Internet explorer google als startseite

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Du schaust: Internet explorer google als startseite


The internet Explorer 11 desktop computer application wollen be retired and go out des support top top June 15, 2022 (for a list von what’s bei scope, seen the FAQ). The same IE11 apps und sites you use today kann sein open in sheet with internet Explorer mode. Learn an ext here.

Many modern websites schutz designs that space incompatible with internet Explorer. Whenever bei Internet explorer user visits in incompatible public site, they acquire a article that speak them ns site zu sein incompatible with their browser, and they need zu manually switch to a different browser.

The need to manually switch to a different browser changes starting with edge Stable version 87.

When a user goes to a website that zu sein incompatible with internet Explorer, they möchte be immediately redirected to Edge. This write-up describes ns user experience zum redirection and the kopieren, gruppe policies that space used kommen sie configure or disable automatically redirection.

Note maintains a list von all sites that space known to be incompatible with internet Explorer. Zum more information, see Request to update to the incompatible sites list

Prerequisites edge Stable version 87 or laterWindows versionsWindows 10 version 1709 or laterWindows 8.1Windows 7

Redirection experience

On redirection kommen sie Edge, users are bezeichnen the one-time dialog in the next screenshot. This dialog defines why they"re acquiring redirected and prompts zum consent to copy their looking data und preferences from internet Explorer to Edge. Die following browsing charme will be imported: Favorites, Passwords, find engines, offen tabs, History, settings, cookies, and the home Page.


Even if lock don"t offer their consent über checking "Always lug over my browsing data and preferences from internet Explorer", they kann sein click Continue browsing to continue their session.

Finally, a webseite incompatibility banner, shown in the next screenshot, appears below die address bar for every redirection.


The website incompatibility banner:

encourages die user kommen sie switch to Edgeoffers kommen sie make sheet as die default browsergives the user the auswahl to check out Edge

When a site is redirected from Internet Explorer to Edge, the Internet Explorer tab that started loading the site is closed if it had no prior content. Otherwise, the energetic tab see goes kommen sie a support page that describes why the site was redirected to Edge.


After a redirection users kann go zurück to using internet Explorer weil das sites that are not on the internet Explorer incompatibility list.


These policies möchte be easily accessible as ADMX file updates von October 26, 2020 and will be available bei Intune von November 9, 2020.

Three kopieren, gruppe policies should be configured zu enable automatically redirection kommen sie Edge. These plans are:


Policy: RedirectSitesFromInternetExplorerPreventBHOInstall

Redirection from internet Explorer kommen sie sheet requires bei Internet Explorer browser Helper object (BHO) called "IEtoEdge BHO". Die RedirectSitesFromInternetExplorerPreventBHOInstall policy controls even if it is or not this BHO is installed.

If you enable this policy, the BHO required weil das redirection will not be installed and your users will continue to lakers incompatibility messages zum certain websites on internet Explorer. If the BHO ist already installed, it will be uninstalled the next time the Edge stable channel is updated.If you disable or don"t configure this policy, the BHO will be installed. This is the default behavior.

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In addition kommen sie needing die BHO, there zu sein a suspended on ns RedirectSitesFromInternetExplorerRedirectMode, i m sorry needs kommen sie be set zu "Redirect sites based on ns incompatible website sitelist" or "Not Configured".

Policy: RedirectSitesFromInternetExplorerRedirectMode

This policy corresponds to ns sheet Default browser setting "Let internet Explorer offen sites in Edge". You kann access this setting von going to the edge://settings/defaultbrowser URL.

If freundin don"t configure this plan or set it zu "Sitelist", internet Explorer will redirect incompatible sites kommen sie Edge. This ist the default behavior.To disable this policy, pick Enabled und then bei the dropdown under Options: Redirect incompatible sites from internet Explorer to Edge, pick Disable. In this state, not compatible sites aren"t redirected zu Edge.


If you"re ~ above a personal device the isn"t managed über your organization, you"ll seen another setup named "Allow sites to be loaded in Internet explorer mode" under Internet traveler compatibility.

If you"re on a domain join or Mobile device Management (MDM) enrolled device, sie won"t seen this option.

Instead, if sie want zu let your users load sites in Internet explorer mode, you kann sein do so von configuring ns policy Allow internet Explorer mode testing.

Policy: HideInternetExplorerRedirectUXForIncompatibleSitesEnabled

This plan configures die user experience zum incompatible site redirection kommen sie Edge.

If sie enable this policy, individuals never lakers the one-time redirection dialog and the redirection banner. No browser dünn or user preferences are imported.

If you disable or don"t configure this policy, the redirection dialog will be shown on the first redirection and the persistent redirection banner will be shown for sessions that start with a redirection.


User browsing data will be imported every time a user encounters a neu redirection. However, this just happens if die user consented to the import on die one-time redirection dialog.

Disable redirection to Edge

If freundin want zu disable redirection prior to updating zu edge Stable version 87, use ns following step:

Set die RedirectSitesFromInternetExplorerPreventBHOInstall policy kommen sie Enabled.

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If sie want kommen sie disable redirection after ~ updating to leaf Stable ausführung 87, use die following steps:

Set die RedirectSitesFromInternetExplorerRedirectMode policy kommen sie Enabled und then in the dropdown under Options: Redirect not compatible sites from internet Explorer kommen sie Edge, select Disable. This setting wollen stop redirecting as soon as ns policy bring away effect.Set the RedirectSitesFromInternetExplorerPreventBHOInstall policy zu Enabled. This wollen uninstall ns BHO after ns next edge update.

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