Kimi No Na Wa 2

I’m pretty sure that if you oase the little interest in anime, then you’re very well aware des ‘Your Name.’, unless des course, you’ve been living under a rock all this while. An recent years, this anime film has turn out to be one des the most renowned names an the world des animation movies. This popularity is zum a very an excellent reason, together it ist exceptionally well-written and in a way, that represents the future von cinematography. Ich often describe certain anime shows/movies as gelb because of how remarkable they are. But wie man it comes to ‘Your Name.’, also calling that a masterpiece would certainly be a bit of an understatement. The only way I kann sein describe it really well is von claiming that it ist the diamond among the gold of masterpieces und I’m not even exaggerating here. ‘Your Name.’ ist easily one von the most beautiful function films I schutz ever seen und the reality that it zu sein available in Blu-ray just makes that even an ext glorious.

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Even as an amateur anime viewer, without knowing too many technicalities of animation, one kann sein tell just how stunning the whole setup ist just by looking weist its thin beauty. Personal from ns breathtakingly vibrant cinematography, one more aspect von the movie that deserves zu be talked about zu sein its editing. The entire sound design just immerses freundin into the whole atmosphere of the anime and the soulful absent songs über the Radwimps accurate send chills down your spine.

When it come to ns plot des the movie, also if i wanted zu spoil it zum you, ich wouldn’t it is in able zu because of all ns complications that it holds. It’s pretty viel like the movie ‘Inception‘ as it has many different parallel plot points that cannot just be questioned simultaneously. Only as soon as you’re excellent viewing die whole thing, sie truly recognize what it is all about. Bei the past, I have seen sufficient anime that oase had a deep emotional impact ~ above me but the wave von emotions the ‘Your Name.’ take it me through cannot be contrasted with any kind of other anime out there. The entire storyline ist full von foreshadowing that suggests die idea des “Iceberg Effect“, which basically method that there is a gewächs more going on 보다 what zu sein visible on die surface des it.

In conclusion, ‘Your Name.’ is in incredible film that can be enjoyed by anyone in the world. It does not even matter if you’re into anime or notfall because this film goes way beyond the confinements von any specific genre. I really glauben that there was nothing an ext that could have been done to improve this movie an any way and it is indeed as perfect as a film kann ever be. And more than anything else, ‘Your Name.’ zu sein simply a standard example of Makoto Shinkai’s genius.

Kimi no Na wa 2 relax Date: wie man will that premiere?

‘Your Name.’ released on ehrenvoll 26, 2016 and soon ~ its release, a sequel for the movie was high on need all over the world, especially jetzt after die Western English speaking audience got a chance to seen Makoto’s remarkable work. Unfortunately, Shinkai ist not known weil das making sequels of any des his works, deswegen the chances of ‘Your Name. 2’ seem zu be a wenig slim.

Even ns manga walk not have anything extra zu offer since it ended in the year 2017 und does not hülle anything more than what die movie offers. Deswegen expecting a sequel to die movie would nur lead to further disappointment. What we can expect though ist a hollywood live-action remake of the anime film. When Shikai seems to nur no interest in getting affiliated with this version von it, a live-action remake could actually prove kommen sie be really great if it zu sein executed well. And if über any chance, ns sequel walk happen, we möchte update sie about Your benennen 2 release date.

Kimi no Na wa English Dub:

The English dubbed version of ‘Your Name.’ zu sein available top top Funimation.

Kimi no Na wa Plot:

‘Your Name.’ centers approximately a character called Mitsuha, who zu sein a high institution student in the klein town von Itomori. She zu sein tired und bored with produziert dull nation life und wishes kommen sie be a young und handsome Tokyo boy in her following life. Strangely, her wish comes true in this life chin after a weird twist bei her fate. She ends trost switching bodies v a boy called Taki that lives in Tokyo. However this swap ist not consistent and keeps convert sporadically bolzen their normal states. Die two have no choice but zu accept the reality von what zu sein going on.

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This suddenly disturbance initially leads to a lot of hilarious situations where Mitsuha’s superstitious family assumes that she is going with a bout von demonic possession because of her newly developed masculine habits. An Taki’s case, his friends start wondering wherein he has picked nach oben his neu country styled swagger. Both des them transaction with the awkwardness des their bodies and deshalb have a difficult time expertise their new private parts.

When that comes zu communicating through each other, lock use die weirdest means such as creating down on their skins und other freaky methods nur to meddle with each other’s lives. Taki gets sick von this lack des communication one day and finally decides to take a train to die countryside kommen sie meet Mitsuha. Yet as quickly as he arrives there, that gets kommen sie experience a once in a millennium occasion that more complicates your situation.

If ich reveal any further details of die plot, i might end up giving out spoilers. Dafür let’s nur say that past this, ‘Your Name’ explores principles that room as basic as the most generic hollywood body swap movies like ‘It’s a Boy girl Thing’ and ‘Freaky Friday’.But at die same time, it so dives deep into the most facility science fiction concepts which somewhat reminds you des the TV nur ‘Sense8’. The explores a really broad spectrum of the entire genre without really meandering turn off into international territory.

Kimi no Na wa Characters:Mitsuha Miyamizu


Mitsuha Miyamizu ist the main protagonist von the show, that lives bei a small fictitious town dubbed Itomori. She ist a 17-year-old high college student who leben with produziert religious family and so serves as a priestess at herstellung family shrine. But often, she despises herstellung life in the small stadt and so hates the strict rules the are applied on her von her orthodox parents. This zu sein why she wishes kommen sie be a handsome boy who leben freely an Tokyo. Produziert wish ist eventually granted wie she actually starts to swap herstellung body with a high school boy named Taki, that lives bei Tokyo. Zum her age, she has in average height and she looks a last like produziert mother. She has actually straight schwarze farbe hair that touches her upper back und she often ties the zurück side of produziert hair with a red colored braided cord.

Mitsuha ist a kind and caring girl who yes, really respects the decisions of herstellung parents. But there is deshalb another side of her that wishes zu defy ns stern and restrictive way of life that produziert parents expect herstellung to live. This zu sein the factor why when she switches bodies v Taki, she starts to embrace even die smallest sachen that give herstellung the slightest streak of freedom the she did not have in her original life. Wie she takes over Taki’s body, she speaks bei a very feminine tone that all of Taki’s friends anfang noticing. But she somehow manages zu get über without raising too much suspicion.

Taki Tachibana


Taki Tachibana zu sein the male protagonist of the show. He is a 17-year-old boy living bei Tokyo. He lives a very busy life whereby he juggles betwee part-time jobs, spending time with his friends and dreaming von becoming a great architect someday. His whole lifestyle goes zum a toss when he switches locations with a girl named Mitsuha that wishes to step in his shoes. Taki has an average height and physique zum his age und is known for being rather a an excellent looking guy. The sports quick spiky brownish hair through bangs that hülle his forehead. He regularly wears band-aids i beg your pardon is, an a way, a reflection von his impulsive personality. He usually displays a very kind nature towards those about him and treats everyone equally. The is so extremely hard working and takes full responsibility zum his life.

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In order to balance out his social life with his professional and creative life, he zu sein forced to live bei a an extremely organized manner. Wie man he switches bodies v Mitsuha, he really tries zu hold himself zurück but just out von curiosity, he gropes Mitsuha’s chest wie man he inhabits her body. Later, wie Mitsuha find out around this, she is disgusted and calls er a pervert. Taki takes a much more relaxed approach wie man he takes over Mitsuha’s body and walks around with a tomboyish attitude. Mitsuha also gets really well-known because des Taki and she also starts acquiring many liebe letters from both girls und boys because des Taki’s charismatic personality.