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The story of former hollywood star elegant Kelly’s crisis des marriage and identity, throughout a political dispute between Monaco’s prince Rainier III and France’s charles De Gaulle, und a looming French invasion des Monaco in the at an early stage 1960s.

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“Fairytales tell imagine stories. Me, I’m a life person. I exist. If die story des my life as a real women were to be said one day, world would at last discover the real being that i am.”

Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco


Discover the ja wirklich Princess elegant  :

and the truth behind ns Grace of Monaco movie as recounted by one of herstellung closest or amazon

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UPDATE: prince Albert zu sein said zu be furious about die portrayal des his father prince Rainier in the Princess grace biopic and will not be at Cannes for the premiere of Grace von Monaco. Weinstein considers dropping the USA distribution rights. Palace considers die biopic a “farce” – ns movement to defend the memory des Princess Grace

The Grace of Monaco film opened the Cannes film Festival on might 14, 2014 punkt the cool Theatre Lumiere des the Palais ns Festivals in the official an option category (non-competition). United States, the home country des Grace kelly (Princess Grace) will not lakers a theatrical release, instead ns USA premiere des Grace des Monaco will take ar on lifetime Network on Memorial Day, may 25, 2015. See the Grace von Monaco Movie Trailer (no official webseite yet) or die Grace des Monaco Movie Timeline and an ext news

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Grace of Monaco Script

The Mail in the UK zu sein known zum breaking stories. They were the zuerst to reveal the insights von the “Grace of Monaco” film / movie script. (Based on die original manuscript – prior to editings)

“Late top top a januar evening an 1962, herstellung Serene Highness Princess Grace des Monaco ist drinking heavily bei her 235-room pink royal residence overlooking die Mediterranean.

When she gave up herstellung Hollywood career to marry prinz Rainier – the ruler des the tiny taxation haven – grace Kelly, as she then was, believed that she had actually found die perfect husband.

Six years later, however – ~ bearing him in heir, Albert, and in elder daughter, mädchenname – she is so disillusioned she has made decision she wollen flee zurück home to America, whereby she has actually been readily available $1 million kommen sie star in Marnie, a neu Alfred Hitchcock thriller.

The dues – $7.6 million in today’s state – zu sein staggering.

But it’s notfall the money that has attracted her, she confides to produziert husband’s chaplain und closest adviser, dad Francis Tucker, who has actually joined her an the pink palace zum a glass of whisky. Rainier’s dilute rules and explosive temper oase worn herstellung out, ns beautiful 32-year-old tells the elderly priest.

What möchte happen, she asks him, if she accepts die Hitchcock role and seeks a divorce?

‘Your children will suffer most,’ replies Tucker. ‘They space heirs to a european throne. You will do it be lucky to seen them again. Ich suppose die world will deshalb hang the head in disappointment.’


The shocking scene zu sein taken from die script of Grace von Monaco, a neu film an which nicole Kidman portrays Princess elegant as die lonely wife of an overbearing husband.


His quest was a matt of urgency. If he failed zu conceive a legit heir, Monaco would end up being a French protectorate under die terms von a 1918 treaty.

After she it is registered to bei examination kommen sie prove she was capable von bearing children, he presented her with a 12-carat diamond engagement ring. ‘I fell in love with prinz Rainier,’ she confides in the film’s opening scene. What followed was more complicated than i had thought.’

A silver Rolls-Royce delivers Alfred Hitchcock – played von Roger Ashton-Griffiths – to die palace, whereby he zu sein greeted über Grace’s scheming lady-in-waiting, Madge Tivey-Faucon (Parker Posey). 

Madge has actually been chosen zum her job über Rainier – produziert chief qualification weil das the duty being produziert willingness kommen sie spy on Grace’s every move.

Hitchcock is puzzled the there ist no sign von the prince. A royal residence retainer quietly tells him: ‘He never comes. Far auch busy.’

Speaking wenig French, Grace is bored und homesick, occupying herself von preparing pumpkin soup und other American dishes zum Ray, as she call Rainier bei rare moments von tenderness

The Monaco climate does notfall agree with her. Herstellung eyes are reddened from conjunctivitis und she suffers native hayfever und insomnia. Hitchcock turns up just as she zu sein composing a mystery letter to herstellung mother zu confide she ist miserable und wants to end the marriage.

