, i decided to fly two airlines that are significant omissions fromour evaluate arsenal: Alitalia and Air Berlin. As freundin may recall, both des these carriers so happen to be bankrupt, v Alitalia filing in May and Air berlin most recently in August. I’m reviewing die flights — it’s a “battle of the bankrupt european airlines,” des sorts.

Of course, flying a bankrupt airline comes along with some threats — special, there was a decent gelegenheit that one des my flights, or routes, would end up obtaining canceled, leaving me stuck searching weil das last-minute alternatives. Des course, that’s often wie man points and miles become most useful, dafür worst case i figured I’d book a last-minute compensation flight kommen sie or indigenous Europe.

That virtually became crucial when ich opened up die Air Berlin app this morning zu check bei for my trip home, i m sorry was zu bring me from pala to Berlin an economy tomorrow morning, and on from berlin to neu York-JFK in business class bei hour or deswegen later. Instead, there were two neu flights on mine itinerary:


Now, generally this wouldn’t be a huge deal — the new routing adds bei extra stop and gets me an nearly 4 hours later, yet I’ll arrive die same day und it’s still in business. However, I oase a commitment morning evening in New york that can’t it is in missed, deshalb I had to search zum alternatives.

Air berlin doesn’t operate any type of other flights that worked with my schedule, deswegen my first instinct was zu search for in alternative und call Air berlin to rebook me top top a partner. Together luck would have it, over there was in absolutely perfect Iberia itinerary, the departed pala around ns same time and got me to new York much more than 90 minute earlier. Score!

I was on hold zum 50 minutes, hinweisen which suggest a friendly (though clearly overworked) agent picked up. I explained the situation, however she wouldn’t budge — Air berlin is certain unable to accommodate passengers on partner airlines. I would need kommen sie find an alternative operated von Air Berlin und Niki, or ich could inquiry a full refund. When ich suggested that ich search zum new flights and call back, ns agent warned me the I’d be in for a lang wait — 50 minute was nothing, apparently, with some customers holding zum “three or four hours.”

Still, i wasn’t prepared zu book bei alternate flight on air Berlin, deshalb I searched zum some more options then tried my luck through American Express, since die flight had actually originally to be purchased through Amex Travel. Again ich requested ns Iberia flight, but ns Amex agent defined that herstellung hands to be tied — Air berlin would need zu process any type of changes, and while she’d be glücklich to call, she was certain that die airline wouldn’t rebook me top top Iberia.

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At the point, mine only auswahl was to leave a day early and overnight bei Dusseldorf, catching in early morning flight from DUS to new York. Dafür I referred to as Air berlin back, this time selecting the phone prompt for booking a new flight. In agent choose up in just ripe minutes, and three minutes later she had actually me rebooked. That would mean missing the final MegaDo activities, but at least I’d be obtaining home in time.

Checked in for my new Niki flight to DUS. Asked zu change zu earlier flight, sent zu ticket office where ich was yelled at just zum asking 👎

— Zach Honig (

I’m jetzt at pala Airport, preparing kommen sie board mine flight kommen sie Dusseldorf, where I’ll spend the night at an airport hotel. Solid ideal, but hinweisen least I’m notfall out any kind of extra money — besides a hotel room zum tonight — und I’ll make it home bei time, assuming over there aren’t any further cancellations.

Bottom Line

Based on my experience, I’d really highly recommend preventing booking any travel v Air Berlin. Also though mine Berlin-JFK flight was supposed kommen sie run till Monday, hinweisen which point that route is being canceled, mine Saturday trip ended hoch getting scrapped — even though Sunday’s trip is ausblüten scheduled kommen sie operate as of now.

And while ich clearly wouldn’t book a neu ticket punkt this point, if you’re scheduled kommen sie travel within ns next few days, I’d imply keeping a very close eye on her itinerary, and adding your phone number and email address zu your reservation deshalb the airline tun können get in touch should freundin be forced kommen sie change any plans.

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Unfortunately the seems choose Air berlin is notfall going to recover native this bankruptcy — various other carriers are already discussing acquisition over the assets, most recently with EasyJet und Lufthansa prepare their very own offers. This ist clearly a difficult time zum Air berlin employees, also though the representatives ich spoke through on the phone today hid it relatively well. Ich wish die carrier — including its trip attendants, pilots, agents and support staff — all ns best, und I look forward to my trip to new York tomorrow.