Clash of clans alternative

Clash von Clans ist one of the most popular strategie games obtainable on almost all die mobile platforms the end there. Everyone is playing it and there’s a high chance that did you do it played it together well. If freundin liked the gameplay und want to play part other games that are similar kommen sie Clash des Clans bei terms von gameplay yet different in terms of style then you are at ns right place. We bring freundin a bucket load von games prefer Clash von Clans that have something new und unique kommen sie offer. Below are die 12 ideal games favor Clash of Clans that möchte keep you hooked for a very lang time.

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Games like Clash des Clans (Updated september 2020)

Here, we oase mentioned die 12 best games similar kommen sie Clash von Clans. Most von the games allow you kommen sie build your kingdom und protect that from opponents. Also, you can train your army und seize die throne from bordering kingdoms. You can click ~ above the verknüpfung below kommen sie quickly jump to the corresponding game.

List von Games Similar zu Clash des Clans (CoC)

1. Boom Beach

What ist it? StrategyWhy you should shot it: Boom Beach is developed von Supercell, ns same developer who developed Clash des Clans. Deswegen this really has ns similar essence von Clash des Clans yet there are many much more unique elements in this game that offer it in entirely new identity.The base might be die same in both these gamings but wie it comes kommen sie details, eight Beach gives a richer und fuller experience than Clash von Clans. This game lets you train troops und create an effective weapons an the progressed world.

You don’t schutz to rely on medieval knights und sorcerers because jetzt you oase access to neu world’s weapons that you kann use to destroy your opponents. Viel like that predecessor, boom Beach so gives you your HQ that you schutz to verteidigung at all costs.Create structures, strengthen her defenses, and loot other people’s bases zu accumulate resources zum extra power. If sie loved Clash des Clans then this ist the perfect game weil das you.Download: android / iOS (Free, supplies in-app purchases)

2. Clash Royale

What ist it? Strategy

Why you should try it: After CoC und Boom Beach, Supercell has lugged yet one more real-time strategy game similar kommen sie Clash des Clans. The difference here is that you oase a multiplayer setting starring ns Royales. It features all your favorite Clash of Clans troops, defenses, and baby dragons. need to defeat ns king and princess from their towers und then you can get crowns und trophies. After ~ that, you kann sein build a clan and form her own battle community through multiple players. Various other than that, over there is deshalb an option weil das duel football player which kann sein be played v anyone from around die world.What’s more, below you kann construct a super fight Deck which can help you defeat your enemies. All an all, Clash Royale slightly deviates from die primary theme von building und protecting die kingdom yet retains most features with exciting neu additions.Download: android / iOS (Free, provides in-app purchases)

3. Dawn des Titans

What zu sein it? StrategyWhy you should shot it: If Clash of Clans appears a bit auch cartoonish and you’re on the lookout for a similar strategie title the looks and feels a bit more immersive then freundin should offer Dawn von Titans a shot.
The game, i beg your pardon feels like in amped-up version of Age des Empires, provides console-quality graphics, real-time battle controls, a plethora des events and campaigns, and unrivaled kingdom-building features.It also offers some standard MMO attributes which möchte allow you zu team nach oben with friends and create alliances kommen sie take down various other player-controlled kingdoms. Ns game ist far an ext detailed 보다 Clash of Clans, which zu sein reason enough zum you zu pick it trost over die latter.

The game, much like Clash des Clans, allows you kommen sie build a kingdom und conquer various other players, but unlike Clash of Clans ns game brings an elements indigenous open-world RPGs which make it stand out.

On top von that, the game also offers players die opportunity to embark on some epic PvE raids, taking under monsters und bosses that appear randomly on ns map. Shot out Lords cell phone if you looking zum a Clash des Clans alternative that offers nur a little bit more to keep you engaged.Download: android / iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

5. Clash des Empires

What is it? Action, Strategy.Why sie should shot it: If you love playing strategy games set bei medieval mal then Clash von Empires zu sein the ideal game prefer CoC. Clash von Empires lasst uns you control the troops in the game und lead them to in epic fight versus your enemy. Together a lord of your kingdom, sie will schutz to build in empire indigenous scratch und develop a civilization.

You can train her army, do allies, capture bordering territories, and kill enemies all over die world. Sie only have one goal und that zu sein to seize die throne. Similar zu Clash des Clans, sie will so have kommen sie protect her kingdom with the best defense strategy across every directions. I would say, Clash von Empires is just like Clash von Clans yet with much more action-packed fights.Download: android / iOS (Free, supplies in-app purchases)

6. Clash des Lords

What ist it? Strategy.Why freundin should try it: Clash of Lords is yet one more Clash of Clans kind game that has acquired immense popularity. Ns game developer has published Clash of Lords 2 as well und it has actually received good reviews too. Just like CoC, Clash des Lords zu sein a strategy game that lasst uns you create your military base und defend it with your heavily armored troops.

The emperor has fallen and now sie need to build a fortress and make sure that it’s defended well against your enemies. Develop your troops und upgrade them to destroy the enemy bases.The game ist set in a magical world where freundin get to build your army base and train in army. Loot sources from the enemy and use them kommen sie upgrade your defenses. Sie can deshalb battle players online und defeat those that stand in your way.Download: android / iOS / pc (Free, offers in-app purchases)

7. Siegefall

What ist it? StrategyWhy freundin should shot it: much like ns aforementioned Rise of Kingdoms, Siegefall zu sein a real-time strategie game in which you have to build in army of mighty heroes and then take it on players from around die world bei live duels.

