Joghurt Deckel Mehrweg Aldi

The Migros subsidiary tegut now deshalb offers minced meat in cartons. Ns self-service packaging for “tegut Bio” und “tegut LandPrimus” minced meat products zu sein 75 percent less plastic.

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Instead des a plastic bowl, the minced meat will an future it is in made from cardboard lined v a dünn plastic film. über separating ns cardboard from ns film, die individual recyclable materials in the packaging kann sein be recycle separately. “Minced meat commodities are ns best-selling foods an our self-service meat department. That’s why it was particularly important kommen sie us kommen sie find a quick and sustainable systems that might be used an a straightforward way to achieve a high benefit. Zum tegut… this new form of packaging zu sein just an additional milestone in the direction of 100 percent plastic-free packaging in the future,” says christian Leuthner, head of Freshness at tegut main Purchasing.

Together with packaging experts and its supplier Ludwigsluster Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten GmbH & Co. KG bei Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The klein amount of plastic required zum lining ns packaging und for the top sealing film is recyclable. Ns virgin fibre board used ist made native 100 percent renewable raw materials. “For us, this is von no method the end of the story: 100 percent plastic-free self-service packaging zu sein our goal. The first series of tests room already in progress,” reports Leuthner.

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Kaufland has so announced that it will be giving minced meat in the self-service carton counter from fall 2019.

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