Iphone 5 app löschen

With iOS 12, iOS 13, und iPadOS, you kann delete some built-in sich entschuldigen apps from her iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or sich entschuldigen Watch.

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When you delete a built-in anwendung from your device, you also delete any type of related user data und configuration files. This kann affect things like related system functions or die info on your webocalendar.com Watch.


If freundin delete ns Contacts app, all des your contact die info will remain bei the call app.If sie delete ns FaceTime app, sie can blieb make and receive FaceTime calls in Contacts and the call app.If sie delete die webocalendar.comBooks, Maps, Music, or podcast apps, they i will not ~ be available kommen sie use with CarPlay. If sie delete ns Music app, you"ll it is in unable to play audio content in its library using apfel apps or third-party apps top top some auto stereos or stereo receivers.If you try zu delete the Watch apps from an iPhone that’s paired with bei webocalendar.com Watch, an alert asks you zu unpair your sich entschuldigen Watch prior to you kann delete ns app.

On your iOS or iPadOS device, touch and hold die app.Tap Rearrange Apps.Tap
in ns upper-left corner to delete the app.TapDelete.Then on in iPhone ns or later, tap Done. Or on in iPhone 8 or earlier, drücken sie the house button.

If you have bei webocalendar.com Watch, deleting in app from her iPhone also deletes that apps from your sich entschuldigen Watch.

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On her iOS or iPadOS device, go kommen sie the apps Store.Search for the app. Make sure that sie use ns exact name of the app. Find the correct name of built-in apps.Tap
to restore ns app.Wait zum the app to restore, then open it indigenous your house screen.

If sie have an webocalendar.com Watch, restoring bei app zu your iPhone also restores that anwendung to your webocalendar.com Watch.

Deleting integrated apps from her device tun können affect other system functionalities. Here are part examples:

If freundin have in webocalendar.com clock paired through your iPhone, deleting in app from her iPhone also deletes that app from your apfel Watch residence screen.If sie delete the Podcasts app from your device, podcasts won’t be easily accessible with CarPlay.If sie delete the Stocks or Weather app from your device, stocks und weather won’t be accessible elsewhere. Zum example, sie won’t lakers stocks und weather information an Notification hauptquartier on your iPhone or as Complications or Glances ~ above your sich entschuldigen Watch.If sie delete die Calculator app, the calculator i will not ~ appear bei Control Center.

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To restore in affected functionality, you kann add integrated apps zurück to your device.