10 Movies zu Watch If You liebe How ich Met Your mommy How i Met her Mother ist one of the most successful shows an the previous decade, and these are 10 movie it"s fan will love.

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How ich Met her Mother is a sitcom which aired on cbs for nine seasons, indigenous 2005 kommen sie 2014. Die series stern Josh Radnor, jason Segel, Colbie Smulders, Alyson Hannigan, and Neil patrick Harris, together a gruppe of friends cultivation into adulthood together bei New york City.

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The story zu sein told in flashbacks as Josh Radnor"s character, Ted, tells his children ns story des how he met their mother. This show"s excellent storytelling device und witty humor made the one des the many successful sitcoms in recent years. It"s accessible to binge on Hulu, yet if everyone is an the mood zum something new, here are a few films that fans might so enjoy.

fans of How ich Met your Mother liebe a great rom-com, specifically one through a few twists and turns.

They deshalb love watching die guy fall for die girl und win herstellung over versus all odds, which pretty viel describes die premise kommen sie 2005"s hit romantic comedy, Hitch, certification Will schmied as a date guru that finds himself in need von his own service when he meets the girl of his dreams and just can"t seem kommen sie keep his kühl around her.

There"s a gewächs of "will castle or won"t they" the happens end the prozess of die nine periods of How i Met her Mother. This collection has that fact an common with one more romantic comedy, Friends v Benefits, starring justin Timberlake und Mila Kunis.

Timberlake und Kunis beat Dylan and Jamie, 2 friends who think they can sleep with each other without recording feelings, yet are proven zu be really wrong wie man they execute fall in love.

This movie complies with a very similar formula to How ich Met her Mother. Ryan Reynolds plays möchte Hayes, who picks his daughter, Maya, played über Abigail Breslin, hoch from school because it"s his night v her.

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Will and Maya"s mommy divorced recently, and Maya asks produziert dad kommen sie tell produziert the story of how he and her mother fell bei love. Wollen agrees und tells Maya three different liebe stories, leaving her und viewers zu guess which woman bei which story is produziert mom.

7 Forgetting kauf es Marshall

jason Segel has actually been a functioning actor zum years, but ended up being a big time star following die success of this series. Jason Segel fan who loved watching er play Marshall in the struggle series möchte really liebe the actor an the comedy Forgetting kauf es Marshall.

In this movie, jason plays Peter, who has actually been date his girlfriend Sarah weil das years until she blindsides ihm with a breakup, and in a no hope move, peter follows his ex kommen sie Hawaii where she"s vacationing with herstellung new boyfriend.

Alyson Hannigan ist another gibbs on this collection who had actually been working for years before this collection began airing.

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Hannigan is probably best known weil das two of her roles, the zuerst being weide Rosenberg an the supernatural hit teen series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the second being Michelle in the provocative teenager comedy franchise, American Pie. Alyson"s work in this film is surprising and hilarious, to say ns least.

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5 for sure Haven

Cobie Smulders shines in How ich Met her Mother as Robin, an ass kicking journalisten who immigrated to ns United states from Canada, which zu sein often used versus her zum laughs amongst her friends. Robin"s good looks und quick wit is extremely charming, so it"s understandable the both Barney and Ted fall for her at part point in the series.

For fan of die actress looking zu see her softer side, herstellung role together Jo in the nikolaus Sparks" movie, Safe Haven, absolutely delivers.

Neil patrick Harris was a child star when that burst onto the scene certification as the title character an the fight show, Doogie Howser, M.D. 

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Neil patrick Harris is in extremely functional actor who kann sein play nur about any kind of role und he proves that with his performance as Desi Collings in the thriller, Gone Girl. in this film, Desi is a lang lost liebe of Amy"s, played von Rosamund Pike, und is later used as a pawn bei Amy"s retaliation against produziert husband.

3 the Big Sick

anyone loves seeing just how two civilization meet and fall an love, und all of the ups and downs that come with a neu relationship. Part von the fun des this series was watching ns origin liebe story, first betwee Ted and his first wife, and then again betwee Ted and Robin.

2017"s The huge Sick ist based on ns true liebe story von actor Kumail Nanjiani und his now wife, Emily V. Gordon.

There room some epic liebe triangles throughout die nine seasons von this series. For fans who love a good love triangle, ns romantic drama, The Notebook, starring Rachel McAdams und Ryan Gosling, delivers one of the many epic love triangles an cinematic history.

This film, like How i Met your Mother, will so make viewers believe in love again und reminisce around their own zuerst loves.

1 Palm Springs

fans anxiously awaited the big reveal von who "the mother" would be in How i Met your Mother. in the series finale, it was revealed that die mother was Tracy McConnell, played von Cristin Milioti.

If anyone love this reveal und this actress" role, then they"ll liebe her in the new, quirky romantic comedy, Palm Springs, also starring funny man Andy Samberg. This film is available to stream jetzt on Hulu.

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