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What freundin Need to Know indigenous Johns Hopkins medizin

Johns Hopkins medicine continues zu follow die highest level des safety precautions as we care weil das our patients und work v our neighborhoods during the coronavirus pandemic. Please usage this site to learn more about geduldig care, testing, vaccinations und additional info about COVID-19.

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Safety guidelines Update

Face masks room required kommen sie enter any von our treatment facilities und expected zu be worn weist all times, also if freundin are completely vaccinated versus COVID-19. We wollen provide a mask if needed.

Neck gaiters, bandanas, masks v exhalation valves, or clean shield-like confront masks are notfall permitted zu be worn as challenge coverings weist Johns Hopkins medicine facilities.

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Get additional information about ns vaccine, where kommen sie receive her dose und what kommen sie expect afterward.

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For medical professionals Monoclonal Antibody Therapy covid19 Infusion Centers – Provider Referrals

Johns Hopkins Medicine ist providing outpatient infusion therapy an Maryland and the District von Columbia zum patients through COVID-19. Referrals are required.

Director, Johns Hopkins Biocontainment UnitAssociate routine Director, Osler Internal medizin Residency ProgramAssociate Professor von MedicineAssociate Professor von Physiology
Director, Geographic medicine Center des the Division von Infectious DiseasesMedical Director, Tropical medizin Ambulatory Consultation ServiceMedical Director, Johns Hopkins Travel health Consultation ServiceAssociate Professor of Medicine
Director, room of notfall MedicineDirector, Johns Hopkins Office von Critical event Preparedness und Response (CEPAR)Director, Center weil das the Study des Preparedness and Catastrophic Event solution (PACER)Professor of notfall MedicineProfessor of Anesthesiology and Critical treatment Medicine
Senior Director von Infection Prevention, the Johns Hopkins health SystemHospital Epidemiologist, ns Johns Hopkins HospitalAssociate Professor von Medicine

We are very closely collaborating with die U.S. Centers zum Disease Control and Prevention too as the Maryland Department von Health zu help ensure die well-being des our staff members, patients and visitors.

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