The game deshalb allows you to make a clan und team trost with buddies to go ~ above raids zu destroy die forbidden city. The game so brings in aspect from well-known trading map games and it supplies a variety des cards that you can use zu aid her army bei battle. Try out Siegefall if you looking zum a real-time strategy game that also features some elements from famous trading card games.

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Download: android / iOS / pc (Free, uses in-app purchases)

8. Gods of Olympus

What ist it? Strategy.Why sie should try it: This video game plays just like Clash des Clans but Gods of Olympus bring away you back to ancient Greek wherein 12 Olympians ruled ns land. Und where die rule des Greek deities was followed by their apostles. You oase to command die gods of Olympus und kill ns enemies and combat systems that stand in your way.

As it’s a strategical game, sie will oase to regulate every move of the gods together they go on a rampage zu destroy cities and castles. After that, you tun können build strengthened cities und a mighty empire. You can so play online against players from across the world. Merely put, Gods von Olympus is bei amazing video game like CoC and you should give it a try.Download: android / iOS (Free, supplies in-app purchases)

9. Brave Conquest

What zu sein it? Strategy.Why you should try it: Brave Conquest zu sein a fun-filled strategy game choose Clash des Clans wherein you schutz to manage and protect your own Kingdom from bordering enemies. You can deshalb attack any time und seize ns throne of your opponents and became the greatest landlord of the world.

The best part about this game ist that it has unique buildings, farms, and resources i beg your pardon you can unlock v in-game rewards. Further, you can grow her army, add neu features like spellwork, und build castles.There is so a tinge des mystery in this CoC-like game. Go through the lush jungles und scale ns highest peaks kommen sie find die lost wonders und rare treasures. You kann use these treasures to become a legend emperor.Download: android / iOS (Free, supplies in-app purchases)

10. Total war Battles: Kingdom

What zu sein it? Strategy

Why sie should try it? Total war Battles: Kingdom ist another an excellent option zum those von you looking zum a Clash of Clans different that gives sie more in-depth control over ns map.
The game not only allows you to build and expand her kingdom, yet it deshalb gives sie the auswahl to alter the landscape von creating rivers, lakes, und mountains. Furthermore, die game offers huge scale real-time war that will keep freundin hooked zum a lang time.Download: android / iOS / vapor (Free, supplies in-app purchases)

11. Lock Clash: Guild Royale

What is it? Strategy

Why you should try it: Castle Clash zu sein entirely prefer a Clash von Clans clone yet this video game offers a wenig bit des uniqueness in terms von multiplayer. It lasst uns you get together with your friends und take on ns epic bosses.
Train powerful soldiers or gain mythical minions to fight zum you, it all counts on you. Construct your fortress und use your defenses kommen sie protect her base versus enemy attacks. If you schutz been wanting to try out something a little bit various then this ist the perfect game zum you. The keeps you in the genre yet provides you with a various experience.Download: android / iOS / pc (Free, provides in-app purchases)

12. Rise von Kingdoms

What is it? Strategy

Why freundin should try it: when PvP battles bei Clash von Clans call for you kommen sie attack one more player’s base without facing much active resistance indigenous them during ns attack, PvP battles in Rise des Kingdoms room more dynamic and allow players kommen sie actively defend their base.

Furthermore, ns game attributes a persistent offen world which is inhabited von both players und non-player personalities at die same time. You kann choose indigenous eight distinct civilizations, explore the land, establish your kingdom, make alliances, and take down opponents all in real-time.Download: iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

Frequently inquiry Questions

Q. What Other gamings are favor Clash des Clans?

There zu sein a range des games favor Clash des Clans. Some of the popular ones space Boom Beach and Dawn des Titans. We schutz curated a list of 12 games like CoC deswegen go through ns list for more exciting strategie games.

Q. I beg your pardon Game ist Better 보다 Clash des Clans?

Personally, i like Lords Mobile more than Clash des Clans, yet preferences differ from one person to another. I would urge you kommen sie go with our list kommen sie find a better game 보다 Clash of Clans.

Q. Why zu sein CoC ns Best Game?

CoC is considered as die best strategie game since it revolves around the idea von creating, fortifying, und defending ns base native intruders. Also, Clash von Clans permits you kommen sie fight versus NPC goblins which gives it a significant edge end other comparable games.

Q. Which zu sein Better: eight Beach or Clash von Clans?

I would certainly say Clash des Clans ist better than Boom Beach since CoC has a much active und larger ar than eight Beach. Also, there zu sein no concept von clans bei Boom coast which makes it less strategic and engaging 보다 CoC.

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Clash des Clans type Games Curated weil das You

Once you’ve downloaded und started playing any one des these games then you wollen totally forget around Clash des Clans. These gamings are amazing and give Clash of Clans a an excellent run for its money. If freundin want to change her taste in the strategy genre yet want zu play something similar then this are the perfect games for you. Select one that freundin prefer die most and start playing it zum maximum fun and enjoyment. Also, if freundin think us missed part awesome games then feeling free kommen sie mention them an the comments below.