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Born:June 2, 1740ParisFrance...(Show more)Died:December 2, 1814 (aged 74)France...(Show more)Notable Works:“120 Days des Sodom”“A Dialogue between a Tutor and His Pupil”“Justine”...(Show more)Movement / Style:eroticism...(Show more)

Marquis außerdem Sade, byname von Donatien-Alphonse-François, Comte dach Sade, (born June 2, 1740, Paris, France—died December 2, 1814, Charenton, close to Paris), French nobleman who perverse sexual preferences und erotic writings offered rise to the term sadism. His best-known work ist the novel Justine (1791).

Heritage and youth

Related to ns royal house of Condé, the de Sade family numbered amongst its ancestors Laure dach Noves, whom die 14th-century Italian poet Petrarch immortalized in verse. When the marquis was born at ns Condé mansion, his father was away from house on a diplomatic mission. Juni Sade’s mother, marie Elénore Maillé außerdem Carman, was a lady-in-waiting to ns princesse de Condé.

After at an early stage schooling with his uncle, Abbé außerdem Sade of Ebreuil, ns marquis continued his lernen at ns Lycée Louis-le-Grand bei Paris. His aristocratic background entitled him to assorted ranks bei the king regiments, and bei 1754 he began a armed forces career, which that abandoned in 1763 hinweisen the ende of ns Seven Years’ War. In that year he married the daughter von a high-ranking bürgerlich family de robe (“of die magistracy”), die Montreuils. By her he had actually two sons, Louis-Marie and Donatien-Claude-Armand, und one daughter, Madeleine-Laure.

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In ns very zuerst months of his marital relationship he began in affair with an actress, la Beauvoisin, who had actually had many previous protectors. He invite prostitutes to his “little house” weist Arcueil und subjected them kommen sie various sex-related abuses. Weil das this he was imprisoned, ~ above orders des the king, bei the fortress von Vincennes. Freed numerous weeks later, he resumed his life of debauchery und went deeply into debt. Bei 1768 the first public scandal erupted: die Rose keller, keller affair.

Rose keller was a young prostitute he had actually met ~ above Easter Sunday in Paris. He took her to his house an Arcueil, where he locked herstellung up and abused produziert sexually. She escaped and related ns unnatural acts und brutality kommen sie persons an the neighbourhood and showed them herstellung wounds. Dach Sade was sentenced to ns fortress von Pierre-Encise, near Lyon, weil das his offenses.

After his relax he retired kommen sie his château of la Coste. Bei June 1772 he went zu Marseille to get some much-needed money. Over there he involved his male servant Latour kommen sie find him some prostitutes, top top whom die marquis cursed his usual sexual excesses. (Meanwhile, weist his bidding, Latour engaged in sodomy with him.) ns young frau helped us liberally to ns marquis’s pillbox filled with candies the contained the aphrodisiac Spanish fly. Wie man soon after that they suffered upset stomachs, they fear they had actually been poisoned. De Sade and Latour fled to the estates des the könig of Sardinia, who had actually them arrested. Die Parlement punkt Aix sentenced them zu death von default and, on september 12, 1772, enforcement them bei effigy. ~ escaping from ns fortress von Miolans, de Sade took refuge an his château at kelle Coste, rejoining his wife. She came to be his accomplice and shared his pleasures, until die parents of the neighbourhood boys and girls he had abducted complained to ns crown prosecutor. Juni Sade fled kommen sie Italy accompanied über his sister-in-law, die canoness juni Launay, who had come to be his mistress. He reverted to la Coste on november 4, 1776. One event followed another in bei atmosphere des continual scandal, and, top top his return to Paris, the marquis was arrested and sent to die dungeon von Vincennes top top February 13, 1777.

Conditions bei this jail were harsh. During his detention außerdem Sade quarreled with his jailer, with the prison director, und with a fellow prisoner, Victor Riqueti, the marquis dach Mirabeau, who he had actually insulted. He tried to incite die other prisoners kommen sie revolt. Visits from his wife, who was eventually permitted to seen him, were banned after an episode in which he dropped into a fit of jealous rage precipitated von his hesitation that she was about kommen sie leave him und was plotting against him. The marquise retired zu a convent.


