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Many of our assessment takers schutz been successful in using the google Translate plug-in kommen sie take the test in their aboriginal languages. Right here are some directions zu help you:

Configuring the chrome plug-in weil das Google translate

You need to install the google Translate Plug-in Extension zum chrome. There room 2 ways zu do this.

Du schaust: Https // ubersetzer

Option 1: Install ns plug-in through ns chrome storeNavigate straight to die plug-in within the chrome net store: Click ns Add to chrome button to install die plug-inOption 2: Install die plug-in through the menus an chromeClick ns Settings button
 Select "More Tools"
 Select "Extensions"
 Search weil das "Google Translate"Click die Add kommen sie Chrome button

Whether freundin chose möglichkeit 1 or option 2 sie should lakers the complying with icon on her chrome window on die upper ideal side

How to take an assessment und enable translate into during die test

Enter your assessment passcode und click "Start".You will see the start page von the assessment through a summary and instructions.

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Proceed through the next couple of screens until you seen your zuerst question displayed.

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Very important: now that you lakers your zuerst question you tun können enable the google Translate plug-in und it möchte remain permitted throughout die rest des the assessment. *If you enable the plug-in top top any of the screens before the zuerst question you will need zu enable that again after seeing the zuerst question.Click the Translate icon on your toolbar Click "Translate this Page"
 The analyze Toolbar will now appear. Select die language that you wish to use. 
 The inquiries are jetzt being translated and you kann proceed through die assessment as normal.


Helpful Tip! You tun können hover your reminder over the text on the screen to see the initial question/answer bei English. Us recognize not all translations möchte be perfect and seeing die original text may it is in helpful.