Founded in 2004, Advanced Distribution Co., Ltd. (AD) is full service distribution company providing professional solutions including importation, sales, order-to-cash proceedings and logistics for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), healthcare, cosmetics & homecare businesses in Vietnam.

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The team is proactive and highly committed to lớn the success & happiness of our clients and customers.1111","icon":"https://webocalendar.com/app/uploads/2019/08/ic-qualified.svg"},"title":"Distribution Network","content":"AD has built up a mixed nationwide distribution network of 150 sub-distributors, 3,000 modern trade and convenient stores, 65,000 vị trí cao nhất premium groceries, mom & baby, health và beauty, cosmetic stores & 11,500 pharmacies across the country. Especially, AD has provided direct-store-delivery services to all modern trade & convenient stores, groceries và e-commerce & pharmacies by its 8 distribution centers located in center of đứng top key 5 cities of Vietnam that enable the company keep consistent service unique in mostly 60% of country business.","icon":"https://webocalendar.com/app/uploads/2019/08/ic-distribution.svg","title":"Proven Process","content":"With more than 15 years, ADu2019s standard operation processes (SOPs) have been proven lớn be practically effective. Our key performance indicators (KPI) are clearly defined & standardized khổng lồ enable us maintaining competitive & consistent distribution service standards in the marketplace.","icon":"https://webocalendar.com/app/uploads/2019/08/ic-process.svg","title":"IT infrastructure","content":"AD is careful khổng lồ keep on vị trí cao nhất of the latest developments in technology. Our system is centralized but also flexibly customized to each site or area or different trade programs. The system is designed lớn take orders through web-ordering, web-enabled visibility và thus real-time data access khổng lồ sales and inventory. Our system is able lớn interface khổng lồ most of our partnersu2019 systems.","icon":"https://webocalendar.com/app/uploads/2019/08/ic-infrastructure.svg","title":"World Class Facilities","content":"AD has carefully chosen and invested in facilities that have lớn consistently lived up khổng lồ our state-of-the-art, world-class & international industry standards. We currently have 14,000 sqm warehouse space with over 6,500 pallet positions and 60 trucks allocated into 8 distribution centers. Our such facilities are located right in the center of top 5 cities of Vietnam that allows us maintaining top chất lượng services to our customers. Our facilities have been approved for Food Hygiene và Good Warehousing Practice (GWP) by Vietnam Ministry of Health.","icon":"https://webocalendar.com/app/uploads/2019/08/ic-facilities.svg">" class="advantages-wrapper" >

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Ha Noi DC: Km 2.5 Phung Hung Street, Kien Hung Ward, Ha Dong Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam">,"position":"top":"16.5980%","left":"47.7778%","locationName":"Ha Noi"},"id":"62e0f7e82337c","image":"https://webocalendar.com/app/uploads/2019/11/WH03.jpg","contents":<"Hai Phong DC: 226 Le Lai Street, May Chai Ward, Ngo Quyen Dist, nhị Phong, Vietnam">,"position":"top":"18.1283%","left":"61.1111%","locationName":"Hai Phong","id":"62e0f7e823653","image":"https://webocalendar.com/app/uploads/2019/11/DC-DaNang.png","contents":<"Da Nang DC: 40 Hoang Van bầu Street, Lien Chieu Dist, domain authority Nang, Vietnam">,"position":"top":"50.3876%","left":"80.1829%","locationName":"Da Nang","id":"62e0f7e823938","image":"https://webocalendar.com/app/uploads/2019/11/DC-HCM.jpg","contents":<"HCMC Branch: 1D Pho quang quẻ street, Ward 2, tan Binh District, HCMC, Vietnam.","HCMC DC 1: III-14, Number 1 Street, Group cn III, Industrial area chảy Binh, Tay Thanh Ward, chảy Phu Dist, HCMC, Vietnam.","HCMC DC 2: 709 Hong Bang Street, Ward 6, Dist 6, HCMC, Vietnam.","HCMC DC 3: 14-16 Street 385 Le Van Viet, Tang Nhon Phu A Ward, Dist 09, HCMC, Vietnam","HCMC CD 4: B6/4E Tran dẻo Nghia Street, rã Kien Ward, Binh Chanh Dist, HCMC, Vietnam">,"position":"top":"85.5798%","left":"61.6049%","locationName":"Ho chi Minh City","id":"62e0f7e823c0a","image":"https://webocalendar.com/app/uploads/2019/11/WH05.jpg","contents":<"Can Tho DC: Area 4, Nguyen Van Cu Street, An Binh Ward, Ninh Kieu Dist, Can Tho, Vietnam.">,"position":"top":"91.5698%","left":"47.8659%","locationName":"Can Tho">" class="d-none d-lg-flex" >