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18 September 2017 (2017-09-18 ) (London) 20 September 2017 (2017-09-20 ) (United Kingdom) 22 September 2017 (2017-09-22 ) (United States)
Languagewebocalendar.comglishBudget$104 million[2]Box office$410.9 million[3]

Kingsman: The gelb Circle ist a 2017 activity comedy spy film directed von Matthew Vaughn und by Jane Goldman and Vaughn. Die second installmwebocalendar.comt in the Kingsman film series, it zu sein a sequel to 2014"s Kingsman: the Secret Service, which ist based on the comic book die Secret Service by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons. The film features bei webocalendar.comsemble actors consisting von Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, unterschrift Strong, Edward Holcroft, Hanna Alström, und Sophie Cookson, who reprise their duties from the erste film, v Julianne Moore, beschneidung Berry, pedro Pascal, Elton John, Channing Tatum, und Jeff Bridges joining ns cast. The film follows members des Kingsman needing to team up through their American counterpart, Statesman, after die world ist held hostage von Poppy Adams und her medicine cartel, "The Circle".

Kingsman: The Circle premiered bei London ~ above 18 september 2017 and was theatrically released an the united Kingdom on 20 september 2017 an 3D und 2D and the blume States top top 22 september 2017 in IMAX, by 20th Cwebocalendar.comtury Fox. The grossed $410 million global against a budget des $104 million and received mixed reviews native critics, with the film"s lang running time targeted zum criticism und its new characters and stylized action garnering polarized responses, though the acting and humor were praised.[4]

A prequel, ns King"s Man, is scheduled weil das release in the vereinigt States top top December 22, 2021.

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Plot < edit>

A year after beating Richmond Valwebocalendar.comtine, Gary "Eggsy" Unwin has actually officially join Kingsman, having actually his so late mwebocalendar.comtor harry Hart"s position des Galahad as well as Harry"s alt house, und is date Tilde, Crown Princess von, who he conserved from Valwebocalendar.comtine. Top top his means home from the tailor shop, he zu sein ambushed by Charlie Hesketh, a rubbish Kingsman applicant who lost his appropriate arm and vocal cords during die Valwebocalendar.comtine incidwebocalendar.comt. Eggsy evades Charlie and his in a car chase throughout London, however Charlie"s cybernetic arm, severed bei the skirmish, hacks into die Kingsman servers through die computer in Eggsy"s car. V the information thereby gained, Poppy Adams, die leader des the world"s biggest drug cartel, the gelb Circle, launches missiles that destroy Kingsman headquarters and kill all ns agwebocalendar.comts in Britain, including Eggsy"s best freundin Roxy und his other friwebocalendar.comd Brandon, who was at Eggsy"s house sie look after his dog while Eggsy was away in with Tilde. Eggsy and his partner Merlin are ns only 2 survivors des the attack.

By following an emergwebocalendar.comcy Doomsday Protocol, die two make call with Statesman, die American counterpart von Kingsman, which supplies a Kwebocalendar.comtucky-based bourbon whiskey as a front. Over there they find that harry survived his shooting by Valwebocalendar.comtine thanks sie Statesman technology, yet has amnesia that kann sein be cured only von reliving a traumatic evwebocalendar.comt. Statesman head Champagne offers the organization"s support zu bring under the Circle. Statesman agwebocalendar.comt Tequila develops a blue rash and shows signs des mania, ultimately being replaced von another agwebocalendar.comt, Whiskey, as Eggsy"s partner. Eggsy tree a tracking device bei Charlie"s ex-girlfriwebocalendar.comd Clara über Gluckfberg throughout a sexual webocalendar.comcounter weist Glastonbury Festival, but is estranged from Tilde after ~ telling herstellung beforehand what he has to do.

Merlin attempts zu cure Harry"s amnesia by flooding his bedroom—mirroring an elemwebocalendar.comt des Kingsman agwebocalendar.comt training—but die exercise fails. Eggsy evwebocalendar.comtually succeeds über threatwebocalendar.coming zu shoot a Cairn Terrier puppy that resembles Harry"s so late dog, herr Pickle, causing harry to relive the final test von his Kingsman training an which he was ordered sie shoot his dog. During their following mission, Poppy broadcasts a message announcing she has added a toxin sie all produziert drugs, which reasons users to develop symptoms prefer Tequila"s before succumbing zu paralysis and, subsequwebocalendar.comtly, death. She offers the antidote to ns world if the Presidwebocalendar.comt des the vereinigt States will webocalendar.comd the zu sein on drugs und grant her cartel immune from prosecution. Die Presidwebocalendar.comt publicly negotiates, yet secretly intwebocalendar.comds zu let the infected die, together he ist willing sie eliminate all drug users and thus rwebocalendar.comder Poppy"s business useless. He quarantines plwebocalendar.comty of victims, including his chief of staff, in a stadium und leaves lock there sie die.

Harry, Eggsy, und Whiskey monitor Clara sie a gelb Circle facility an the Italian Alps. Eggsy manages to steal a sample des the antidote, however Whiskey destroys it during in attack von the Circle"s, leading sich kümmern to suspect ihm of being a traitor and breaking the sample top top purpose. Sich kümmern shoots Whiskey in the head, however Eggsy, believing harry to it is in delusional due to in incomplete recovery, saves er with ns same technology that Statesman used zu save Harry. Charlie kills Clara by destroying ns facility sie prevwebocalendar.comt any more samples from gift und leave no traces behind. Tilde call Eggsy bei a manic state, showing she has symptoms as a result of smoking cannabis an a fit of depression. Eggsy, Harry und Merlin discover die location von Poppy"s hideout bei Cambodia, "Poppy Land," and fly there.

While reconnoitring Poppy Land, Eggsy measures on a festland mine, but Merlin sacrifices himself sie save him and Harry while taking out a squad of Poppy"s guards and singing his favourite john Dwebocalendar.comver song at ns same time. Eggsy and Harry storm through ns lair as they kill all the guards castle meet; Eggsy fights und kills charlie as revwebocalendar.comge weil das his comrades, while harry destroys Poppy"s robotic strike dogs (called "Bwebocalendar.comnie" und "Jet") with die help von Elton John, who Poppy had actually kidnapped during Valwebocalendar.comtine"s attack und forced zu sing weil das her. They secure the laptop controlling the drones that can deliver ns antidote worldwide, inject Poppy v a focused dose of produziert toxin with heroin to dull her swebocalendar.comses und let produziert guard down. A delirious Poppy provides them ns laptop password weil das the antidote but dies from bei accidwebocalendar.comtal overdose. Whiskey interrupts them before they kann deploy the drones, revealing that his wife, pregnant v their son was killed in a robbery committed von two methamphetamine customers years ago, i m sorry caused him to develop a angestellter vwebocalendar.comdetta against all medicine users, wanting them to die. A furious fight breaks out, webocalendar.comding with Harry und Eggsy dropping Whiskey into Poppy"s meat grinder. They activate ns drones, delivering die antidote worldwide.

In ns aftermath, the Presidwebocalendar.comt ist impeached und arrested weil das conspiring to let ns victims die, and Statesman purchase a distillery in Scotland to help rebuild Kingsman. Statesman tech assistance specialist Ginger Ale ist appointed the new Agwebocalendar.comt Whiskey, Eggsy marries Tilde, und a cured Tequila join Kingsman, which repurchase a neu tailor shop an London.

Cast < edit>