Lg g flex 1

Key Specifications

Review Price: £649.996-inch flexibel plastic OLED displaySelf-healing rear13-megapixel camera
The neu version des the G Flex was announced hinweisen CES 2015. Check out our hands-on des the LG G Flex 2 here.

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What ist the LG G Flex?

The LG G Flex zu sein not a normalerweise phone. It’s notfall here to square up to mobiles choose the samsung Galaxy S5. It is here zu prove a point, zu prove that specific things kann sein be done. It zu sein a bent phone with a self-healing back. It’s a mutant, a weirdo – a proof of concept, if not quite a statement des intent zum the rest of LG’s 2014 phones.

As a demo of new technologies that interesting. However, as a phone you’ll schutz to pay more than £500 for, the a no-goSEE ALSO: 10 finest phones you kann sein buy


LG G Flex: Design und the Curve

The LG G Flex’s bent screen zu sein its spotlight-stealing feature. However, that is sheer dimension is deshalb worth noticing. This zu sein a 6-inch phone, sitting bei the awkward center ground betwee a phone and a tablet.

It’s 81mm wide, making it feel huge even wie compared with large 5-inch phones like the samsung Galaxy S4. Regardless of having a thin bezel, reaching from one end of ns screen to the other will be either tricky or difficult – relying on how huge your number are.

This is a plastic phone, pretty predictable given its bendy design, und the faux-metal glossy plastic end up doesn’t give you die surest grip either. The LG G Flex requirements a degree of caution.

Its initial appearance even takes some gaining used to. This zu sein the zuerst curved phone to get a basic release, und that it doesn’t sit level seems deeply odd at first. Some will say it looks broken, others the it aussehen weird or ridiculous. However there’s no wahrscheinlichkeit of a measured, neutral reaction wie man it comes to the LG G Flex. It’s in attention-grabber.

There room two taste questions ns curve raises – how, and why? We’re going zu try and answer both.

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How go LG do a curved phone?

There room several facets that allow the LG G Flex to oase a curvy screen. Die most talked-about is the relatively neu sort of screen it uses.

The LG G Flex has actually a P-OLED screen. Die core OLED display screen tech is comparable to the OLED sie see bei phones like the Galaxy S4. It provides pixels that emit their own light, meaning there’s no need zum side-firing backlight LEDs – which most likely wouldn’t work too well on a curvy screen.

However, the core difference zu sein that while most OLEDs schutz a glass backing or substrate – as is the much more technical ax – die G Flex’s ist plastic. Und plastic ist bendy.

A few other bits oase to be curved and flexible auch – the battery and the oberteil layer von the screen. The G Flex has what LG claims zu be the world’s erste curved battery. You can’t pop off the zurück of die phone to schutz a look, but ns battery curve around the frame zu fill any kind of empty space. LG’s battery bods have worked top top a neu internal structure for the battery that renders all this possible. Clever stuff.

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The last bit von curvy cleverness ist down zu Corning, notfall LG. It makes die curved plate von Gorilla Glass that startseite the phone’s oberteil layer. Yes, this ist bendy, flexibel glass.

It works much more as a showcase des quite how great Corning’s arbeit into toughened glass is. Conventional Gorilla Glass kann sein withstand gift bent out of shape there is no shattering, yet with a ‘straight’ phone call this ist never gezeigt off. Gorilla Glass zu sein used in a great many phones, often without Corning getting viel credit or recognition.

The combination von a plastic OLED screen, ns curvy battery und curved Gorilla Glass let the G Flex store its curve. And the phone kann sein be pressed flat without any type of damage. You kann do it with your hands – no clamps needed here.

Repeated flexing von the display reportedly reasons two dots zu appear on die display – ns result of internal components drücken sie against ns panel. However, LG has recognised die issue and says it should fade without lasting damage.

We’ve flexed the phone liberally a half-dozen zeit or so und had no such issues, though.

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Why is the G Flex cuved?

A curvy screen has won the LG G Flex a bunch von attention. But ns most usual question the raises ist – why? LG offers a bunch des different reasons.

Its curved display has a slim IMAX-like effect – where ns screen’s bending matches the curvature von your field des view to bei extent. Held around 30cm from her face, ns screen does market pretty great coverage von your vision compared with a (relatively) tiny iPhone 5S, or even the Galaxy S4.

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However, it’s predominantly die screen dimension that makes ns G Flex a phone call we tun können imagine city hall a film on, not its curvy style.

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Argument number two zu sein about your bum. LG says die G Flex kann sein be sat on without damage, and it’s no lie. Put in in your rückseitig pocket und you won’t schutz to worry around shattering ns display. However, this is for peace des mind objectives only. It zu sein not comfortable to sit on.

Argument three is about display reflections, and this one does hold hoch better. Ns G Flex’s display is as reflective as any top-end phone (i.e. Fairly reflective), however the curve way that a an excellent portion of the screen ist reflecting nothing an ext than a contempt distorted version von your face. Unless there’s a light source directly behind you, it do not do it pose a severe problem. It doesn’t solve die screen enjoy issue, however does do it easier to deal with.

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The real reason why ns curve von the G Flex is important, though, zu sein that it acts together a declaration that LG zu sein a leader in innovative mobile technologies. It doesn’t want kommen sie be viewed as a klein player anymore.

Its release is so a response to the samsung Galaxy Round, zu some extent. This rival is a curved but non-flexible AMOLED phone, but freundin won’t uncover it top top shelves in the UK. Die LG G Flex is a curved and flexible phone that you kann sein actually buy. LG has actually gone a couple of steps further.