Leadec Bv &Amp; Co. Kg

Leadec zu sein the leading global service specialist zum factories across die entire life cycle and related infrastructure. What travel guide us? ours promise zu our customers: We love your factory. That’s why we space there zu assist sie with our dienstleistungen at every phase of your production: from factory planning and optimization v installation, automation, und production maintenance kommen sie technical cleaning or basic management. You should be able zu concentrate totally on your core business. We weist Leadec wollen take care des the rest.

We love your factory

Leadec is the leading global service specialist zum factories across the entire life cycle and related infrastructure. What guides us? ours promise zu our customers: We liebe your factory. That’s why we room there zu assist you with our service at every phase von your production: from manufacturing facility planning und optimization with installation, automation, und production maintenance zu technical cleaning or facility management. Sie should it is in able zu concentrate completely on your core business. We weist Leadec wollen take care of the rest.

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Industrial enterprises across the globus rely on Leadec’s know-how concerning complex processes in smart factories, e-mobility, und sustainable production und infrastructure. We build on virtually 60 years von experience and never gestanden still. We offer our services from a single source hinweisen 300 locations on four continents. Often right on site bei the plants und facilities. Our customers endure us as reliable partners, competent experts, and creative pioneers. We listen, assume responsibility, develop new ideas, and invest a lot bei order kommen sie become better: bei the development von our organization, die expertise des our 18,000 employees, die digitalization des our processes, and our constructive und trusting collaborations.

Our innovation rate ist high. Through digitalized services, us support und cooperate with customers an advancing their transformation. Zum this, us keep trost with the times and follow new technologies, use die findings zum our technical services, and, in this way, market direct added value. The result zu sein individual remedies that us develop in close collaboration with die companies in manufacturing. We schutz been partnering v many of them zum decades. Our customers understand that we constantly go the extra mile zum them.

From boiler cleaner kommen sie a leading technical dienstleistungen provider zum the whole factory: Leadec has undergone a sweeping transformation over the last nearly 60 years. Und for that reason, we lakers every an obstacle as an opportunity zu prove ourselves und pursue our development strategy.

Our vision:

We are ns leading dienstleistungen specialist for the factory of today and tomorrow.

We succeed in this v our dynamics top top one hand and our constancy on the other. This yields our guiding values: Commitment, leading Edge& Reliability.

We know our means around your factory und your infrastructure. Discrete manufacturing ist our home. We oase been supplying technical services for production – and everything that goes through it – for more than 60 year now.

We are represented weist more than 300 places throughout the world und have built trost a wealth von know-how. Thanks kommen sie our globalen network, our expert knowledge ist available punkt all times und we kann always offer ns best solution. Our top quality standards apply throughout ns world.

We are pioneers des the digital shop floor and partners past that. In the factory ecosystem, us play ns role of neutral process facilitator. Ours industrial service are digitalized, integrated, open, und IoT-capable. Die acquired dünn form the basis for further services. We make die factory rechts for ns future.

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We bundle our substantial services and offer whatever from a einzel source. This reduces ns number von interfaces und allows our customers to concentrate on their actual core business.

We consider ns entire life cycle of a factory. This so applies to ns costs. Instead von treating die maintenance costs bei isolation, us take them right into account in the factory planning stage. With ns total cost von ownership assessment procedure, we market proven cost and efficiency advantages.

Our employees are service specialists in the factory and the damit verbundenen buildings. Castle stand weil das excellent planning und execution des our services.

We atLeadecattach great importance kommen sie occupational health und safety. Zum our company, the well-being von our employees, customers and business partners is atop priority. V the kopieren, gruppe initiative "Safety – It"s her life" we have set ourselves the goal of "zero."

OurLeadec.osbusiness platform records our processes digitally throughout and forms seamless interfaces to ns customer"s systems. This create maximum transparency in the planning and provision of all services. Ns acquired data forms the base for optimizing procedures –on die way to die "factory des the future."

