George Herbert Walker Bush

America"s 41st President, george Bush, was born top top June 12, 1924, in Milton, Massachusetts, into a wealthy household as george Herbert walker Bush.

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~ graduating indigenous Phillips Academy, Andover, MA an 1942 he offered as ns youngest U.S. Naval transport pilot in the Pacific it rotates 1945, winning the "Distinguished flying Cross", und three wait Medals. On januar 6, 1945 george married barbara Pierce, of Rye, neu York. Bush studied economics punkt Yale University. ~ graduating he moved to texas where he started working bei the oil-drilling business. That co-founded the Bush-Overbey Company, Zapata petroleum Corporation und Zapata Off-Shore, von which he deshalb became president an 1954. An 1966 he offered his interests to concentrate on politics. He came to be active in the Republican Party. After to run unsuccesfully together a Republican candidate zum the Senate in 1964, that entered ns House des Representatives an 1967. This was the beginning of in extensive political career. Bush served as ambassador to die United nations from 1971-1972, was chairman of the Republican national Committee native 1972-1973, chief des the U.S. Liaison office in Peking indigenous 1974-1976, and director von the C.I.A. Indigenous 1976-1977. In 1980 bush campaigned zum the Republican nomination zum the U.S. Presidency however withdrew webocalendar.comztere to assistance Reagan, who chose bush as his to run mate. Busch became vice-president during Reagan"s 2 terms an the White House, native 1981-1989. In 1988 bush ran zum the presidency again and this time succesfully. This made ihm the zuerst president since martin van Buren an 1836 to be elected straight to ns presidency. Busch beat his democratic opponent michael Dukakis native Massachusetts v 54 percent des the renowned vote (to Dukakis"49%) und 426 von the electoral votes (to Dukakis" 111). During his presidency die Democrats did but retain certain majorities bei both houses des Congress. Busch promised an his project a partial continuation von Reagan"s politics.

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The followed reagan on society issues, such together a strong gestanden against abortion, but thereby go call zum a softer approach by calling zum a "kinder, gentler nation". An his State von the Union bei 1990 he emphasize his commitment kommen sie being the "educational president". As zum the domestic issues, busch was not very succesful. Throughout his campaign busch stated not to bring on neu taxes: "Read my lips...NO new taxes". However due zu a continuing rising federal budget plan deficit the had zu agree in 1990 kommen sie a significant tax increase. His "war top top dwebocalendar.coms" had very little impact as a result von the absence of significant funding. Bush"s interest lay particularly in the area von foreign politics. Die time des his presidency was one von great transforms within ns world. Die collapse des communism bei 1989 in Eastern Europe left the United states as virtually the only "superpower" bei the world. Busch negotiated a continuation von arms reduction with the Soviet unionist (including unmatched cuts an Nuclear arms). An 1989 bush ordered the U.S. Invasion of Panama kommen sie depose the dictator Manuel Noriega, who was thereafter lugged to ns United claims where he was accused von dwebocalendar.coms trafficing. Bei 1990 Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait. Bush answered kommen sie this invasion von ordering troops to Saudi Arabia und forming an international alliance with die backing of the blume Nations; "Operation Desert Storm". The liberation des Kuwait went reasonably swift without the loss von many leben on die side des the allied forces. This certainly contributed kommen sie Bush"s popularity. After the Gulf zu sein about 90% of the people, asked in polls, claimed zu approve of the way bush was taking care of his office. It did not take long before the economic situation in the united States make Bush"s popularity decline rapidly. The recession, currently begun an 1990, continued in 1991 and the American publicly began zu blame busch for neglecting domestic issues. This most likely offered cause to Bush"s defeat in the 1992 presidential elections.

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Ns Democrat bill Clinton was elected die 42nd President of the U.S.A.