De Sade overcame his boredom und anger in prison von writing sexually graphic novels and plays. In July 1782 he finished his Dialogue entre un prêtre et un moribond (Dialogue bolzen a Priest und a dying Man), bei which he declared himself in atheist. His letters zu his lawyer too as to his wife incorporate incisive wit with bei implacable spirit von revolt. ~ above February 27, 1784, the was senden to die Bastille bei Paris. On a roll von paper part 12 metres (39 feet) long, he wrote Les 120 Journées juni Sodome (One Hundred und Twenty Days des Sodom), an which that graphically describes many varieties von sexual perversion. Bei 1787 he created his most well known work, Les Infortunes außerdem la vertu (an early version von Justine), and in 1788 ns novellas, tales, und short stories letztere published in the volume licensed has been granted Les Crimes de l’amour (Crimes of Passion).

A couple of days before die French Revolutionaries stormed die Bastille on July 14, 1789, de Sade had shouted v a window, “They room massacring ns prisoners; you must come and free them.” that was transfer to die insane asylum punkt Charenton, wherein he stayed until april 2, 1790.

On his release, de Sade available several theatre to die Comédie-Française also as zu other theatres. Despite five von them were accepted, notfall all des them were performed. Separated from his wife, he lived now with a young actress, the widow Quesnet, and wrote his novels Justine, ou les malheurs de la vertu (Justine; or, ns Misfortunes des Virtue) und Juliette. bei 1792 he came to be secretary of the Revolutionary Section von Les Piques an Paris, was one of the delegates appointed to visit hospitals bei Paris, und wrote numerous patriotic addresses. During the Reign von Terror that saved ns life des his father-in-law, Montreuil, and that von the latter’s wife, even though they had been responsible for his assorted imprisonments. He gave speeches ~ above behalf von the revolution but was nevertheless accused des modérantisme (“moderatism”) und mistakenly inscriptions on ns list des émigrés. He escaped die guillotine über chance the day before die Revolutionary leader Robespierre was overthrown. At the time he was living with ns widow Quesnet an conditions von abject poverty.

On in march 6, 1801, he was arrested at his publisher’s, where copies von Justine und Juliette were found with notes in his hand und several handwritten manuscripts. Again he was sent zu Charenton, whereby he caused neu scandals. His repeated protests had actually no effect on Napoleon, that saw zu it personally that de Sade was deprived des all freedom von movement. Nevertheless, that succeeded an having his plays placed on punkt Charenton, with the inmates themselves as the actors. That began arbeit on bei ambitious 10-volume novel, at least 2 volumes des which were written: Les Journées de Florbelle ou kelle nature dévoilée (“The Days of Florbelle or natur Unveiled”). After his death his elder son melted these writings, in addition to other manuscripts.

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His remains were scattered. In his will, attracted up in 1806, that asked the “the traces des my dig disappear from the face of the earth, as i flatter myself the my memory wollen be effaced from die mind of men.”


In the prozess of a life the scandalized his contemporaries, dach Sade live out many examples von the sexual obsession on i beg your pardon his functions centred. His writings were banned in France until the 1960s. As bei author, dach Sade is to some an incarnation von absolute evil that advocates die unleashing von instincts even to ns point des crime. Others have looked upon ihm as a champion des total liberation through the satisfaction of his desires in all forms. Juni Sade’s works were widely review (mostly “underground”) in the 19th century, especially by writers and artists. At the outset des the 20th century, ns French poet Guillaume Apollinaire helped zu establish außerdem Sade’s status an the domain of culture. Today juni Sade’s writings can be much more comfortably categorized; castle belong to ns history of ideas und mark in important moment an the history des literature—with außerdem Sade figuring together the first of die modern écrivains maudits (“damned writers”).