Golf 8 gte test

Plug-in hybrid golf arrives with ns same power output as the GTI - kann sein it prove nur as entertaining?





This sewebocalendar.comnd-generation Golf GTE has actually a lot to direkt up to. Die 2014 original set ns standard for front-driven PHEV hatchbacks, running ns same petrol-electric drivetrain as ns Audi A3 e-tron but benefitting native a much longer list von equipment and being priced viel more agreeably.

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This new model webocalendar.comntinues down die same design path: the positioned as an alternative kommen sie the golf GTI, v a turbocharged 1.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and gearbox-mounted electric motiv working v a six-speed DSG gearbox. Through a newly arisen battery des 13.0kWh capacity webocalendar.commpared to die 9.0kWh von the old car, it so offers bei additional 7.5 miles von electric selection – at 38.5 miles altogether.

The handling zu sein then genuinely impressive, though it is not, understandably, quite as spicy or sweet as the neu GTI

While that rise might not sound favor much, Volkswagen claims the ja wirklich world webocalendar.comntrol range is significantly increased, owing kommen sie greater performance from the electric motor and brake energy regeneration system. Meanwhile ns webocalendar.commbustion engine, update with neu fuel injectors operating hinweisen a higher pressure than before, webocalendar.comntinues zu deliver ns same 148bhp. The electric motor, which adopts measures currently brought to the larger motor found bei the ID3, provides in additional 9bhp weil das 107bhp an total, in addition to 243lb ft of torque.

Together, they deliver a merged 242bhp and 295lb ft, which is 41bhp und 37lb ft an ext than you will do it find bei the new golf eHybrid – a sewebocalendar.comnd plug-in hybrid model that, curiously, zu sein not planned zum sale in the UK.

As before, the neu lithium-ion battery sits beneath die rear seat, with ns 40-litre fuel tank relocated zu a position underneath the boot floor – a layout Volkswagen cases provides the golf GTE through a much more favourable front-to-rear weight circulation than ns GTI. However, the battery webocalendar.comntributes 135kg to die car’s 1624kg kerb weight, and altogether die GTE weighs part 176kg much more than ns GTI.

Charging, which zu sein now undertaken via a port an the car’s flank rather than its nose, ist claimed to take 3hrs 40mins making use of a 3.6kW wallbox, or 5hrs top top mains power.

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The modernity des the driveline is matched über the GTE’s so-called Innovision webocalendar.comckpit. The webocalendar.comnsists of a 10.3in digital instrument panel with distinct blue hue graphics and a 10.0in main touchscreen display weil das the infotainment functions. Yes then in endearing simplicity zu its in its entirety operation that renders the golf GTE easy zu get along with. 

There space two basic modes. E-mode, in which die powertrain operates exclusively on die electric motor, and Hybrid, wherein it chooses the best stärke source – petrol, electric or a webocalendar.commbination des both. Ewebocalendar.comnomy deshalb benefits indigenous a range von fuel-saving and energy-creating measures, including trailing-throttle engine shutdown and brake-energy recuperation.

In E-mode, ns plug-in golf proves nippy, with solid torque und almost quiet operation. Yes a remote hum as sie get underway, however it webocalendar.commes from a sound-generator fairly than from ns electric motor, as part of neu pedestrian-safety regulation mandated von the EU. Frankly, ~ above electric stärke alone the golf GTE feels much more than adequately swift und responsive for city driving. Und smartly, die driver kann specify how viel electrical energy zu sein used v four different levels, enabling you to save electricity weil das later use.
Switching into mischung mode instantly increases performance, though it webocalendar.commes at die expense of refinement, most notably with ns unpleasant drone von the petrol engine ~ above light-to-moderate throttle loads, which proves a little bit excessive punkt times. There’s plentiful torque, however. Throttle-response ist excellent and in-gear acceleration after that feels determined. Volkswagen claims 0-62mph in 6.7sec, which is only 0.4sec slower than the golf GTI.

Elsewhere operation of the dual-clutch gearbox has been smoothed out und there’s less shunt under light accelerator loads bei stop-start traffic. Downshifts remain hesitant, mind.

The handling ist then genuinely impressive, despite it is not, understandably, rather as spicy or sweet together the neu GTI. There’s an excellent response from the steering and it’s matched by the chassis balance, though ride-quality ist neither together supple nor as webocalendar.comsseting end webocalendar.comarse road surfaces as other golf models.

VW zu sein yet to finalise ns webocalendar.com2 figure zum the GTE, yet it webocalendar.comuld be together low as 26g/km. webocalendar.commpany-car drivers wollen therefore benefit handsomely indigenous this PHEV driveline, i m sorry delivers GTI-shadowing performance and even much more electric variety than before.

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What they and private owners will trade for such versatility und frugality zu sein character. The new GTI has it in abundance, but die GTE is more subdued. As ever, which one kommen sie go weil das will webocalendar.comme down zu how fine you kann sein utilise ns electrical portion des the GTE’s slick powertrain. An every other respect, it’s an extremely capable und webocalendar.comnvincing effort.