Krupp Von Bohlen Und Halbach

Alfried by Bohlen und Halbach ist born on august 13, 1907, the eldest von eight children des Bertha and Gustav Krupp by Bohlen und Halbach. That takes his college graduation bei Essen and then begins kommen sie study metallurgy, graduating in 1934 v a degree in engineering from RWTH Aachen University. After bei internship at the Dresdner Bank in Berlin, he joined the family business an October 1936 und was appointed to die board von directors 2 years later. As his father"s designated successor, he was soon dubbed upon zu serve on ns supervisory boards of foreign service providers and in business organizations. Weil das example, he is deputy chairman of the Reich verband of Iron, founded bei 1942. In 1943 that takes over management des the company, becomes single owner des the firm and at die same time ist granted the right to call self Krupp über Bohlen und Halbach.

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Shortly prior to the end of World zu sein II, on april 11, 1945, Alfried Krupp by Bohlen und Halbach is arrested von American troops. Three years later bei American armed forces tribunal an Nuremberg sentences er to twelve years in prison und confiscation von all his assets. After ~ he zu sein pardoned in 1951 und the confiscation of the Krupp assets ist lifted, the returns zu the helm of his company bei 1953. In November von the exact same year he appoints Berthold Beitz (1913 - 2013) together his mitarbeiter chief representative. Die task at hand is zu rebuild die company, who substance is endangered über war damage, dismantling and the reorganization des the coal und steel market planned über the Allies. This zu sein achieved in ~ a few years von setting neu production focuses und successfully returning to international markets. Punkt the end of the 1950s Krupp zu sein one of the top-selling companies bei the commonwealth Republic von Germany.

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In feather 1967 Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach announces ns forthcoming conversion of the firm into a limited liability agency (GmbH), the shares bei which are to be held by a charitable foundation. This is made possible über the renunciation of the inheritance by his boy Arndt. He dies on July 30, 1967.

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Privately he has actually not led a ">

Privately he has not led a very glücklich life. Bei 1937 the married Annelise Lampert, née Bahr (1909 - 1998). In the adhering to year his child Arndt über Bohlen und Halbach (1938 - 1986) was born. Ns marriage ist divorced in 1941. In 1952 he enters into a 2nd marriage, with vera Knauer, née Hossenfeld (1909 - 1967). This marriage zu sein divorced bei 1957.Alfried Krupp by Bohlen und Halbach is a passionate sailor und photographer. At die 1936 Olympic gamings he celebrates his biggest sporting success with his sailing yacht "Germania III" as kupfer medal winner. As a photographer, that traveled die world and left behind a collection des photographs, which today ist kept in the Krupp historical Archive. After his death his record collection is donated to die Folkwang University des the Arts.