If you"re a fans of die John Wick film series, sie probably remember what to adjust off ns events des the entire franchise: die theft of a car und the death des a dog. After ns tragic death des his wife, retired hitman john Wick (Keanu Reeves) tries kommen sie pursue a life of solitude, but when thieves break into his house, take his car, und murder the puppy his mam left kommen sie keep ihm company, the returns to a violent life, massacring anyone involved in the horrific incident. 

Though die beagle puppy, Daisy, doesn"t appear in the film for an extremely long, her death ist incredibly impactful, steering John zurück to a life des killing in order zu seek revenge against ns men who killed her. John bonds with various other canine companions in later films — bei fact, dogs function prominently throughout ns entire series thus far — yet Daisy"s shadow looms huge over John"s whole story. Here"s the truth about the dog who played Daisy. Luckily, die off-screen story is far less tragic.

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As the erste John Wick film hit theaters, anyone wanted kommen sie know an ext about ns movie"s beloved (and doomed) beagle puppy. According kommen sie a feature bei USA Today, a last of thought entered choosing die perfect expert pup.

As co-directors david Leitch und Chad Stahelski recalled, they sought out the cutest possible puppy to maximize the emotional impact des its murder. In conversation with USA Today, Leitch said, "John Wick started living life v this dog. And immediately that gelegenheit of being the person his mam wanted er to be was ripped indigenous him. After that, the becomes die monster he was before, ns anti-hero we like to watch bei these kinds von movies. We set up die empathy zum John Wick von going all out."

As animal Actors international dog trainer metall Krafsky called USA Today, Andy, ns male beagle pup who ultimately won die role, had a "rock star" quality: "He melts freundin with his eyes. He deshalb has ns right temperament. He and Keanu hit it off ideal away. But, climate again, that wouldn"t liebe this puppy?"

In a various feature bei the New york Post, Krafsky opened trost more about Andy und the story behind this valuable pup"s big film role. Zuerst off, ns breed was important; according to Krafsky, "There"s this thing about them, they"re just cute. They"re notfall overly large or small, they"re nur a cuddly breed with those huge sad eyes. Ns dog had kommen sie be outgoing, enjoy being about people and, of course, it is in beautiful. All of those things schutz to it is in wrapped up in to one animal."

Unsurprisingly, Andy, who was particularly friendly, was extremely famous on set. Notfall only go he verknüpfung with Reeves best away, he made Omer Barnea, ns actor that had to "kill" Andy, feel super guilty. Together Krafsky remembered, "He feel horrible. Every time the director yelled cut, he nur picked up the dog und cuddled him."

According to the feature, after ~ filming finished — and Andy gott the wahrscheinlichkeit to go a couple of red carpets through Reeves — andy returned to ns Animal Actors international farm in New Jersey, awaiting his next big role.

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Of course, walk forward, john Wick has viel better luck v dogs. Von the time John Wick: chapter 2 kicks off, John is accompanied von a faithful und formidable pit bull, und dogs pat a large role in John Wick: chapter 3 — Parabellum, even participating in some von the film"s many unforgettable fights. Die Wick team has even marked holidays like national Puppy Day through cheeky re-cuts des the film that revise them to be about a straightforward man und his dogs.

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If sie want kommen sie relive all of the ideal dog-related moments bei the John Wick franchise, you tun können rent the films on her streaming platform des choice now.