Harry potter und die kammer des schreckens

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This answer includes spoilers…(view spoiler)< you point is definitely valid, but it lacks in symbolism in comparison v Rowling"s plot.

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Ns Basilisk, Slytherin"s snake, was killed von Gryffindor"…more freundin point zu sein definitely valid, however it lacks bei symbolism in comparison v Rowling"s plot. Ns Basilisk, Slytherin"s snake, was killed von Gryffindor"s sword. Only ns heir of Slytherin tun können control ns snake. Only a true Gryffindor can pull Godric"s sword out of the sorting hat.

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I think it was important that sich kümmern Potter defeated ns basilisk as a Gryffindor(his own soul), fairly than a Slytherin(the fragment of Voldemort"s soul an him).Furthermore, even though sich kümmern Potter und the diary were both Horcruxes(in various other words, had actually fragments of the heir"s soul), die latter was created von choice when Riddle"s soul was ausblüten intact, whereas ns horcrux in Harry was created von accident, beacause Voldemort"s crippled soul was auch unstable. Moreover, out of all die inanimate horcuxes, the diary was the one that appeared to have more complex thought and it was ns only one that communicated with civilization like in actual human being being(the other horcruxes tried zu deceive or corrupt von sounds or visions, while ns diary hosted actual dialogues).So one might think that the diary was a more powerful horcrux, or that it had actually a larger or more stable fragment des Vordemort"s soul, thus even if sich kümmern tried to stop him in parseltongue, tom Riddle"s "phantom" might have a better gelegenheit of controlling the snake.Finally, ich agree with in answer that ich read, that die diary was in inanimate object and a pure vessel von Tom"s soul, as opposed to the other horcrux i beg your pardon coexisted v Harry"s soul. The entirety of the diary consists an Voldemort"s soul.

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Sich kümmern Potter ist a living personen with feelings and thought des his very own -a true Gryffindor, as the sword proved. (less) (hide spoiler)>