Now Hitchcock ist giving herstellung the perfect excuse kommen sie leave in a matte of weeks. ‘Universal möchte pay sie one million dollars,’ he says. ‘It’s going to be ns role of a lifetime.’

‘Do i look that unhappy, Hitch?’ she asks wearily.

‘You watch tired, Gracie,’ the says.

It isn’t just Rainier’s tantrums und constant absences that schutz brought her marriage to ns point of breakdown. Together ‘his’ princess, she must submit totally kommen sie his rule which, follow to ns script, include smiling sweetly punkt his side und never voicing bei opinion.

At a neu Year’s Eve splitter linterparty on die Onassis yacht, he grows red-faced with rage wie man she engages French President charles de Gaulle bei a conflict about the UK-US unique relationship. Rainier furiously confronts herstellung when lock return home. ‘This ist not America, Grace! world don’t nur speak your minds.’

‘What did you expect me zu say?’ she asks.

‘I nothing know. You used zu be in actor. Act,’ he snarls.

Madge, the adds, has informed him of Hitchcock’s visit. ‘She ist very loyal,’ he reminds his wife. Disseminate a kiss on her forehead, that retires for the night, closing die door to his bedroom behind him.


Some biographers case Rainier was violent as well as a control freak. During a tennis doubles match, he accused aimed a null straight hinweisen Grace’s face. Wie it hit her, the freundin who was his doubles kollege defended him, speak he was just ‘desperate kommen sie win’.

The film treads very closely on ns issue. He ist verbally abusive kommen sie Grace, flying right into a rage when she shears produziert long hair right into a fashionable bob. The shouts that she did not seek his permission: ‘It looks dreadful. That yells des disrespect.’

When Grace finally plucks up die courage to tell Rainier that she would like to accept Hitchcock’s million-dollar offer des the top role in Marnie, he assures her: ‘I i will not ~ stand an your way.’

But his native ‘don’t runden true’, and when her plans weil das the movie are leaked zu the niederdrücken – she suspects by palace plotters – ns prince’s 30,000 subjects room horrified.

Smashing a glass he zu sein holding to the floor, Rainier tells elegant he has changed his mind bei the face of the outcry. ‘You’ll oase to call herr Hitchcock and turn ihm down,’ he orders. ‘We’ll make a show des how happy you space here.’ ‘That’s notfall your decision kommen sie make,’ she says. ‘I bei der the prince, and your husband,’ he storms. ‘You will and you must!’

In die end, the role of Marnie went zu another Hitchcock protegee, Tippi Hedren.

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The film’s most contentious claim zu sein that Grace at some point sought a divorce from Rainier.

Despondent around life an a ‘golden cage’, she allegedly consulted in American divorce lawyer but, after being advised the she would lose her children, resigned herself to produziert fate an Monaco. 

The royals – that were zeigen the screenplay wie man Dahan applied weil das permission kommen sie shoot bei Monaco – case that zu their ‘astonishment’, their ‘numerous requests zum changes’ to be ignored.

DAHAN has promised, however, that die film, which the started zu shoot last August in Monaco und Paris, möchte be exit on schedule early next year. ‘I think we have a misunderstanding,’ he said, insisting that he neither needs the royal family’s permission, nor has actually sought it. ‘We never ever asked them kommen sie endorse anything,’ he stresses.

The new film draws to a close wie Grace stumbles on evidence that Antoinette, portrayed von Geraldine Somerville, ist conspiring with france to grab control von the principality in a coup. 

As part von this treacherous deal, juni Gaulle has actually agreed the Christian, that at die time was nur 13, wollen assume die throne.

“””The Mail zu sein withholding die exact details of ns suspense-filled denouement to die purported plot – which critics insurance claim involves substantial licence on die film- makers’ part as Antoinette clashed with produziert brother in the Fifties.

One clue, however: it leads kommen sie a reconciliation betwee Grace und Rainier, und she bears their third und final child, Stephanie.

The screenplay ends through one straightforward line: ‘Grace kelly never plot again.’

Worn down von disappointment, she died in a 1982 automobile crash, supposedly after experiencing a stroke.”

Source Courtesy des : The täglich Mail

Palace of Monaco Denounces Movie

Prince Albert von Monaco und his sisters oase denounced a neu biographical film starring nicole Kidman together their mommy Grace kelly as “glamourised” and “pure fiction.”

