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Nobody tun können get past felix Lobrecht at the moment: ns 32-year-old has just turned ns German comedy landscape upside down and breathed neu life right into it. This zu sein making international waves: the berühmtheit has made the into die “New york Times”!

Felix Lobrecht (32) ist one des Germany’s sexy comedians. Numerous sold-out shows und awards, together as die 1 direkte Krone or the German Comedy Prize, prove that. Jetzt he has actually made the across ns pond, because the “New york Times” freshly published one items about die Berliner, who zu sein like a hymn of praise.

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Comedy an Germany? rather uncool!

Up until jetzt Germany wasn’t exactly known for cool stand-up comedy. The Americans seem zu know that too. A nerd wearing a tank top, ns middle-class housewife in a pink jogging suit: ns German comedy scene always lacked bite, according zu the neu York Times. Too much disguise, too many imagined roles (greetings to olaf Schubert and Cindy from Marzahn). Until felix Lobrecht showed up on ns scene.


Felix Lobrecht gives die German comedy step coolness

Everything is different v Felix: no costumes, no made-up roles. Instead: gold chains, kühl sneakers, designer shirts. What you nur wear in Berlin-Neukölln. He presents himself as he is: extremely funny und in an absolutely casual way. Ns receipt for doing it differently than the long-established comedy bunny? the “New york Times” does not deny that he was really successful. But on the contrary!

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“I’m the first cool comedian in Germany”

Under ns heading “Coolness bei the German comedy scene”, ns “New york Times” explains felix Lobrechts Background where his great success come from and why he has actually played a key role an changing Germany’s comedy landscape. Thanks zu Instagram, YouTube and Co., the krapfen has managed kommen sie take location independently von TV shows.

The audiodatei “Mixed Hack”, i m sorry Felix und colleague Tommi Schmitt publishes every week, has actually given the 32-year-old a lot of media relevance and introduced him to a broad audience the German comedy had actually never watched before. Felix Lobrecht has actually known this zum a lang time, von course. An a video interview he recently revealed: “I’m die first cool comedian bei Germany!” If he’s right, he’s nur right!

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This ist how felix Lobrecht reacts

As always, the entertainer takes ns fact the he has jetzt made the leap across the pond calmly and with a portion von typical Lobrecht irony. On instagram he share the verknüpfung to die article in his story and writes: “I’m (completely rightly) in the new York Times!” weil das the 32-year-old, the laudatory post should be a echt accolade, because felix is ​​a big fans himself von American stand-up comedians like rechnung Burr, sarah Silverman or dave Chappelle. (FROM)

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