Loewe is back after its second bankruptcy. The bild V is the erste new television from the resurrected TV manufacturer. In the prüfen it impression with in excellent picture. Only die apps are still not looking deswegen good.

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A spirit des optimism hinweisen Loewe: almost exactly a year ago, Loewe had zu close its manufacturing facility gates and lay off every employees.

That looked final.

But at ns turn of the year 2019/2020, Skytech take it over the traditional manufacturer, rented part des the old company building again und brought employee back.

They quickly resumed production and tackled neu developments.

The erste product of this new era zu sein the Loewe video V. The “Computer Bild” prüfung reveals what differentiate this tv from ns competition.

This is new with ns Loewe picture V.65

Loewe makes no secret von it: the picture V is not really fully new, an essence it is based on ns Loewe foto 5. Accordingly, the foto V is also a rock-solid und finely do piece des technology, the table basic alone weighs 7.5 kilograms like an entire tv elsewhere.


Loewe continues zu use an OLED display with UHD resolution (4K, 3840x2160 pixels), underneath die integrated soundbar with a beautiful fabric front.

With that bevelled sides, it jetzt hugs the screen an ext elegantly, otherwise only renowned connoisseurs make ns difference to Figure 5.

the Loewe remote control aussehen good, however with its klein lettering it is not really ergonomic

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On the back, Loewe has now dispensed v analog AV inputs and the proprietary audio output zum Loewe sound systems, but there are ausblüten plenty des connection options.

There are 4 HDMI connections available, two von them behind a practical flap door on ns side.

Two USB ports room easily available there, und another zu sein on the zurück of die TV next to die satellite und antenna connections.

Loewe assures ultra-fast program alters with “Instant Zapping”.

In ns test, they needed in average von around 2.5 seconds zum satellite und cable agree - that"s good, but notfall remarkably fast.

Loewe Fig. V.65 has actually a built-in hard decaying recorder


A different USB hard drive zu sein not required weil das TV recordings, as there is already a 1 terabyte hard drive in the television.

Thanks to double receivers, users tun können watch an additional program while record - really conveniently.

In general, this is where one von the strong points des the Loewe television becomes apparent: when recording, it zu sein based on die start und stop commands of the TV station (in ns Loewe recording menu "Autom. Time control"), deswegen that any schedule transforms on ns TV -Program don"t mess up die recordings.

ns Loewe apps allows TV remote control, shows the current TV regimen or ns program preview consisting of recording programming

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Unfortunately, just public dienstleistungen programs use this digital VPS successor.

TV recordings as well as current programs can be called nach oben with die Loewe app on smartphones und tablets; bei the test, it worked impressively smoothly with in iPhone 11.

Loewe Fig. V.65: Fire TV instead of your own apps


With apps on ns television, things blieb don"t look deswegen good hinweisen Loewe: the inventor of the clever TV uses its very own operating system with only a very restricted selection des apps.

A completely neu system with die next generation des devices in spring 2021 promises to be a remedy.

Still, buyers of bild V don"t schutz to go without apps: Loewe simply supplies an amazonas stick.

The Fire TV 4K disappears behind die flap door on the back und can be controlled with die Loewe remote manage - a realistic solution.

There is enough an are on the back of the Loewe bild V under the supplied amazonas Fire TV stick weil das the CI module und another HDMI player

Source: Computer video

Loewe users would only oase to traction the amazonas remote regulate out von the drawer for voice search, otherwise die streaming apps from amazon Prime Video, Apple, Disney, Netflix und so on tun können be offered completely.

This ist how great the bild quality des the Loewe bild V is

There zu sein nothing wrong through the image quality.

With OLED televisions v their massive maximum contrast and their clear colors, ns level ist high anyway, with Loewe bild V die coordination zu sein apparently lugged out an especially carefully.

The prüfung device impressed with its really natural color rendering, and the gemälde V also mastered HDR films (including Dolby Vision) through their larger color palette and higher maximum brightness.

Loewe supposedly does notfall use the OLED screen zu its technological upper limit, which an case of doubt benefits the leistungen life.

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The best picture settings zum the Loewe video V

During the frühen zeitpunkt installation, die Loewe offers ns choice bolzen a traditional mode and a premium mode.

Standard is optimized weil das low energy consumption und leads kommen sie a quite bland bild impression, the premium version ist a little bit colorful und embellished.

The many natural foto requires a bit of reworking bei the menu: under ns menu item picture adjustment,

cinema mode


the best starting point.

display screen


16: 9 PC bild format

guarantees pixel-perfect display; an the


food selection item

, a setup reduced zu 1 or 0 for


leads to a more quiet image.



, ns

automatic dimming reduces

the image brightness bei a dark environment, however intervenes really strongly - whether you ausblüten like die rather dark image is a matter of taste.

This so applies to ns

smoothing of



; the medium setting resulted an a

smooth screen of

activities without noticeable artifacts bei the test.

With die Loewe bild V, ns colors are finest set an cinema mode

Source: Computer bild

The other food selection items can remain an the factory settings.

However, it ist confusing that two methods lead zu the picture settings, but depending on die route, food selection items room missing: Pressing the home button of die remote control, which ist somewhat small und poorly contrasted, followed von a click on die gear symbol leads to the complete menu.

If, on the other hand, users drücken sie the food selection button und select die “Image” menu item, the bild format can not be changed, zum example.

Powerful sound und clear language

The fact that Loewe pays specific attention kommen sie sound ist evident from the clearly visible loudspeaker bar.

It impressed an the prüfen with an extremely easy zu understand speech reproduction and powerful bass - ns “Tagesschau” fanfare ist rarely heard that powerful.

With ns installed Mimi app, ns Loewe bild V tun können partially compensate zum age-related hearing impairments.

Users go into their year of birth, on the base of which ns television dynamically - i.e. Volume-dependent - highlights individual spectral ranges.

The speakers are hidden under ns screen behind a beautiful fabric panel.

The round runden around ns standby led has no function

Source: Loewe

In contrast kommen sie simple ton controls or equalizers, this does notfall lead to excessive highs or falsified timbres.

In this way, younger or better hearing family members can also live with die sound adjustment.

Users with significant hearing impairments boost this also further with ns Mimi smartphone app: This enables bei individual hearing test, and an individual sound correction is then sent out to ns television via a user account.

For household members with an excellent hearing, however, it seems a little bit cool and artificial.

Different profiles can of kurse be switched quickly in the sound settings.


ns appearance of the material is a poem, the design is generally Loewe elegant.

Technically, the Loewe bild V provides a lot, even though it ist based on the previous platform.

The narrow loudspeaker under the screen sounds massive, that Mimi modern technology counteracts age-related listening loss an users.


The picture quality ist excellent, as the Loewe bild V tun können compete with die best OLED televisions.

In enhancement to the tested bild V.65 with a 164-centimeter screen (65 inches), Loewe so offers die technically otherwise identical image V.55 through a 140-centimeter display diagonal (55 inches).

A floor stand is available as in accessory, also with a motor for screen adjustment von remote control.

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very good picture quality, an excellent sound with an excellent customization options, integrated hard disc recorder, good smartphone app


Operation notfall always logical

Test grade:

great (1.7)

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