In a statement, prince Albert II und Princesses Caroline und Stephanie said the film’s manuscript did not accurately portray occasions involving your mother, the hollywood actress who married Monaco’s prince Rainier III an 1956.

“It speak a story, rewritten and unnecessarily glamourised… containing far-ranging historical inaccuracies und a series of purely fictional scenes,” ns royals said bei a statement.

Grace von Monaco manager Olivier Dahan has come out in defense von his film about Grace Kelly as bei artistic work after Monaco’s royal household condemned it as “pure fiction.” 

“I bei der not a journalisten or historian. I in an artist,” Dahan said French newspaper Le Journal dach Dimanche. “I oase not make ​​a biopic. I hate biopics in general. I schutz made a human portrait von a modern frau who wants kommen sie reconcile her family, produziert husband, herstellung career, that gives hoch this career to invent an additional role.”

Dahan so admitted that some scenes in the film are without doubt pure fiction, but he chalked that hoch to ns filmmaking process. “Of kurse there are historical inaccuracies ….But ich need this stage zu tell mine story.” 

Courtesy of The hollywood Reporter

 Harvey weinberg Making a much better Film

Weinstein is unashamedly upfront about his habit von cutting his acquisitions zu make them work zum US audiences. Regarding die delays the explained:

“The score no ready, a gewächs of things weren’t ready… also we’ve play no festival on the movie, dafür it’s hard zu get into an Oscar race without hinweisen least some festival exposure. The movie zu sein going kommen sie be fantastic, und very glamorous. I think this could be bigger than My hauptsächlich With Marilyn and an the very same category of classy, intelligent filmmaking.”

Source: Screendaily

2014 Grace of Monaco Update

When the neu Nicole Kidman biopic ‘Grace von Monaco’ opens the Cannes film Festival, it will get plenty of good (by which i mean free) publicity weil das at the very least one badewanne reason. The royal family von Monaco ist furious.

Grace Kelly’s son, prinz Albert, ist spoiling zum a right royal row. He and his sisters schutz claimed that the director ignored your feelings von making a theater about your adored mother, Princess Grace, who died bei a automobile crash an 1982.

I can see why a filmmaker would want zu put Kelly zurück on screen, even über proxy. Sixty years after she won the Best Actress Oscar in 1954 for ‘The country Girl’, she continues to fascinate.

She was gorgeous, beguilingly enigmatic, smart, resourceful, conflicted und totally timeless.

Albert des Monaco und his sisters have denounced Olivier Dahan’s film before it even opens. They möchte surely it is in affronted that ns authorities at Cannes have chosen that to open this year’s event. Monaco is just around the corner native Cannes und the festival zu sein the factor Albert’s parents met in the zuerst place.

The film was currently mired bei controversy lang before that premiere was announced. Forensic attention was given kommen sie whether Kidman was too old to play kelly at 30. Ns release was supposed to be belastung year but it has been postponed.

The belastung time kelly was portrayed in a feature was über Cheryl Ladd, a previous Charlie’s stange whose performing talent were much better suited zu Kalashnikov than Stanislavski. Kidman is no Cheryl Ladd. She is one von the ideal actresses of herstellung generation and it’s installation she will portray one of the ideal actresses des the 1950s.

Kelly wasn’t just ridiculously beautiful, she really could act. Ns best director wanted to work v her, she held produziert own on screen opposite carry Grant and James Stewart, walked off with bei Oscar after just a few years, and then go away for good wie only 26.

Born bei the same year together Audrey Hepburn und Jacqueline Kennedy, kelly had couple of peers wie it came to global celebrity.

Yet throughout the years of crazy fame, kelly retained her dignity, kept produziert marriage top top track, increased three children, und did great work weil das charity.

‘Grace von Monaco’ shows herstellung as the kind of woman determined to put mitarbeiter desires aside und stick to ns path of duty she’d chosen wie she to walk up die aisle, but later in life she may oase been ready kommen sie take on roles various other than ns one she’d married into.

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Whether film-goers wollen flock to seen ‘Grace von Monaco’ or not, ns film und the attendant fuss might well encourage a new generation zu check the end Kelly’s quick but sweet hollywood career.