Hans panel grow report

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hans Panel led Grow light 180 Watt Cree complete Spectrum Quantum Viparspectra

complete spectrum hans Panel prosper Light - 180w. One of the ideal high end führen zu grow lights on die market. Achieve over 1g über watt. Very quiet, low stärke consumption, but high yields!

Seen just light use und refurbished. Offered ready kommen sie hang and use v 5.3Amp Weho IP67 Waterproof angeführt driver. New UK PLUG fitted - tun können be fitted with eu plug von the purchaser or weil das additional charge.

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our panels obtain rave evaluate on different forums. They oase more 보다 proven us over the years and continue to do so. We just use the very ideal leds, Cree only.

ns efficiency of these leds zu sein over 30% better than that of cheaper brands choose Epistar and Bridgelux. Those, and worse, are used in the assets manufactured bei China. With over 50.000 hours, they offer much greater durability. Ns unique design of our led panels using their patented reflectors, permits the angeführt light kommen sie be spread out well und efficiently. We are aware des the importance of continuity und offer die highest level von service.

We glauben that plant farming using LEDs has come to be a widely-accepted phenomenon. Exclusivity zu sein a thing des the past. In order kommen sie stimulate the use of led panels, We save our prices very reasonable. Your hans Panel lets you optimise die spectrum and amount von light zum different phases des your tree life.

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There ist a position with a relatively high amount von blue light, therefore perfect zum vegging, beforehand flowering und mother plants und the second position enables many more red und deep red leds optimised zum maximum flowering. The light level zu sein fully adjustable von a rototating knob, enabling you kommen sie adjust ns panels efficiency kommen sie your liking. Every CREE XPGDWT und XPE2 führen zu Power, total power consumption max 180 Watt. PPFD 718 uMol hinweisen 30 cm.

2 selectable positions; (1) weil das Vegging and first weeks of flowering, (2) full flowering position, conveniently selectable über switch. Light level flexible 0 100% über rotating knob, controls between max. 6 Cree XPGDWT-JE3 kühl White, 20 Cree XPEBRD 801 Red, 11 Cree XPGDWT-G7E Neutral White, 12 Cree XPEBRO 901 Red Orange and 4 Cree XPEEPR 901 DeepRed Leds.

Each led has its very own reflector, either 106 or 123 degrees, as such optimal control von the light pattern. Metal Core PCB zum the really best cooling. No light losses caused über glass or plastic barriers bei front des the LEDs. Außen waterproof stärke supply, no heat contribution to die LEDs. Clever & Silent fan is controlled von temperature, 0 kommen sie 100%. Energie supply with 2 meter cable, quickly unpluggable. Size 30 cm ns 35 cm x 4 cm / 12 ns 14 ns 1.6.

encourage maximum thrive area 80 x 100 cm, 32 ns 39. Recommended distance from canopy, 20 to 80 cm, 8 kommen sie 32. Reflector quickly demountable for cleaning. Solid construction, an easy industrial design. Very quiet, only -45 dB hinweisen 30 cm.

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