“I Never Been To Me” was originally released in 1977, but peaked at a low #97 on the Billboard Hot 100.Five sầu years later in 1982, a DJ from Tampa, Floridomain authority began playing the… Read More 

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Hey, lady, you, ladyCursing at your lifeYou're a discontented motherAnd a regimented wifeI've sầu no doubt you dream aboutThe things you'll never doBut I wish someone had talked to meLike I wanmãng cầu talk of youOoo, I've sầu been lớn GeorgiaAnd CaliforniaAnd anywhere I could runTook the h& of a preacher manAnd we made love sầu in the sunBut I ran out of places and friendly facesBecause I had to be freeI've sầu been khổng lồ paradiseBut I've never been to lớn mePlease lady, please, ladyDon't just walk away'Cause I have sầu this need khổng lồ tell youWhy I'm all alone todayI can see so much of meStill living in your eyesWon't you giới thiệu a partOf a weary heartThat has lived a million lives

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Oh, I've been to lớn NiceAnd the isle of GreeceWhen I sipped champagne on a yachtI moved like Harlow in Monte CarloAnd showed 'em what I've gotI've been undressed by kingsAnd I've seen some thingsThat a woman ain't supposed lớn seeI've sầu been khổng lồ paradiseBut I've sầu never been to meHey, you know what paradise is?It's a lieA fantasy we created about people & placesAs we'd lượt thích them to beBut you know what truth is?It's that little baby you're holdingAnd it's that man you fought with this morningThe same one you're going lớn make love with tonightThat's truth, that's loveSometimes I've been lớn cryingFor unborn childrenThat might have made me completeBut I, I took the sweet life I never knewI'd be bitter from the sweetI've spent my life exploringThe subtle whoringThat costs too much khổng lồ be free
Hey lady, I've sầu been lớn paradiseBut I've sầu never been lớn meI've been to paradiseNever been to lớn meI've sầu been lớn Georgia and CaliforniaAnd anywhere I could runI've sầu been lớn paradiseNever been khổng lồ meBeen lớn Nice and the isle of GreeceWhen I've sầu sipped champagne on a yachtI've been lớn paradiseNever been lớn me