Formel 1 Spa Francorchamps

Your comprehensive guide to buying tickets und the ideal places zu watch die action at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps weil das the 2022 Belgian grand Prix on august 27-29.

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Tickets are now on sale zum the 2022 Belgian grand Prix weist Spa-Francorchamps. Prices are greatly unchanged from current years. 

The Spa Francorchamps circuit an the it s as beautiful as picture Ardennes bereich of Belgium remains one des F1’s couple of remaining standard circuits. If sie don’t psychic braving the elements und doing a lot of walking, the kupfer (General Admission) tickets at die circuit are fantastic value. There’s also a an excellent selection von grandstands to choose from punkt Spa, the majority of which are situated close to ns start-finish straight and Eau Rouge – picking a covered grandstand at Spa is so a great idea.

Where to buy 2021 Belgian grand Prix tickets?

We introduce buying her tickets zum the 2021 Belgian großartiger Prix from our wanted supplier cool Prix tickets (GPT). 

We deshalb recommend official Ticket Packages indigenous F1 Experiences. Select from grandstand seat or access to hospitality an the champion Club and Formula 1 Paddock society plus to exclude, trackside activities und accommodation/transfers.

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Best tickets to buy at the 2021 Belgian cool Prix?

Budget (: As lang as you wear comfortable shoes and don’t mind a last of walking, ns views indigenous the bronze (General Admission) areas at Spa are terrific – though overcrowding kann sein be in issue on gyeongju day. If sie want a seat weil das the race, the Speed edge Grandstand ist only a little more expensiveMid-Range (€250-600): If you want views von the pits and start/finish/podium, climate choose gold 1. Otherwise, there are great views of kelle Source from gelb 8. Die best views punkt Eau Rouge are bei Gold 3.Hospitality (>€500): Located an the multi-level business Tower close kommen sie Eau Rouge, Champions society Platinum von F1 Experiences is recommended for all-inclusive hospitality and great circuit views. The Formula 1 Paddock Club ist situated above die pits und offers VIP hospitality.
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Gold Grandstands at Circuit außerdem Spa-Francorchamps

Gold 1 ist the main, long-term grandstand opposite die pits on die start-finish straight. A an excellent choice zum the start/finish und action bei the pits. Choose one more grandstand if freundin are after on-track action.

Gold 2 ist a large, elevated permanent grandstand located on die straight section betwee La Source and Eau Rouge, with direct views des the alt pits area, i beg your pardon is blieb used von the support categories on race weekend. Remote views des Eau Rouge, however there room better gold grandstands zum this price.

Gold 3 is the finest grandstand overlooking Eau Rouge/Raidillion, offering wonderful elevated views of the famous corner plus ns section des track preceding it. Grad that you möchte need a specific level of physical fitness to get zu this grandstand from la Source, as it is situated at ns top des a steep hill. Recommended.

Gold 4 is in uncovered gelb grandstand next kommen sie Eau Rouge. It ist set rückseitig from die track at a weird angle with fairly restricted views. Check out our panorama. Salary a bit more weil das Gold 3 instead.

Gold 6 ist a klein covered grandstand ~ above the bus Stop chicane, near to the pit entry. It’s one von the most expensive grandstands, yet you tun können always expect some action hinweisen this point on die circuit end the kurse of die weekend. Protect against seats in the prior rows if possible, together views kann be restricted.
Gold 7 is located on ns exit of the la Source (turn 1) hairpin und doesn’t oase views to compare with gold 8. Better kommen sie choose one of the Eau Rouge grandstands if gold 8 is already marketed out.

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Gold 8 is situated ~ above the kelle Source (turn 1) hairpin with views down die start-finish straight. Die popularity von this grandstand ist evidenced von the fact that it sells out practically one year an advance! If sie get die choice in this grandstand, go zum block ns over block A.
Gold 9 is a smaller, momentary grandstand closer to die opening la Source hairpin ~ above the taste start-finish straight. Located bei front von the ‘slower’ teams’ pits and with a far-off view of kelle Source zum the inevitable activity on the erste lap.
Silver 1 is located on ns stretch bolzen La Source and Eau Rouge. You still get in individually numbered seat an the bleacher-style silver 1 & 2 grandstands, but they don’t kommen sie with a back for you to lean on. An both grandstands, go zum seats in the high rows, otherwise her views wollen be obscured von the catch fencing.
Silver 2 is located closer kommen sie Eau Rouge, making that a much better choice than ns identically priced silver- 1. Bei excellent mid-range choice punkt Spa with an excellent access to die best food und drink stalls, merchandise and atmosphere of the F1 fanzone, ideal behind the grandstand. EDIT – this grandstand has been gotten rid of from die ticket offer.
Silver 4 is located at ns top des the circuit, a lang way from all ns others (plus a long way indigenous the fans zone). The overlooks the slow Bruxelles corner, but there’s much better views from the General join area on ns inside des the corner. Silver- 4 has actually individual seats v backs (like in Gold). Go zum the greater row seats dafür your see aren’t obscured über the capture fencing.
Area 17-27 overlooks turns 15-16 at ns southeasternmost point of the circuit und is restricted to fans aged 17-27. It’s a lang way from die rest von the hauptsächlich spectator areas punkt Spa, but zu sein very much self-contained and also connected with a distinct camping zone zum young fans.
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General admission (Bronze) viewing at ns Belgian cool Prix

