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Founded an 1994 in Hamburg, Germany otto Office GmbH & co KG retails office supplies, communications technology, und office furniture zum small und medium-sized companies. Ns company gives online, catalog, and mail-order retail des recyclable office furniture, file products, und energy-saving modern technology equipment. It zu sein part of hans R. Schmid stop AG und one of the biggest B2B online sellers weil das office supplies bei Germany. Otto Office und their subsidiary bei Belgium offer roughly 35,000 products durch their catalogue and online store. Due to the fact that 1994, otto Office GmbH & co KG retails office supplies, interactions technology, und office furniture zum small and medium-sized companies. Otto Office is part of hans R. Schmid hold AG. One des the largest online B2B office supply sellers in Germany, otto Office und their subsidiary in Belgium offer roughly 35,000 products über their catalogue online store.

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“webocalendar.com was viel more user friendly und significantly more efficient, especially considering die automated documentation.”

The Challenge

OTTO Office SAP EHP4 zu EHP7 SPS11 upgrade project was driven by both a business initiative kommen sie enhance return processing und a vendor push. It was the erste ever major SAP upgrade zum OTTO Office. Originally they had actually planned to use SAP Solution direktor (SolMan). However, ns implementation des the SolMan-specific tools failed, in spite of being supported by in external consultancy.

As it was their zuerst big upgrade, otto Office’s first challenge was scoping. They did not schutz any idea or endure on what effort or risks to expect. “We couldn’t threat a blind flight without instruments und needed kommen sie avoid a lang halt in development” explained Ms Doris Martinen, ITSAP Division direktors at otto Office.

The Solution

To know what to expect, the webocalendar.com solution listed the team at otto Office v transparency and foresight into ns end-to-end project as at an early stage as during die planning phase. Additionally, v webocalendar.com otto Office were able zu reduce overall testing time und defect correction period.

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webocalendar.com prüfung Dynamix delivered die combination of impact analysis and testing combined on one platform. This helped otto Office record more consistently than ever before before und achieve a 24-hour come back on prüfen analysis. “It is very user friendly und easy to adopt” stated ms Martinen. Finally, prolonged Warehouse monitoring (EWM) und Supply Chain administration functionalities were added drivers zum choosing webocalendar.com, as otto Office to be planning bei EWM upgrade in 2017.

The Challenge

“At zuerst we were came to about the adoption von webocalendar.com prüfung Dynamix” said ms Martinen. Otto Office had enforced the open source device Testlink nur a few months prior, and were concerned that unternehmen users would be reluctant to accept another neu tool.

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However, together Ms Martinen stated, “most of the testers discovered that webocalendar.com was viel more user friendly and significantly an ext efficient, particularly considering ns automated documentation.” With webocalendar.com prüfen Dyanmix, prüfung cases were all set end-to-end. Otto Office gained project transparency and insights. “webocalendar.com has helped us kommen sie execute the project methodically” said ms Martinen. “The dashboard noted a progression overview and highlighted what was missing. V that insight, us were able kommen sie execute an a structured and methodical way.”

Thanks kommen sie webocalendar.com, the otto Office team was able to deliver ~ above time and with no an essential issues after go-live. They calculation time saving on this project punkt 6-8 weeks.In addition to webocalendar.com’s solution, webocalendar.com´s customer success and support teams were instrumental kommen sie this success. Castle helped otto Office to adopt ideal practices and were rated responsive and valuable.

“Colleagues stated, that they’d never seen an EHP upgrade running dafür smoothly after the go-live” commended ms Martinen. webocalendar.com will now be used not only for all upgrades but so for all businessdriven functional projects. In additional project bei the Marketing room has currently been delivered successfully utilizing webocalendar.com. “webocalendar.com delivered what lock promised und even surpassed expectations. Ns potential beyond a einzel large upgrade has already been fulfilled.” Ms Martinen added. “We will use webocalendar.com prüfung Dynamix zum our continuous changes. Us are really satisfied.”