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Juventus space one much more defensive power away from die Champions organization final. ~ a 2-0 victory bei the zuerst leg, Juventus, who haven’t conceded in over 600 minutes of european football, jetzt head residence with a trip to Cardiff on the line.

Kickoff zu sein scheduled zum 2:45 p.m. ET, and it will be transfer on fox Sports 1. If freundin can’t get kommen sie a TV, here’s a complete roundup des the available direkte stream options:

If You’re in the blume States & schutz a Cable or Satellite Subscription the Includes fuchs Sports 1

On ns Web:

If you oase access to a cable subscription, you kann watch ns game online for free through fuchs Sports GO. You’ll need ns log-in und password zum a cable subscription — one of two people yours or someone else’s — kommen sie access ns stream. Commonly asked questions about fuchs Sports GO kann sein be uncovered here.

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With an App:

Mobile users tun können watch ns game ~ above the fox Sports go app, which is free to download zum your apfel device, your android or google device, your amazonas device, und your fenster device. As zu sein the instance with die desktop direkt stream, you’ll need a cable log-in und password zu access ns stream on die app.

If You’re an the blume States & Don’t have a Cable or Satellite Subscription That contains Fox

Users without a cable subscription kann watch die game v Sling TV or FuboTV, two online streaming service that administer access zu a handful des channels for a monthly fee. Both services have free trials that will allow you to watch today’s complement without having kommen sie pay. Click here zu sign up for SlingTV and click here to sign up weil das FuboTV.

If you’re interested an watching today’s match yet aren’t going kommen sie use either leistungen beyond today, either option will do die trick. If you’re interested in retaining either service beyond today, though, here’s a breakdown des what each dienstleistungen offers:


If you’re interested in gaining access to a wide range von cable channels, including ESPN, CNN, TNT und TBS, Sling zu sein your ideal bet. The service’s Blue package costs $25 von month, yet you kann watch zum free today using a 7-day trial.

To sign up zum Sling, follow these steps:

1. Click here zu sign up zum Sling TV. You’ll need zu enter your credit card die info when signing up, however if sie cancel her subscription before ns trial duration ends, freundin will not be charged.

2. When you authorize up, you’ll be prompted to select Sling Blue, which expenses $25 von month. Again: freundin will not be fee if freundin cancel her subscription before die 7-day trial ends.

3. Download ns Sling desktop app, und navigate over to fuchs Sports 1 kommen sie watch die match.


Once a streaming dienstleistungen dedicated kommen sie soccer, FuboTV now offers a loaded auszeichnungen package v over 36 channels weil das $34.99 über month.

Signing up zum FuboTV is easy: just click here zu sign up zum FuboTV.

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The service provides accessibility to auszeichnungen League, champion League, and high-profile La bündnis matches like elastisch Clasico for $34.99 a month. Choose Sling, there is deshalb a 7-day totally free trial möglichkeit available. You’ll require a credit card to sign up, yet if freundin cancel her subscription before the trial ends freundin will notfall be charged. Click here kommen sie sign up weil das a complimentary trial v FuboTV.

To recap:

Sling TV: complimentary 7-day trial. If sie stay on beyond ns free psychological , you’ll be fee $25 über month add to any added packages.

FuboTV: totally free 7-day trial of the Premier service that includes fox Sports. If you stay top top beyond the trial, you’ll be fee $34.99 per month.

With in App:

Users through a subscription kommen sie Sling TV kann watch it on your app, you kann sein download zum free an the app store or the google Play store.

There’s so a Sling app for Roku, Chromecast, Nexus player, ZTE und XBox One. Click here for a complete list of compatible devices.

Click here zu sign up zum Sling TV. You’ll need kommen sie enter your credit transaction card die info when signing up, however if sie cancel your subscription before die 7-day trial duration ends, sie will not be charged.

You can deshalb watch ns game with in app with FuboTV, where you can watch Premier and Champions League zum $34.99 a month. You kann sein download the anwendung from the apfel Store or the google Play Store.

To recap:

Sling TV: complimentary 7-day trial. If freundin stay top top beyond ns free trial, you’ll be fee $25 von month add to any additional packages.

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FuboTV: complimentary 7-day trial des the premier package that includes fox Sports. If freundin stay top top beyond die trial, you’ll be fee $34.99 über month.