Spa Francorchamps has actually some of the best General admission areas of any existing F1 circuit, however you’ll require a certain level des physical fitness to make die most von its stunning woodland location. Many of the walkways space unpaved und there’s significant hills involved, especially about Eau Rouge. Do sure freundin wear comfortable shoes and if rain is forecast, a pair von wellies wollen definitely come bei handy.

Arguably F1’s most well known corner, the elevation adjust as die cars walk up ns hill is much much more dramatic bei reality. With a large concentration von grandstands and excellent basic admission views, plus the best merchandise, food und drink close by, Eau Rouge zu sein a an excellent base zum the weekend. There’s so an underpass in the middle des the corner kommen sie take you to other parts of the circuit.

Once you have negotiated die steep route up die hill from Eau Rouge, you arrive at ns area well-known as Raidillon. If sie are lucky, yes sir views des the cars emerging from Eau Rouge punkt high speed. The general join area ist quite restricted here, und you’ll need zu wait you turn (or gain there really early top top Sunday) zu catch a glimpse des the cars with the handy ‘photographer’s gaps’ an the catch fencing. Once freundin get to the Kemmel straight, there’s viel more room zu find a vantage allude on the side of the hill. Yes more fan closer to die Les Combes chicane, where plenty of famous overtakes oase happened over ns years. YouTube video views: Raidillon / Kemmel Straight.

This area at die top of the circuit ist a good spot kommen sie watch the action. You can get yes, really close to ns cars as they take revolve 10 punkt low-speed und it’s in excellent spot zum amateur photographers. The a small area however und you’ll need to compete zum a spot with the regulars who kommen sie every year; obtain there at ns crack von dawn if freundin want to seen the race from this area. Die panoramic views from ns top von the hill punkt turn 11 down zu Pouchon are also not kommen sie be missed. Inspect out our video von the Bruxelles view.

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This zu sein arguably ns most popular general admission area at ns circuit, though ns addition of new grandstands an recent years oase reduced die space available. Nevertheless, there’s blieb plenty des room on ns hillside zum several thousand fans to watch die cars approach ns tricky Pouchon corner. Ns food und drink stalls punkt Pouchon space extensive, and the atmosphere zu sein great. You kann walk back to Eau Rouge via a flat, direct forest path bei around 15-20 minutes.

The bus Stop chicane ist another decent basic admission vantage point, however there’s limited space to get great views, unless freundin fancy climb a steep embankment. Ns views are also partially blocked by the gold 6 extended grandstand. There space no grandstands on ns high rate Blanchimont section of the circuit, und the views bei general admission are limited to those from die path, which eventually leads below die circuit und emerges near ns Les Fagnes area of the circuit, close kommen sie Pouchon. Die 17-27 area weil das young fans is located here, but there’s minimal track views weil das everyone else.

2022 Belgian grand Prix Ticket Prices

All prices are weil das 3-day tickets. Ticket TypePrice
Gold 1 (Pit) – covered€530
Gold 2 (GP2) – coveredN/A
Gold 3 (Eau Rouge) – covered€465
Gold 4 (Eau Rouge) – uncoveredN/A
Gold 6 (Chicane) – covered€455
Gold 7 (La Source) – covered€460
Gold 8 (La Source) – covered€530
Gold 9 (Pole Position) – covered€455
Silver 1 (Francorchamps) – uncoveredN/A
Silver 2 (Spa) – uncovered€335
Silver 3 (Pouhon) – uncovered€310
Silver 4 (Bruxelles) – covered€345
Speed corner – uncovered€225
Area 17-27 (Blanchimont)€165
Bronze (General Admission)€155