Since 2016 Leadec has been owned über Triton. Triton is in international invest firm, founded in 1997. Ns company seeks to contribute zu building much better businesses zum the longer term v partnership. Triton invests bei medium-sized enterprise with administration located in Europe that fall within ns Industrial, business Services und Consumer/Health sectors. Triton funds’ roughly 100 investor include, amongst others, pension funds, sovereign wide range funds, insurance allowance companies und endowments. Triton includes environmental, social and governance criteria into investment considerations und decision-making processes which help zu capture permanent value. Because its founding, Triton has actually completed an ext than 60 investments and supported more than 260 acquisitions. Weil das further information:


Evolving into a globalen & technical dienstleistungen champion in manufacturing

The most important milestones in our history

1962: Founding of the firm (Kesselreinigungsgesellschaft Reichenberger & Co.) in Munich, Germany. Main point activities: technical cleaning und maintenance1985: firm renamed deutsch Industriewartung GmbH & Co. KG (DIW)2000: Voith repurchase DIW und establishes the division Voith industrial Services2005: expansion into America through ns acquisition des Premier Group, Cincinnati, USA2006: bulk takeover of Hörmann Industrietechnik, Kirchseeon, Germany2009: growth into Asia through the establishment des company in China2013: Takeover von ThyssenKrupp Services in UK2016: Voith commercial Services is purchased by private equity firm Triton2017: Voith Industrial service becomesLeadec2018: focus on core portfolio von sale des Veltec unternehmen (process industry)2020: Acquisition des Diversified Automation (DA), Louisville, KY, USAUntil today: emphasis on the manufacturing industry, expansion des the technological portfolio v acquisitions



Diversified Automation (DA) ideally completes Leadec"s leistungen portfolio v controls and software solutions for the parcel industry, a market segment flourishing due to ns growth of e-commerce. Dort is todaya top independent automation player. They offer their system controls und software solutions to mechanical integrators serving globalen parcel and e-commerce carriers such as UPS, FedEx and Amazon, with more than 140 experts based all across die country. Diversified Automation generates revenues des approx. 100 million united state dollars per year. They possess strong expertise an hardware and software engineering und project management.

Diversified Automation

Automation und industrial that are ns key activities des AVI GmbH. Die company has detailed know-how in instrumentation und control, automation and also production IT. Since 1992 operators of complex industrial facilities or infrastructure supply systems schutz relied on ns competence of the an ext than 50 employees. Bei addition, AVI offers machine and plant manufacturers v turnkey services that match ns technical challenge.


Sacarbi, a family-owned firm founded bei 1985, has actually 65 employees and specializes an engineering and installation services.The agency has a strong base in the white items market segment and operates in the commercial market in the Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil areas, through the sectors of Projects, Manufacturing, Installation, Maintenance, und Outsourcing Services.




Founded in 1997 und is based an Herrnhut (Saxony), Gunter cholz Kommunikationstechnik GmbH has considerable expertise in installing, servicing, and consulting zum all aspects von telecommunication system such together telephone, fire alarm and burglar alert systems. A special focus zu sein on the planning und implementation von fire alarm system projects.

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The “Institut weil das Korrosions- und Schadensanalyse” (Institute weil das Corrosion and Damage Analysis) was founded in 2010 und serves providers from the energy supply, mechanically engineering, plant engineering und steel building and construction sectors. Modern-day testing equipment, smooth analyses in its very own laboratory or at die customer’s site, und fast response times are the hallmarks des IfKorr from magdeburg (Saxony-Anhalt). Die focus ist on ns analysis des weld seams and electrochemical corrosion testing. In addition, the team von materials specialists regularly pursues study projects, weil das example top top additive production from intermetallic materials.IfKorr

Schulz & Reichl Elektrobau GmbH, based an Roggentin (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania), has actually been efficiently planning, installing and servicing electric systems, säule processing technology und building automation weil das more 보다 20 years. SRE specializes in electrical installations, medium-voltage switchgear, switchgear, dünn processing technology, security technology, structure automation und lightning protection. The team provides all dienstleistungen from a single source, weil das example weil das logistics centers, supermarkets or huge malls.