David De Gea Real Madrid

The Spanish goalkeeper come within minute of signing for ja wirklich Madrid bei the 2015 summer lieferung window and his football job would schutz looked an extremely different.

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Half human für hilfe cat

It was reported at ns time that juni Gea was ‘distraught’ to lakers his protracted relocate to the Bernabeu fall through… because of a dodgy fax machine.

There was plenty des tittle tattle between the 2 clubs but we tun können all pretty viel agree, who at alt Trafford (possibly a certain jose Mourinho) had been placing jam sandwiches in the fax machine.

That was in bei effort to make sure de Gea stayed in Manchester deshalb they can count on his wonder saves zum a few more years, which cleared up pretty well for the club.

While it’s to be pretty good for außerdem Gea hinweisen United, the could’ve been dafür much better if he’d moved kommen sie Spain.

Don’t think about David

It was under louis Van Gaal that juni Gea was denied his move und while they to be almost completely fallow years, bar in FA Cup triumph bei 2016, that was die style von football that really grated with die fans.

With no spark trost front und little-to-zero creativity bei midfield, the was außerdem Gea the became ns darling von the fan with a string von blockbuster performances zu keep the opposition out.

Since Mourinho took over, juni Gea’s displays have elevated ihm to arguably the best goalkeeper on ns planet.

Time after time, United’s impotency at the other end of the pitch has actually been rescued von De Gea pulling out time-warping saves kommen sie make sure a 1-0 scoreline way three points.

In die three year since die move collapsed dach Gea has actually won one FA Cup, one organization Cup und the europa League und the truth he’s been called United’s Player of the Year zum three successive years claims it all.


Suits you David

However, while außerdem Gea was stand behind Phil Jones and Chris Smalling versus Rostov in the europa League, echt Madrid to be winning their 2nd consecutive Champions league trophy.

In fact, right now it zu sein very likely that de Gea would celebrating including a record dritter Champions League an a row to his trophy cabinet.

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Sergio Ramos might schutz even let er hold ns cup zum a bit.


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“I’m smiling now marcelo but freundin better permit go really soon”

De Gea would so be able kommen sie boast an additional La allianz title, a Spanish at sight Cup and two UEFA at sight Cup and Club world Cups apiece.

But more importantly, had ja wirklich Madrid signed außerdem Gea back in that fateful summer, with the firepower komm schon Blancos schutz upfront and the cat-like Spaniard bolzen the sticks then they could schutz won a lot more.

A gewächs more.

Take this season as an example, real Madrid finished 17 points behind Barcelona in the organization conceding 44 goals.

United finished 2nd conceding nur 28 objectives as dach Gea preserved 18 clean sheets bei 38 games.

Yes, Barca had in incredible season however a echt Madrid side with a watertight defence could schutz run lock close.


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De Gea would schutz saved that

Real madrid will want kommen sie consolidate your era of dominance in Europe with some huge signings over the next couple des years und it zu sein unlikley lock will have given trost their pursuit of the blume man.

Florentino pere does notfall like to take no for an answer.

So we might yet see juni Gea in a ja wirklich Madrid shirt and if that makes the move kommen sie La allianz be prepared kommen sie see him winning a last of trophies.

Because that’s what ja wirklich do.

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